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memeThe government/media always succeeds in manipulating the masses…turning man against his brother. Instead of banning together and promoting love ppl are eating straight out of the manipulators hand and promoting hatred, creating yet more separation, more negativity. Furthermore if you aren’t careful the media will have you believing it’s a certain ppl or faith that is the problem in the blink of an eye, that’s how quick the media/government can have you hating Muslims or Jews or (insert faith here). How easy it is to manipulate the general public in to hating one another. They have done this for centuries..using the people for profit and gain. As much as people don’t want to believe it there is a certain group an elite group who runs the world and they are war mongers who have no care whatsoever of anyone’s children or the well being of anyone but themselves, they seek only to make themselves richer while the rest of us get poorer as we allow them to pillage our nations, our people and our history..and I say “our” because the history of any nation is the history of the human race, the people of any nation are the people of Earth…we are ONE people and ONE planet! we need to stop thinking in terms of separation…

Hundreds get killed everyday in many countries around the world especially in Iraq and Syria, Libya, Africa, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, India, China everywhere. I am getting sick from this intensive Anti Israeli-jew Media, Palestinians are not only victims of Israel but also the victims of the arabs and Hamas. I think when France and Britain and Usa Bombed Berlin they killed also many civilians and children…thats war “death, pain and tears.” –Elie Awad

We weren’t born in America or in Palestine or Israel we were born on planet Earth and she does not belong to anyone we belong to her, we are her children and we are each others brothers and sisters…we aren’t Palestinian or Israeli or American or Jewish or Muslim or Christian we are HUMAN and we are ONE family. When we bleed we do not bleed white and blue or black, white and green or red, white and blue we bleed red! we ALL bleed the same one color and when we die we will not bring our nations with us, we will not go before God carrying our countries with us, we will go to the other side with our spirit…we will bring before the creator our hearts, will we be able to face ourselves in the end? will we be able to look back at our lives on Earth with pride and joy or with regret and sadness? This message is directed mostly to so called leaders of this world but also to the human population in general. Where is the compassion? how can we allow such suffering to happen? how can we sleep at night? Let us fight no more!

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©copyright Yshatar Anshar

Let us forever remember the Earth is our mother
Her blood is our blood, her body is our body
Her spirit is our spirit. Her suffering and pain
Is ours as well…when we show her peace and joy
Through love and respect we will again live
In harmony with the Earth…the gates of Eden
Will once again open and we will again know heaven.
We lived once in her womb, we were once ONE with
Her body as a pearl is one with it’s shell.
And like a pearl we are plucked out of our
Precious shell to become something more.

As the tombs of old fall away, as light shines
Through the clay…like a phoenix we are born
A complex design, for we have surely died as we
Transform our child like innocence in to knowledge of man.
The succulent fruit of the Gods left us thirsting for more as
The wisdom coiled our spines. We are born of the light and
To the light shall we return. The Goddess our original mother
An echo so distant because we strayed too far, so faint a heart
beat…look at the lands. She lies broken and wasted, tired
of calling.

The goddess stands at the shore now, her arms outstretched
to all her children, that they know she is love, that
they know she is peace, that they know she is comfort
and joy. That they know that through us she lives.

NOW is the return to the garden of Eden, the pilgrimage of
Prosperity, unity, and divinity, the transmutation in to our
holy selves and through this light we heal Gaia our sacred mother.
And the waters of life will flow, the age of Aquarius is here now
and we are the water bearers of love…The rebirth of the Earth
is also our own. The cup will runneth over replenishing all, through
Truth, through oneness, through brotherhood. I AM AWAKE

Never has so much paper been devoted to such a little scrap of papyrus — a scrap that suggests some Christians thought Jesus was a married man.

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108948962580041It seems like there is an ever present “Satan” constantly being the opposer of good/light/wisdom and no I don’t mean Satan in the way Satan is portrayed in the bible, by satan I mean the opposer and there are many, endless Satans and anyone can be satan really, the mailman, your wife, your child and even ones own self. But it seems like the more good one is the more one is attacked by the Satan (the opposer). This of course sometimes makes us doubt or question our goodness, puts us in a place of wanting to go back on our service to others.

It seems like we struggle more to be kind and less to be unkind! as if there is some sort of having to work for being kind, but I wonder, is it maybe because what we give out we receive and so because we will receive the same back our worthiness has to be tested? sometimes I wonder, because I know people who are kind only because they want to put on a show or gain some kind of status…in other words it’s not genuine. And it’s not like because one is kind and service oriented that it means that one is perfect and flawless but we just don’t carry self serving energy. As lightworkers/Starseeds and hybrid children it’s our nature to be this way, just like it’s in the suns nature to shine every day and it knows no other way to be and the only time it is any other way is when it is eclipsed by the moon…it’s very own Satan.

But even the sun has it’s dark days, it’s eclipses and so too do we and that makes our good days even sweeter and likewise when we struggle and face adversity even when we are kind and good it seems that much sweeter when others are kind and good to us. So at times when the Satans are opposing me I should remind myself to continue to rise up and realize that this satan is opposing me not because the Satan (opposer) is evil or negative and wants to do us harm but because it wants to make sure we are genuine in what we give and worthy of what we receive.

So when you are in that moment when everything seems to come crashing down on you like a relentless storm from hell, perceiver! and see the true cause of your struggles and tribulations aren’t to keep you down and destroy you, in fact quite the opposite! your struggles while very difficult and often times unwelcomed will make you not only stronger but also they are there to help you become better than the you you were yesterday. At one point or another we will all go through hell…but what many don’t know about hell is how truly magnificent it really is… hell is symbolic of the purification of the soul… it is the burning of our old selves, of that which no longer serves us and our rising up of our new selves like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, the same way you rise up a better and stronger you after the struggle and tribulations and the “hell” you’ve endured.