Atlantis Pt3

The peaceful star nation ships descended at once closer to the Atlantis continent and gathered up as many of our people as they could some barely made it off the island continent in an attempt to save what was left of our history and the history of earth, magical formulas, legends and other sacred knowledge, we gathered what we could and were lifted off far in to the heavens where a barrier protected us from further threats from the dark ones should they try and bring the war to space, in the midst of this nightmare I not once thought about our great king who those of your current time line know as Thoth, he was a great and fair soul filled with love, splendor and mystery and I wondered how he was fairing but something inside of my being told me that I had none to worry about and that he was fine and would be the cause of the downfall of the dark ones rule of the rest of the world I believe that may of been a telepathic transmission from Thoth himself, funny he did not know at the time how he would go down to be a powerful mythical figure in history or maybe he did?. Thoth appeared in Atlantis years before mysteriously and showed us many great things such as better agriculture, mining, healing and how to increase healing through using the frequency of gems and many other wonders including alchemy. After many moons of proving himself to be a peaceful loving service oriented soul our people voted to make him king of our nation once the present king passed in to the next world. Although he was peaceful he was a great warrior and showed the people of Atlantis how to hunt, how to train their bodies and mind as well as how to ascend their spirits. Thoth’s kingship is not to be confused with the control obsessive power hungry ruling elite position that is currently occupied in England, They took something wonderful and twisted it as they have done since they arrived on the scene.

To our people kingship simply meant that the person holding this position is one of great knowledge and wisdom and is recommended should one be seeking advice in any matters in life that should present themselves from the birth of a new child to better maintaining the land you could always count on the king to share his wisdom with you freely and without any strings attached, these great kings were always chosen for their wisdom and lack of ego and peaceful servitude they only thought of the nation and the people who to them were never peasants but in fact were the building blocks of a nation with out the people there would be no nation and thus no world, no universe and so on and a position of power or authority meant nothing if there were no people to govern and that is why our people never viewed such a position as a position of power or governance it was strictly a symbol of: yes I am here to share my wisdom and knowledge so that all can be great kings. The head of these ships reassured me that Thoth would be fine and we would rejoin with him shortly I asked him his name and he smiled saying that it was Adam. He to was very wise and powerful but never showed this he spent his time among the ship counseling the grieving and healing the injured he was such a sweet beautiful soul who came from the region of 7 shining stars and he shined indeed he seemed to radiate with a white sparkly glow, I asked him about the people who had terrorized our great nation while on the ship and what he told me horrified me to even think that we were surely lucky to have any survivors at all. They were a group from the Draco constellation who were skilled in the art of illusion, manipulation and shape shifting he said that these draconian beings traveled many universes slowly destroying civilizations and planets as they went because they could never satisfy their lust for power and riches, they would come covertly at first and then over time once they gained the trust of the leaders of a particular world they would begin to destroy whatever was the power source of the planet and worse is that they would convince the leaders of a world that this is the right thing to do and that there would be great compensation with women, money, power and ultimate control but the Draco never intended in keeping their end of the bargain, they were master deceivers.

The same fate has befallen several places in the cosmos such as a planet in Lyra and our very own Tiamat a planet that once existed as a fifth planet in our solar system and I could not conceive such horror this was unreal to me and several times I tried so hard to wake up, to bring my father back to life and to rewind history and see if there was something we I could of done to prevent this tragedy but I know that for one my father is in the higher heavens with other loved ones we had lost before, I know he is happy that I made it safely away even though as I looked upon Atlantis from high in the heavens my gut sunk to realize that this was the last time I was going to see this majestic nation I cried so hard that night although it was a little difficult to determine night when you are in space, time has a very different concept when you are in space but I could see night fall upon Atlantis as the world rotated, from the ship I could see Atlantis clearly and what was going on closely. I could not help to wonder why the star nations had not done something earlier to prevent this and just then Adam lay his hand on my shoulder and comforted me and he told me: unda my Terra sister we can not interfere unless we are asked to we must respect your free will we can not simply intervene it pained us so much to see what was occurring and how the dark ones slid their way in to your world and posed as your people and how your people welcomed them with open arms but no one ever knew and so no one ever asked us for help but as you see you sent out the distress call and we came like thieves in the night, swiftly, we are here. I understood and respected them for respecting us. Adam continued to say that they would however have interfered should God had commanded it however there are times when God does not command certain things because he wants his children to learn.

I am hoping with the coming disclosure that humanity will call out to the nations of the stars to finally remove the dark society (namely the Vatican and governments) from rule completely and forever as they are still in power on earth after the fall of our nation, though of course they are slowly moving out of power as the star nations covertly minimize the effects of their rule (This is clearly evident in reports of UFOs disarming nuclear weapons) 80 moons had passed till it was safe to return to earth, as the ships drew closer I saw many changes, the continent of Atlantis was gone and where there was once a great land mass stood nothing but ocean. I cried as I tried to adjust my mind to the empty space below and much crying was heard from different sections of the ship, I looked as other ships moved from the area and towards Africa were we finally settled in the north of the continent but what really stays mapped in my mind is the swirling effect in the ocean where Atlantis once stood as a great kingdom and I knew even less would be available since the dark ones would be sure to go under water in their own great ships and make sure nothing remains of our civilization. Thus the halls of knowledge were constructed later on along with 3 pyramids with help from the star nations on the northern tip of Africa which aligned perfectly with Orion to serve a number of things such as a reminder of this fateful day, a portal and many other things, we made sure to write everything down on the surface of all future construction of our new nation in order to preserve our knowledge and some knowledge was hidden where it could never be found and not even till this day has it been found, part of the hidden knowledge of our people that has not been found to this day are the emerald tablets constructed by our king Thoth who just as I thought somehow survived the great flood, one day all the knowledge we have stored secretly in Egypt will be found at the right time by the right people.

Our knowledge was written in code (much like it was done later in the Bible by the descendents and supporters of Jesus until it was purposely corrupted by the Vatican) purposely so that it would never be properly deciphered until the world reached a certain point of spiritual evolution and the dark ones were out of rule, with the assistance of the star nations our history and knowledge was coded in a such a way that for ages to come many would try and decipher it always deciphering it wrong until certain individuals who are prophesied to walk the earth properly decipher it’s meanings, we purposely constructed a strong resilient nation that would surpass all threats throughout time including natural and unnatural disasters, it would stand the test of time again and again for eons to come, we even chose the continent for this purpose the construction of Egypt was further empowered through energy, we enclosed the monuments and structures in a special energetic field that could never be destroyed it would protect Egypt forever and is the reason why the great monuments still stand today. We eventually spread out to various places on the earth not wanting to maintain our civilization to just one continent again (also building similar structures around the world) I spoke to Adam who decided the star nations stay for a while living among us to help repair our civilization and create a kingdom much stronger then before as to help heal the wounds, I asked him if they were afraid of the dark ones and said that fear does not exist in their heart, they said they were servants of the divine and should the divine plan be threatened they would take action and the dark ones would be defeated instantly, Adam went on to say that there will come a time in which their rule would be powerful and unmatched upon the earth and they would kill millions daily because the people of this time would worship them as Gods and creators of man, would put the riches of the Draco before themselves and their loved ones and would become lifeless puppets with nothing in their being but the influence and dark energy of these beings, the people would mutilate their bodies, willfully ingest toxins, empowered by the dark energy would kill and rape, sell people for profit, mate with animals and live in a constant state of numbness as their minds would be switched off and their spirits destroyed.

I grew angry with Adam as I could not understand how they would allow this if they could already determine it was going to happen he said that man would no longer care for the assistance of anyone other then the dark ones and their mythic Gods and would not be able to come down and help and much less prevent it because it was part of the divine plan in stopping the dark rule once and for all and spiritually advancing mankind the future Atlantians, he said if they were to prevent everything everywhere then life would serve no purpose. I was told not to worry myself as their would come a time also in which the future men would take back their power, communicate with the star nations and break free from the tyranny of the dark ones. As Adam said his farewells for the night I began contemplating my life in Atlantis and how I grew up in such a great nation with great people I had a father and a mother at this time but it was more like I was every adults child I learned from them all and I was the responsibility of all of them just as all their children were the responsibility of me and my family and they to learned form us no knowledge was ever kept secret because we knew that this way it would empower our nation, we stood together or not at all and we meant this unlike this current nation in which they claim to stand together united when in fact they stand together united against the earth people. A typical day in Atlantis consisted of waking up early in the morning and engaging in powerful national meditation the whole entire continent would meditate for 15 minutes each morning simply feeling their spirits and being silent then after that the female population would gather at the plaza and go to get berries, fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the male population would go and hunt for meat on both instances the earth and the animals were thanked for giving of themselves for our sustenance the animals would go painlessly we possessed advanced knowledge that enabled us to literally kill the animals with no pain whatsoever and each animal was chosen according to their wishes as communication with animals was very prevalent. We knew balance was key in all things and the way we kill the earth to eat of her body such as with vegetation, berries and plants so to did we eat of the animals. Today however the way animals are killed and maimed to feed humans is worse then anything we ever experienced in Atlantis during the fall and as is the horrific way the earth is used and abused today so terrible is the way that humanity abuses the earth and animals that the earth and the animal kingdom has ceased all communication with mankind except for special souls who understand the oneness we all share.

The leaders of earth will have you believe that this is necessary in order to feed 6+ billion mouths but these are the lies they have fed this civilization in order to continually disconnect you and keep the communication circuits closed between you, the animal kingdom, mother earth and the elemental nature spirits, at times however certain animals will sacrifice themselves in order to try and communicate the destruction mankind is engaging in such as the case with whales that beach themselves, they hope that man would see this as a sign that they can no longer sustain themselves in the waters they inhabit, the pollution is so terrible that they rather make an emergency exist and leave the planet, this is also seen when tigers, bears, lions and other beasts from the wilderness come forth in to the jungles of mankind and attack humans, take their food and destroy their cars and other things this is an attempt by the animal kingdom to let mankind know that the balance has been disrupted and they are running out of room to live and food to eat, the same is true for deers who consistently are run over, it is not that man should live like cavemen it is that man has forgotten how to live in harmony with the animal kingdom this civilization has not figured out how to use the good parts of the earth to make homes and material etc many of the homes in Atlantis were built from other natural elements and other special substances and trees remained solely as sources of breathing, beauty and vegetation and fruits and homes for the animal kingdom. There were ways also to create structures that were small however upon entering them were very large this way we did not have to consume the continent. After breakfast was over the elders would gather all the children and tell them stories about their lives, the wisdom gained from their experiences, teach them about the universe, sacred geometry, quantum physics and spiritual knowledge was given to them as well according to their own awareness while most of the men went off to trade with other nations, see to repairs that were needed within the nation and these were always done as a team effort as there was no money to try and charge someone for the repairs.

This lasted till about mid day when from the golden pyramid would sound a horn that would call to all the people of the nation to gather in front of the pyramid at the head of the plaza and ask the people if there were any complaints, suggestions or comments they wanted to share with the council and the length of this meeting depended on how many people had something to say and what issues were brought to the attention of the council I was never allowed to go however because I would always interrupt complaining about father because he would not let me go on journeys aboard the trade ships or would not let me go and climb the tall tree or some other silly childish nonsense that I thought I could use the council for this warmed my heart this memory and today I understand why I was not allowed, trade ships were no place for a child I could fall in the sea and drown or I could fall from the very high tree and hurt myself, telling this story now reminds me of a time my father said that he just knew that our story and the story of Atlantis would be told incorrectly in the future and it would even go as far that our whole existence would become a silly myth and how right he was that crazy ol man, today people go around trying to prove or disprove Atlantis if only I could bring them back in time, I heard someone not to long ago say what they thought of Atlantis, the person said: oh yea it was a great childhood myth wish that place would of been real! How the dark ones succeeded so well in wiping our history from the reality of this civilization it is so sad to see this today but here I am telling the story, a story I never thought I would share with the world because this world is plagued by ego, suspicion, hatred, violence, anger, jealousy and so on. It is difficult for me to sit here and act like I am not worried for the way the world is headed. After this event lunch was prepared and after everyone had eaten everyone was given an hour to do what they wish and after that we would engage in dance and song and celebrate the spirit and joy of life and the rest of the day after this was ours to choose.

We would prepare our dinner together or alone or however we chose, a grand giant buffet type glass table was set in the golden pyramid and various foods were set out for us to enjoy at our discretion so long as we ate no more then two helpings per person, in today’s society you are made to think that there are extreme food shortages because humans eat to much but in fact the truth is that the only reason there are food shortages is because one animals die frequently due to the harsh conditions they live in, the terrible toxins they ingest, the way they are used for sport such as with circuses, rodeos, bull runs and fights, the way chickens are kept, the way cows are abused each day and given less then basic treatment, the way the vegetation is burned, cut down and mowed to make way for roads, highways and the like so you see it is not you the so called useless eaters of earth who are consuming all the resources it is your leaders who guide you to the misuse of the resources in the first place, the dark ones love to have you believe that they are your creators, it is the ultimate thrill for ones such as them to actually have you believe that they are the reason for your whole existence and purpose, to have you think you were slaves and served no other purpose but to mine for their gold when in fact you were divinely planned to begin with, you were a planned pregnancy not an accidental purpose no one suddenly showed up and said well lets create a new race to mine this planet for our goods, God created a special star as stated before and filled it with his creative energetic blueprint which fell in the form of cosmic bacteria upon our earth it was all pre planned from the start, we are all divine creations even the dark ones even if they chose to continue their rebellion against the spirit of service to the divine plan, they the great deceivers have deceived well destroying ancient text and replacing it with newer versions that served their greedy power hungry purpose and their ultimate goal is to have an unarmed civilization so that they can continue to use up the resources, consume the planet and the people and finally end this civilizations existence and history, eventually their goal is to consume the planet itself in a destructive end such as was the case with a former planet in our solar system, slowly wiping as many universes as possible of planets allowing them to be the sole survivors of life itself an example of this is now being played out with the planned explosion of the oil rig off the gulf coast.