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These are two great videos that illustrate the reality of Satan or Lucifer and how the bible and the church have created so much fear through disinformation, however I’d like to suggest cabanel_smallthat you also read an earlier post on the two versions of creation because in the second video it says that the Lord (God) is administering the ‘test‘ to mankind and that the Lord created both good and evil, and that may be so however I also have a theory that the ‘Lord’ in the bible was not God….Read: (The Bible: Questioning The Two Versions Of Creation) and make your own conclusion.

In my opinion God or the Source whatever name you call the creator of all things gave us the free will do that ourselves, to create our own duality, God gave love it’s own awareness and with that awareness came the knowledge of good and evil? maybe that is what free will is, the knowledge to choose between the two, the freedom to will into reality our own path. I have never known God to be anything other than a loving God and us to be incarnated mortal sparks or aspects of this loving God, complete with our free will and awareness. Evil is the physical manifestation of the lack of love, God IS love.

Most people do have love in their hearts to some extent, they love their children and are loved back or their partners or their gadgets or jobs etc…love still exists for most people in some form, it is those with a total lack of love in their lives that revert to evil which is the illusion that love (God) doesn’t exist in their lives. This creates all sorts of physical manifestations of evil such as murders and rapists and gangs and so on, it is my opinion that God him/herself does not create evil or good, that God just IS.

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It is particularly windy tonight here in Maryland which is funny because last night I and my daughter did a wind manifestation. Just cause we were outside and she was asking about certain spiritual things and I told her, well you know magick is real right? she said it is? I said yep it is, let me show you, then I said lets join hands and we did and I said now close your eyes, and we both did and I said now call upon the God of air, she said who is that? I said well in Greek mythology his name is Aries, then we did and we said, great god Aries grant us your power to move the winds of the Earth and then we said: “so mot it be, it is made manifest” …then this morning she went outside and it was REALLY windy (and has been all day) and she was like :O mommy magick is real!!!

And yes I am aware that Aries is known as the God of War and not air but, for some ODD reason, reasons I cant even fathom, I have always recognized him as the God of air and not war, and it seems to me tonight that I was right 🙂 at least in my truth.

The following is Joseph Kerrick’s insights into the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is a system of mysticism which originated in ancient Sumer, thus putting its beginnings in the same remote epoch as the mysteries of Egypt and the Hindu Vedas. Babylon succeeded Sumer, and transmitted the teachings in turn to the Hebrews, along with many other elements of their religion, which are therefore still familiar to us today from the Book of Genesis. The word “Kabbalah” comes from a Hebrew root meaning to receive sacred teachings.

The Jews added two important works to Kabbalistic lore, namely the books known as the Sepher Yetzirah, reputed to have been written in the 2nd century AD, and the Zohar, dating from the 13th century. The Zohar came to the attention of Christian scholars shortly thereafter, and sparked an interest in the Kabbalah on the part of a wide range of European mystics and occultists. Thus the Kabbalah became part and parcel of the secret teachings of such groups as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons. These Gentile Kabbalists likewise added much fresh material to the tradition, as did the Theosophists, the Golden Dawn, and now numerous new age thinkers and writers. Thus the Kabbalah as it now exists is far from being an exclusively Jewish doctrine, but is rather an integral part of the Western Mystery Tradition.

An essential teaching of the Kabbalah is that the same patterns that govern the operation of the universe are to be found in the deepest soul of man, as well as the forces that drive those patterns.

The Tree of Life operates on many levels. The basic Tree can be taken as a complete model of the entire universe, of every being who lives in it, and of all the beings together in their collectivities and hierarchies. However, in the next layer of complexity, the basic Tree is construed as representing only our immediate terrestrial world. The Kabbalistic teaching is that there are three higher worlds above this, and each world is represented by a complete Tree, with the spheres overlapping in a particular way. This figure is traditionally called “Jacob’s Ladder,” indicating that it portrays the esoteric reality behind the Bible story in which Jacob saw a ladder reaching up into heaven, with angels ascending and descending upon it.

For indeed, the sphere of these higher Trees are said to be the habitations of angels. Every sphere is designated by the name of an angel, which can also be understood as a collective entity: a whole race, tribe, species, or “choir” of angels. And all these legions of angels are ranked into three basic orders corresponding to the three worlds….CONTINUE READING