Atlantis Pt4

Somehow I get the impression that I incarnated on Atlantis on purpose at that time perhaps because some force somewhere knew about the coming disaster and my need to comfort and guide the people of Atlantis or perhaps it was a call from the earth herself due to her enhanced psychic abilities perhaps mother earth knew what was to come and needed to have a balanced energy here. In Atlantis we as very young children were told that the planet was in fact a human being and not a planet, that the planet was another dimensional being, we were told she had blood, breath, body and heart, she was extremely psychic, telepathic and an exceptional healer I think perhaps she tried to warn us Atlantians of the coming deception but perhaps we did not understand her words it can happen sometimes or perhaps for some reason which I perhaps will never understand what occurred had to occur and no matter what we would of done fate would of played the violin.

A lot of people are not aware that this earth heals with her very presence it is a combination of her bodies nutrients and her spirits frequency but since many have closed themselves off to her they in turn have closed themselves off to her abilities as well. Earth is a microscopic dot at the edge of a microscopic galaxy yet she holds just as much power as Jupiter and the largest galaxy, this power comes from the various life forms that reside upon her surface, people from all different star systems such as from: Orion, Sirius, Vega etc some are starseeds others are actual extraterrestrials that made it past the military grid lock and now live among us and make up a lot of the population but you would never know.

In the future they will contact the starseeds with further instructions for their mission but that is all I will say about that. Atlantis like many of the nations of today had their own navy however like the military and political institutions of today our navy was infiltrated by sinister forces by the ones who took down our precious Island, the first time I realized this was when I was on a trip to see the elders of Atlantis there was a path that lead past the military installations and I happened to encounter one of the generals who had stopped me and I remember feeling as if he was out of place, like he did not belong there to me something was not right about his energy but at the time I paid no mind to the odd vibe he gave off.

The eerie feeling intensified when the man told me that I had no right coming into the area and it was closed off, I would have to find another route and the only other route would take much longer, nothing had ever been “closed off” in Atlantis we were free to roam anywhere we liked because the land belonged to everyone, after that incident I never went back to see the elders instead I waited till they came to the council meetings, I had told my father about what I encountered and we both went to speak to Thoth who said he would look in to it but upon returning Thoth looked pale and had a very defeated look as if whatever he even thought about doing had been shot down before he even brought it up.

All he said to me and my father was that it would be best to just stay away from that location due to harmful devices being tested, boy does that sound familiar! one afternoon however I wanted to see for myself so I returned but stayed far enough away and hid behind a small hill and peeked over and there were scalar weapons and radio active material being tested I think they were testing our planet in order to understand their own and were stealing resources from our world with advanced technology that could do the work for them they were like robotic life forms I had never seen anything like that before these beings were made completely from metal but acted and looked like a person of flesh and blood. In fact had I not seen it myself I would have mistaken them for one of us! these life forms worked day and night with no sleep, no food and no need for anything at all they just mined the earth, used strange technology that would absorb the energy of earth literally I could see physically see energy being pumped from the earth in a large cylinder that sat horizontally it looked much like the LHC (Large hadron collider) of today and swirled about in that cylinder and near by I saw cases full of diamonds, ruby and especially gold these beings were robbing us blind right underneath our noses and that is only what I COULD see who knows what else was going on in those military instillation’s, I shudder just thinking about it.

I know our animals like today were showing up dead and mutilated other times just plain missing no one ever found out what was going on with the animals, at this time the disappearances had not yet begun it was a while before actual fellow Atlantians began to vanish with out explanation but soon after scores of Atlantians began to go missing usually under the cover of night or after saying that they are going on a trip to some far part of Atlantis only to never return I think they were experimenting with our people, perhaps the vulnerable people, mostly children and the elderly but at times a farmer would go missing or a miner I supposed it really had to do with being at the wrong place at the wrong time I believe they abducted in two ways one way was by using their strange ships that were made of metal unlike the peaceful star people that came to help Atlantis whose ships are primarily made of beautiful pure light and when close appear as a bright light and when high above orbit appear as a very big very bright star that pulsates and seems to have an intelligent life of it’s own unlike other stars that twinkle and show love but not intelligence, and the second way was through shifting into someone the person felt comfortable leaving with as you know they were master deceivers and shape shifters they can look like anyone at any time they can make you think that the pope is at your home knocking on your door and most people will buy it, they could even cause holograms in the sky as well as create holographic events within the time line to make you think something happened in history that never really happened at all, masters of illusion.

In those times they created many things to try and cause separation among our people because as you know we were stronger in numbers and they knew this they also knew that an informed people were dangerous to their agenda so many diversions were given to the Atlantians including devices that make you see whatever you wished whenever you wished example: televisions and radios. Fighting sports was their favorite because this way they activated the Ego of the Atlantian people by making them fight against the other in an attempt to find the “winner” of whatever ploy they were offering, this had never been done before! our people would of never conceived of going up against one another in such a manner, we would not have considered it at all, they added more fuel to the fire of the Ego by offering the “winners” precious gems, live stock and women, our world was crumbling and almost nobody saw it, many times I would ask Thoth if I was paranoid or not and he would always say the same thing he would say no I am not but even if we were to act it would be to late honestly however I believe that our people were not all killed and also survived the flood because of Thoth I wish I knew how I knew this but from what I can remember he was not like the rest of the Atlantians he seemed more advanced not enough to go against the Draco but enough to ensure the continuity of our people.

Apparently the Dark ones knew that to take down any powerful civilization you have to work from the inside, offer distractions and continually remind the nation of their incredible power and their vulnerability just as it is done today, with television, movie theaters, porn, video games, bars, clubs, drugs, liquor, war, the news, the use of scalar weapons to show humanities vulnerability by creating earthquakes and hurricanes, stroking mans ego by offering some certain things and denying it to others such as is the case with 3rd world countries who barely have fresh water to drink much less food while America, England, China etc use and consume unnecessary amounts of resources, they make you work like a slave for something that is your right as a sentient being to obtain freely and so many other ways I can not count and the worst deception of all are world wide institutions of deception, they have actually taken a step further and actually created institutions that were instructed to only serve as a means to deceive the public in order to ensure continued control of the masses these institutions are the organized religions of the world but most of all the greatest evil comes from the Vatican itself and it is the reason why these institutions use fear to gain and maintain control of the human people, through fear they can assure that they will remain in power cohabiting with human females (or little boys), testing on humans, mutilating our animals and sucking mother earth dry of her energy until the final climax in which nothing is left that is their attempt and it is the reason why so many lights in the skies are being reported now more then ever, the star people want to help but all they can do is stay above orbit until they are commanded by source to act or are actually called for assistance hmm perhaps this is why I felt so eager to tell this story.

These beings are preparing to stage an end of the world scenario as if it was a completely natural event that occurred because it was prophesied to occur and mankind has been conditioned by them to accept this fact through various prophecies such as the end times spoken about in the book of revelations (which did not originally have anything at all to do with the end of the world but the churches have corrupted the bible and it’s TRUE meaning) this may be hard to swallow for some especially for the humans who have bought in to the deceptions but things can be changed if we work together and can open the eyes of humanity.

To be continued…..

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