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My first vision came to me when I was a child, I was playing in a park and wanted to bring my mom some soup, because my sister had made some delicious soup and I wanted my mom to try it, my sister had brought it from home, so I brought it to my mom and suddenly it dropped, the vision was that strong, I saw myself with a sister, in ancient Egypt, and our father was pharaoh but he didn’t really look human which is why he wore one of those masks that resemble animals sometimes. It was always thought my sister would be the one who would rise to power, she was older and wiser of course, but for some reason deep inside I felt that she wouldn’t be able to.

I kept that to myself. I remember three lives and they stand out oh so perfectly in one I clearly see my death in the other I do not but the first life I remember was this one in which I was the daughter to an ancient Egyptian pharaoh but instead of being treated like a princess or whatever I was a servant or rather a lot of work was my obligation, as if father knew I was better suited for it and the memory I had was of me walking with a bowl of water with fresh flowers in it and different perfumed oils one oil in particular that stands out is of a white flower that had very large petals and a soft scent.

I saw myself growing up being taught everything about Egypt and it’s people however and eventually I see myself walking up some steps dressed in white garment with gold trim I remember this being in the upper region of ancient Egypt and I remember being along some other younger Egyptian males and I remember a lot of people cheering for me but more than because I was the Pharaohs daughter….they were cheering because I was a healer and admired by a lot of people.

Later on the vision shifted and I saw myself walking up steps that led outside of the great pyramid. The whole Egyptian civilization was there cheering, not sure why though, not at first, after that I continued to have more visions of this and realized I had become queen, my sister never rose to power because she died prematurely. My father, the pharaoh, had taken this quite hard, he was never the same again. Finally he was murdered later on in the years and I don’t remember exactly by who, all I know is that it was by some people from the west.

They wanted to use some technology that was stored there but he died protecting it. They were never able to find it because he never told where it was. For our own protection he never even told me or my sister. I remember the last thing I did was bring him soup, which is why bringing my mother soup in this life triggered the memory. Though I had no mother in that life as it seems she died giving birth to me. We were raised by the pharaoh and his concubines. Though he never told me where the technology was he did tell me that it “Connects the stars” and it was stored there near the great Pyramid, that is all he would say. He said in time people would know where it is because the Gods would tell them.

I often wondered if the technology that he was hiding was a portal but I doubt it was because the portal is actually IN the pyramids, this he said, was hidden near the Great Pyramid. I’m thinking it to be a ship, not sure why but it’s something I feel. Only because the way he spoke about it seemed very much like an actual object. Could be anything though I’m sure. The pyramids looked much much more different then they do know, from my memory, the Great Pyramid was encased in gold and the top was crystal. I’m not to sure if my sister knew more then she was letting on, she often would mention things that seemed like she knew, I think at the time she had stronger psychic abilities then I did. She never said nothing however, I am pretty sure she knew about the dangers.

After my fathers death and my rise to power, something happened and I had to flee. I wandered the desert alone, wrapped in a cream linen from head to toe, the hot soft breezes causing the linen to dance as if commanded by the lord of air himself. I stopped momentarily, my dark brown eyes peered over the desert mounds, my eyes were beautifully lined in black, they were as mysterious as the journey I was on. I had left my castle (that’s what the temple was to me), forced to marry a man I did not love, (it was being forced politically I believe) I fled, now in exile, my heart broke as I thought for the last time of my people, I knew I would never see them again but I had to chase another life, perhaps this was fates plan all along, perhaps this was my destiny. I glanced one last time at the distant silhouette of my castle, my families castle, I sighed ever so slightly as I thought of my little sisters fate, I would come back to her, I made this promise to her before I scurried away under the midnight moon. And I was a woman of my word.

I continued on my journey, I walked and walked and walked, the hours went by and the sun grew hotter, I wondered if I would ever make it to town. Finally tired, hot and thirsty I dropped to my knees, a single bead of sweat fell from my brow to the desert sand. The sound of vultures looming and circling above made me even more uneasy, I was certain this was going to result in my death. I laid there on the sand, weak and disillusioned, I had no food, no shelter, no water, no way out. It seemed no matter where I went I was trapped. Trapped by circumstance. I looked at the twinkling stars above, watched as one by one they made their grand appearance. Soon the hot blistering heat was transformed in to a cold powerful wind. I found myself empowered by this mysteriously powerful air. I wondered if the Gods had heard the pleas from my heart.

I walked but suddenly felt a strange energy all around me, it was above me, next to me, in front and behind me. There was a silence, the desert had been silent all along but this silence was different, my senses increased, I felt something coming, and as if in a dream, a man materialized before me, I removed my head dress and peered in to the strange mans eyes, confused, but before I could speak a word the man introduced himself as Shaul. He wasn’t from around Cairo, in fact, I had never seen anyone in Cairo like him, he seemed alien.

The man took my hand graciously inviting me to sit and rest. He seemed to read my very spirit and answered my fears as I felt them, “Sit and rest a while with me, the town will still be there and you’ve no where to go any how.”

I sat wondering about the mysterious man, and his strange ways, he was dressed in a strange shiny suite that seemed to glow even in the darkness of the desert. His eyes were piercingly blue, and he spoke a strange dialect that strangely I could understand. He seemed to talk to my mind. As soon as he began speaking I found myself waking up. I stood up quickly and looked around, startled, was that just a dream? it all seemed blurry, and all I could remember was the mans eyes and his strange message.

He told me to follow the Star. To follow it even past the wars between the East and the North. He told me to follow it to my true people, lastly, he proclaimed that there I would find the true Sons of Cairo, once I reunited the daughters of Cairo with the Sons their glory and that of Egypt would manifest. Suddenly I saw strange lights in the sky, I saw all white and that was the last I remembered.


Air = East (Spirit)
Warm and moist, active.  Corresponding direction – East.  Represents clear perception and intelligence.  Associated with the first breath of life and speech.

Earth = North (matter)
Dry and cool, passive, fertile. Corresponding direction – North. Represents stability, groundedness, and the ability to manifest.