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OK, so sometime earlier this week I had an awesome experience, one that validated absolutely everything for me, however, I can’t state what it validated for me because a lot of people are still tied down by fear, and they believe anything outside of their reality has evil intent, so for that reason the exact details I will keep to myself. I remember clearly I was sitting in front of my PC just day dreaming, then I snapped out of it, but it wasn’t like I myself snapped out of it, it was more like someone else snapped me out of it because through my own mental ramblings I heard a distinct male voice. The mail voice said to me: Why are you waiting?

I thought huh? and that’s when I realized it was ET intelligence. So I replied back and said: “Why are you?” I don’t know but it was gut instinct to say that back, then I heard the male voice say to me: Are either of us really waiting? hmmm I thought, No maybe not, then I thought a little more and there was silence, and then I heard a female voice and she said: I am happy to see you happy, life should be celebrated no matter the moments experienced. Then I couldn’t help it and asked: Are you in our orbit? to which the reply was, Yes! Then out of no where I was suddenly in the most talkative of moods! I began to say:

I have never been so happy in my life, I can’t explain it, but since that tragic day my appreciation and love for life has been increasing to the point where today, now, in this moment, I am so happy that the Illuminati themselves would envy me! I have nothing and yet I feel like I have everything, I feel like I have traveled the world, met the greatest spiritual teachers, had all the gold, I feel lucky and divine!

And it’s true honestly, not a day goes by where I don’t love life, every minute of it, every breath I take! I cherish it, every moment of it, and I don’t think I could ever ever ever thank the source enough for expanding in to conscious fragments of itself and allowing me to experience this incredible magnitude of love in all it’s forms.

Sorry guys just rambling now lol back to the topic. After I had talked with these beings, I asked them, you know I am still human and I have a lot of doubt about things, I am not always sure of the power and potential I possess, then I got cut off by both the male AND female voices, and they said: You must realize the amount of power you all have, if we could only show you, it would do no good though, you must see it for yourselves. So then I said hm, OK well if this is true (this is my human side coming out lol) then appear outside and prove to me this is not just my mind talking, then I heard the male voice say, OK we will be right there!

I started laughing LOL, cause, I was like oh boy! I have really screwed myself up in the head this time! but I thought, hm well I have nothing else better to do why not humor myself? I went outside and in only seconds later a red pulsating light appeared moving ever so so so slowly across the sky, then out of nowhere I had this sudden knowledge and urge, the knowledge was that, Namaste with the prayer like hands at the solar chakra was the universal greetings, so I thought to say it to the ship, so I put my hands in place and said “Namaste” then the ship came to a complete stop and stood there for a few, then I heard the voices again, and they too said the universal greeting: Namaste my sister! I thought OK this is freaky, then the ship turned right and went in the opposite direction and vanished, then I heard the voices again and they said: “Now do you think it was us that made that event happen or you? I said um, you? they said NO! it was you, once you can understand that, you will begin to understand much more.

Then I said: But you were right there!!! right there! why wont you come down and change things! then the voices said: This is what were trying to show you, you don’t need us and that’s the whole point, however, should enough ask for assistance we will gladly assist but it must be a unified effort, the power really does lie in your hands. Then of course they had to exist with a joke lol cause I heard them say: But we just came here to show you we are a figment of your imagination, and now we must depart back into it.

LOL! OMG I was laughing for a while with that one!. A figment of my imagination! :P. That is also how I know the beings I am speaking to are real and of the light! Humor! They have a great sense of humor and a good amount of sarcasm. After it was all over, something hit me!, it was the same ship that followed me and my roommate to the store one night, same red pulsating light and energy and the same movements, everything, I knew it was the same ship, it had been there one night when me and my roommate went to the store at 3am or thereabout and in a not such great area to boot, they had been there when I exited my apartment, they followed every move we made, even if we stopped dead in our tracks so too did they, the ship was silent as always, and if we were going right and suddenly turned left so did the ship with out a moments notice, every time we entered a store (We went to three) the ship would stop outside and hover there, then it followed us home.

That night, I sorta did the same thing, I said: if your really ETs then you can meet me at the balcony (I said this telepathically), so I went up stairs and walked out to the balcony and sure enough there they were. I waved to them and they went away slowly but I could feel them saying good bye in my mind, my roommate was blown away, he still talks about that event to this day.

I have noticed that this ship also flys by my window from time to time, I see it every so often when I happen to look up just as it’s passing my window, it’s almost got a pattern (seems to visit 2 to 3 times a month) and it seems to never stay too long, but long enough, the night it followed us to the store, if I have to estimate it was just above the tree tops, that’s how close it was, and I stood there for a couple of minutes just in awe of the light, I couldn’t see any form to it, it was just pure light, and at that time when it was still like that and close to us, it kept changing from blue to purple to red, but it kept having that distinct red pulsar, I suppose because it helps me identify them.

And yes, trust me I searched deep in my heart and soul, and I mean DEEP, for any deception etc, NONE!, it’s just a deep sense of familiarity, on that night that me and my roommate were followed to the store, no one, and I mean NO ONE saw that ship! it was HUGE about the size of a car in the sky and no one saw it!, granted it was silent but still, how can there be a bright light moving slowly across the sky the size of a car and only two people see it? funny thing is, that a day later or so, I saw on the news there was a mugging and shooting in the very same place where me and my roommate had gone to the store, which confirms the fact that through that whole trip to the store, I felt so protected as if I had Archangel Michaels own legion looking out for me. It was powerful. I don’t know if this is my star family or just old acquaintances but, I do know them, that is fact…more to come as I get to know these old galactic friends.