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Blessing Water

August 3, 2013 — 2 Comments

mosaics176There are a bunch of methods and everyone has their own. Personally, What I do is add crystals to the water and bless it under the moon light or sunlight depending on the deity you wish it to be blessed by. But really I do a few things, here is the way I do my own blessed water.

Quartz Crystal or Celestite Crystal or whatever crystal you like

  • One moonstone or Agni Gold Danburite depending on whether or not I am invoking the blessing of a solar or lunar deity.
  • You can look up a chant/prayer/blessing of this particular deity, for example: prayer to Ra the sun God or to Selene the Lunar Goddess or create your own.
  • If you want you can also add some herbs to the water (optional) I use Frankincense because it cleanses and protects the soul and well it was and still is used by my ancestors and many other peoples.
  • So I add all the ingredients to a large bowl or vase and sit them out under the sun or under the moon, while I am doing so I call on the deity of my choice (you can call on several if you like) and ask for their permission to bless this water, this natural element of life so that I may be protected and cleansed as well as my home and children etc, then I do my chant/prayer/blessing etc.

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Although the Merlin prophecies were expressly banned, the teachings of David, Patrick, and Columba were so firmly cemented in society that the Church was obliged to pursue a very different strategy of incorporation. A thousand years after the lifetimes of these druidic magi, the Vatican officials elected to bring them posthumously into the orthodox saintly fold so that the real truth of their pagan environment would be lost to history.



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Traditions the world over speak of ancient deities who were upon the Earth in those days, ancient religions from the ancient near east to the west, speak of both Gods and demi-Gods, but were the Gods real? or were the ancient peoples simply worshiping celestial bodies? typically the answer to this question is either, the Gods were real, or they weren’t and the ancient peoples were simply weaving tales based on their limited ability to explain the celestial bodies and workings of the universe. I’d like to offer a different perspective…

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I call to the Moon she is my wisdom
I call to Venus she is my heart
I call to Gaia she is my form

Beloved Grandmother Moon may you be my guide,
always towards enlightenment, always within.
light the way to inner wisdom so that I may
guide those who are lost with humility and

My beloved sister Venus, priestess of love,
show me the way so that I may be more loving,
more compassionate, more worthy of the heart
that I carry.

My sacred Mother Gaia, my beloved queen,
you have created my form, given me a
vessel for my spirit, you have birthed me
in to matter so that my spirit may grow,
anchor me my precious mother and
carry me on my journey, bless me with
your strength, honor me with your lessons,
raise me as a mother raises her child, help
keep me grounded so that I may learn in
a way that is conducive to both matter
and spirit.

I invoke in me the power of the triple Goddess,
Luna, Venus and Gaia, may I have the wisdom
to guide, the heart to follow and the form to
endure. And so, if it is the will of our creator,
it is made manifest.

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