Please be aware I do not think there is any completely malevolent or benevolent race. I think everyone, cosmic or human, has the potential to make bad choices at any given time.

6yrs ago I underwent past life regression after a series of terrible nightmares left me almost incapable of coping with daily life, the past life regression was suggested to me by a close friend and psychotherapist and what was revealed was the amazing story of my past life in Atlantis. The nightmares came on all of a sudden after bumping my head and suffering a concussion. It was almost as if truth was knocked in to me on purpose for whatever reason I was meant to share this story. I have kept this story secret for many years secretly writing down my visions and nightmares and confirmations in an old journal I thought I would never find use for. The journal is a mystery in it’s own right as it appeared one afternoon on my doorstep when I was coming back from the store. I opened the journal trying to figure out who it belonged to but was surprised to see that the journal was empty. My purpose in publishing my story to the world is to share a bit of Atlantis with humanity. You do not have to believe or accept what is written here but to me it is real and I my life in Atlantis demanded I remember. Man people ask me well if your people in Atlantis were so advanced how come you did not see the threat coming? truth is that there were beings MORE advanced then us. No matter how big you think you are always remember there is ALWAYS someone bigger so one rule to keep in mind is just to love with all your heart and live each day like it’s your last.

Also the tragedy that occurred in Atlantis was already pre-destined long ago. I know now that there would come a time when our severe integration with the light would be interrupted by darkness that would bring balance back to the world so that our spirits could continue growing and advancing. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Even the falling of a snow flake on your nose during winter or even the lack thereof. Just think! had this not occurred this timeline would not have occurred in which YOU pleasantly exist. Although all timelines exist simultaneously as one. During this density we are only conscious of one unless we work to remove the barriers of time/space which is possible. You can exist in all places, at all times, in all ways.

There are many posts not yet published because I have barely the time to do so however in time all the material will be published here and copyrighted with all rights reserved. Since I have to type everything out it takes a while to make the posts but be sure there are many more to come. All my material is written in my journal so I have to transfer it from my journal to the computer. I will try my best to make the time to publish my accounts of life in Atlantis. My material not only speaks about life in Atlantis but I detail how life in Atlantis parallels life in the now present time of the great millennium (the year 2000+), how the so called “end times” scenario and various prophecies point to a manufactured ‘end time scenario’. This is the reason why I stress that we MUST change our timeline by living free of fear, hatred, judgment, grudges and just live as if there is no past and no future. It is time to live in the NOW. It is time to be the change.

Why do so many religions agree on only one event? and why is the only thing that all organized religions agree upon have to do with an end of the world event yet they can not agree on nothing else? I describe this and more in my story…though I personally do not fully believe this version of 2012. Yes I am disagreeing with my own past life. Why? because timelines change. We are creators of our own reality and we write the script as we go along. So please as you read my story please remember that it is not necessarily the outcome of our future. Remember the future is in YOUR hands. This story also brings the beauty of Atlantis to the forefront and shows humanity just how much we as a species lack in connections with one another and the earth, discover day to day life in Atlantis and the triumphant courage of a young girl named Unda and that young girl was me.