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Has the human race been abandoned?

Often I am asked, if there were Gods in the old days, where are they now? how come they aren’t trying to fix the world? and honestly there is no easy answer to that, but I would like to say that I am not going to sugar coat this. We are a civilization that likes to make a mess and have others clean it up for us, I am going to be real here and share my experience as a “God” (no we weren’t really “Gods”) on another planet who helped enlighten many on that planet and then left. I will share why I and others left, and what went through our minds as we decided to stay or go. You can choose to believe this or not, its up to you to discern and look within your heart and see what is true, Then I am going to share with you my perspective as an incarnated angel here on this planet.

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Have you ever wondered how to find the ultimate truth or the greatest power? its simple really. Follow that which is forbidden….hidden. This means more then what most people think. It means esoteric knowledge, it means forbidden texts, but more then that it means follow yourself back to God. And every path leads to the same destination. But the smoothest ride is by taking the path of self exploration. By not denying your desire to seek. A lot of people I have encountered fear listening to themselves and seeking out information that they may deem inappropriate because they fear what they don’t understand. For example, I had someone email me afraid because they were interested in reading material on Wicca and magick. But they said they felt so strongly that they wanted to read it because they were drawn to it, but, they said, they felt they were being drawn to it because of evil spirits.
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Lucifer Conceived

February 11, 2012 — 1 Comment
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OK so this is the first time I have done anything like this and frankly I am a bit nervous, I’ve never taught anyone anything like this before, fixing a car yes, this is a bit different lol.

So a few things I wanted to mention before you start the exercise.

I am not liable for any problems that may arise from this, do it at your own discretion, if your heart starts beating abnormally fast then stop, relax and try again later, it’s normal for your heart rate to increase but if it does so to much then that’s a sign your using to much energy.
I am not just saying this because I am a starseed, lol, I am saying this from experience, as with everything anything you try regarding abilities etc works best when you are heart centered. But you already know that 🙂

You should be well rested and not tired when doing this cause it takes A LOT of energy! don’t use artificial methods of re-energizing, if you really want to do it now, try meditating and re-energizing with energy from the all, the spirit that moves through all things, it’s all around us, you can call it the force if you like :).

Note that this will most likely feel uncomfortable at first, sorry there is no way around that, :\ truly raising energy is always uncomfortable but you get used to it after sometime.
Learning Abilities (Raising Energy – Part One)
Put yourself in a position that is best for you. If you like to sit then sit, if you like to lie down then do that, you get the drift.

Take a deep breath and release the gunk, do some preparation exercises, flail about, jump, run in place etc, do whatever you need to do to loosen yourself up and release tension. When you feel your have light body and physical body has loosened up then you can proceed.

Now focus a few seconds on visualizing raising the energy first, see it in your minds eye, see and feel the intensity.

This will sound strange and it doesn’t happen all the time but you might yawn once slightly before or after the next step, that’s normal and I think it’s your bodies way of preparing to raise it’s energy.
Next-Take another deep breath and slightly hold it, reproduce the sensation of falling (it’s the best way to describe it) what you feel is your energy, This feeling comes from the bottom and is felt through the whole upper body, practice feeling it, play with it if you like, turn it on and off by stopping the feeling and stating again.

Now when you have grown accustomed to the feeling, bring that feeling of falling witch is actually your energy all the way up from your legs to as far up as you can get it, (I always say to raise it all the way up to the heart chakra and store it there but that is for more advanced stages). Don’t try to hold the energy there at this point as this is your first time unless of course you want to.

Do a practice run. When you have raised the energy as far up as you can get it, try to make it run down your arms and to your hands. Do you feel your hands heat up?

Do the above steps every day until you get used to the feeling and can control the energy. Once you can control the energy you should be able to raise it much faster then your first time and hold it there and if you already are holding it there, you should be able to do it longer.

Let me know how this goes for you guys, if it works for you we can proceed to raising it to the heart chakras and charging it with the heart chakra energies.

A week from now I want you to share your experiences below in a comment and write down everything you felt, what worked, what didn’t work, what you thought about the exercise etc. And that way you all can compare notes and have some confirmation 🙂