Atlantis Pt2


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OK for a good long while I have had this bottled up and yes I guess this is considered a form of fear, but I was scared to share all this information because well what I remembered did not go along with the usual history of Atlantis and our future I think and there seem to be some fearful bits and bits declaring that all dark ones are negative entities which I do NOT believe but at the time this is what I remembered, I am not entirely sure such beings existed, I can only go by what I was made aware of during regression. I just want to get this out of the dusty closet and share.

In the year 9500 BCE I incarnated on earth in a land lush and beautiful like the land now known as Fiji but much bigger, technologically advanced and full of beauty, spiritual understanding and oneness, Atlantis was more advanced than this our current periode and the very same things that led to the destruction is leading to the destruction of our current time as well, greed, hatred, violence, oppression and the list goes on but Atlantis was not always like this in Atlantis people lived in peace, traded and helped one another build things anyone rarely thought of self, our way of thinking was more along the lines of: How will my choice affect the peace of this nation? soon however Atlantis fell in to a dark periode upon the arrival of the negative nations from space.

These extraterrestrial visitors saw the vulnerability of our land and took that opportunity to turn man against his brother and nation against nation meaning that Atlantis became arrogant and selfish and began to seize other lands, wars ravaged our beautiful technological paradise and our own technology was used against the citizens of Atlantis, the negative ETs have done this many times before in various star systems.

When they arrived they disguised themselves as benevolent humanoids and gained the trust of some of the Atlantian council members and exchanged secrets, technology and other things. There were rumors among the Atlantian people that these visitors were the ones who created man as slaves some time ago however something did not feel right because all Atlantians knew the story of creation it was passed down from generation to generation. (I think the proper term was they manipulated our DNA for whatever purpose) The legend says that one afternoon after the sky God had created all the universes and planets he saw that they needed life and impregnated them with his seed, stars feel to the planets and the composition impregnated the planet with what would be the bacterial blue print of man who would slowly evolve.

I knew that my people were being deceived I knew that even though there were those who came from space to assist in the evolution of man that man was created from the impregnation of our earth with the seeds of life given by the source of all creation, many of us tried to gather as many Atlantians as possible to create a rebellion against the dark society that was quickly gaining power of Atlantis we built many advanced machines and weapons, we were taught this at a very young age, around the age of 5 to be exact.

While the rebellion was being formed I hid near by a pyramid structure made of gold it was the council chamber and over heard them speaking to my horror I heard them state that they would deceive mankind for eons to come they would destroy records of Atlantis and replace them with new ones as well as twist the truth of the legends left by Atlantians for the future peoples they also said they were ready to do battle with any that resisted they said that their plan was perfect and would indeed be enacted and the last I heard was that they would replace themselves as Gods and creators of man.

With tears in my eyes I ran to the head council member who was my father known as phasmatis proeliator of terra which means spirit warrior of earth however many only called him phasmatis I was called Unda parvulus which translates to water child I told him what I heard and thankfully I have forgiven myself for this because upon checking to see if he had told the dark ones what I had known I found him hunched over a fountain located in a plaza near the golden pyramid, I ran over as fast as I possibly could and held my father as he in his last dying words told me: Unda, please take the people of Atlantis and leave, leave at once! these are not human men and they mean to kill all our people you must go under the cover of night go at once.

This filled me with an emotion I had never felt or rather a series of emotions that I at the time could not understand but now know them to be anger, fear, sadness, rage, vengeance etc with out my father the head of the council our nation would be in ruins in seconds I had to hide the fact that father had passed so as is ritual I took his body and lay it afloat a wooden raft with special Island flowers and watched as the water carried him away and I prayed to the sky family that they should come and give us assistance I knew what I had to do even if it meant that I to would share my fathers fate.

I ran quickly and instructed the other Atlantians who were not under the influence of the dark ones to prepare to move out of Atlantis by night fall and that I would return shortly. I ran to the center of the continent where a large crystal sat as the main power source of our nation as well as the source of communications between our world and worlds beyond our own, the worlds of those who had helped man advance in evolution, this crystal had countless uses however only these two are important right now, I powered the crystal though I will not say how for safety precautions because the crystal remains active still in the Bermuda triangle and a beam of light was shot from the tip of the crystal to the sky sending out a signal of distress to the star nations command center after this I know it would it only be a matter of time before they arrived and before the dark ones came to this area where I was so I fled quickly and joined the others by the sea and mounted a plane.

Yes we had planes in Atlantis as well as ships, submarines, and many other items, we contemplated leaving the planet until further notice however we wanted to remain in case further assistance was needed, from far off the continent we hovered silently above in the sky watching and waiting for the right moment and this is when we noticed just how badly things were there was fighting everywhere and dead Atlantians. It was truly a horrific sight to behold when you come from a peaceful nation. We moved silently to another location, towards the far east section of the island and landed the plane and climbed the mountains of Atlantis then we meditated a short bit to try and bring peace and harmony to the hearts of our people and it seemed to work and just then we heard a buzzing sound from above us and this is when I knew our call had been answered.

The crafts landed on the mountain besides us and we greeted our brothers and sisters from the stars with hugs and love which poured from our hearts and they did the same, we told them what was occurring and they said they already knew and had devised a plan we sat talking about the plan when a great rumbling was felt. As we looked to the land below we saw the dark ones abusing the technology of the crystal, the crystal over heated and began to cause disastrous results such as huge earthquakes and magnetospheric interruption which caused the strong solar storms to be able to penetrate the earth core, naturally this happens when the earths magnetosphere is impacted by a solar storm however this time the magnetosphere was severely damaged by the crystals high frequency and abuse of this frequency and high energy.

The continent could not handle the incredible amount of energy and was collapsing under its own weight the benevolent star nations and the rebellion moved to the center of Atlantis and demanded that the dark ones leave the island continent at once but they refused so the remaining scout ships that were waiting just above the horizon appeared and a great great war ensued it was greater then any war ever known it was truly the first world war. The dark ones were very advanced and relentless we almost won but then in one unthinkable horrific move the dark ones unleashed their most terrible arsenal – A Nuclear Sub-Atomic weapon.

P.S. I know this may just be my subconscious playing games but to me it felt real and still does so, who knows 🙂