The Truth About The Angelic Rebellion

On my trip through cyber space today, I stumbled upon a comment somewhere that remarked that Angelics (Angelic Starseeds) where actually demons and were the fallen angels of the flood. That got me thinking, in spite of my obvious distaste for that comment, what exactly is a fallen angel? we all know the name Angel translates to messenger, and it is my belief that the messengers who were said to have fallen from heaven (Also known as the Anunnaki – Those who from Heaven came) and rebelled against God, were indeed not rebelling against God but against the earliest implementation of the system that controls us today. I believe they came with others who saw an opportunity to take control of Earth who became the ones who control us now. The faction that wanted to control the population and Earth never saw humans as anything but lower creatures while the “Fallen” ones saw humans as equal and loved them, loved them so much that they wanted to help the humanity and eventually fell IN love with them. The fallen angels taught the humanity everything they knew, The angels mated with the daughters of men and the daughters of men bore them children.

But there aren’t just male angels, that is another way to know that the “official story” of the fallen ones is inaccurate, women were angels too, even Archangels, and they too wanted to live a normal life with human men and have children with them, the messengers who came originally came to bring knowledge to the people of Earth eventually became the keepers of Earth or otherwise known as the Guardians/watchers. But there was still the issue of their interference on Earth, and the children which they had created, hybrid children. Here is a passage from my favorite book…Bloodline Of The Holy Grail:

It is common place in English texts to convert the word ‘giants-i.e. ‘There where giants on the earth in those days’. It must be said that this is a corruption, not a translation, for the words ‘giants’ and nephilim do not mean the same thing at all. The error originated because there was no single-word translation for nephilim, and the translators had been provided with the possible alternative, ‘giants’ by various written writers, including flavius Josephus in his 1st century Antiquities of the Jews. He explained that:

Many angels of God accompanied with women, and begat sons that became unjust….on account of the confidence they had in their own strength; for the tradition is that these men did what resembled the acts of those whom the Greek call giants.

As can be seen Josephus did not say that the nephilim were giants. In fact, he did not mention the nephilim at all; he mentioned on the ‘angels of God’ whose sons (by earthly women) performed acts of physical strength reminiscent of the Titans: ‘those whom the Grecian call giants’. The genesis text relates that these offspring were ‘mighty men’ and men of renown’-but such (irrespective of any perceived physical stature) referred to extraordinary ability, just as Nimrod was himself called a ‘mighty one in the Earth’  (Gen 10:8) The apparent translation of Nephilim to ‘giants’ is wholly inaccurate. But what does the word nephilim really mean? it actually means ‘those who came down’, ‘those who descended’, or ‘those who were cast down’.

Given that the sol called ‘sons of God’ were reputed (according to the Hebrews) to have caused their own dishonor by consorting with earthly women, they were said in the 2nd century BC book of Enoch, and in various apocryphal writings, to have fallen from grace. The word ‘fallen’ was perceived to be in keeping with the world nephilim (those who descended), and since the ‘ the sons of God’ had been identified as angels (aggelos) in the Septuagint, a wholly new breed of beings emerged in scriptural literature. They were the fallen angels.

There is also the matter of the Nephidem children, the children of the union between the rebel angels and man, it is my belief that there are other hybrids out there who are living normal regular lives, pay bills, work from 9-5 and maybe even go too church though its not likely. The negative view of hybrids may have a more sinister agenda, if you consider that the “Fallen” rebelled against the system of the Original agenda of the angels who came and took control of Earth, then you can begin to realize just why the Nephidim, are given such a bad rap, the Nephidim are in essence, the very cause of the rebellion in the first place. They are the product of the rebel angels desire to unite with humanity instead of control them. The first great flood, in my opinion was retaliation by the ones who took control of the Earth and an attempt by them to kill off the offspring of the fallen and the fallen themselves.

Its quite obvious they had advanced technology back then, maybe even technology that could do what HAARP does today, maybe this is where the knowledge of HAARP came from and maybe the same thing happened with Atlantis and other places. How does this fit in with the concept of angelic starseeds? Angel is actually not a race but a celestial role, as you know Angel translates to Messenger and if you have read the book of Enoch it states that Angels (messengers) take on different forms, could that mean that angels COME in different forms? maybe even from different star systems?. Enoch chapter 19 – “and their spirits assuming many different forms,” Perhaps Angelic starseeds are the hybrids, children of the messengers or extraterrestrials and share the exact traits and purpose of their celestial parents. Maybe this was all planned, maybe before the rebel angels and the other angels even touched down on Earth it was all pre-planned, maybe by a higher force in order to help humanity change themselves so they can change history.

Note* this is all my own speculation and theory, please take from it what resonates if anything at all and leaven what does not, I am in no way claiming this or anything else I write as truth or fact.