Sirius And The Grail

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Interestingly enough this article was posted on the original website on November 24th 2011, my 30th birthday. 3 = 3’s and 0’s, such as 300 or 330 – God and the ascended masters are trying to get your attention, most likely with respect to a matter related to your Divine purpose. Is there any guidance that you’ve been ignoring lately? If so, you may be feeling stuck right now. This number sequence is heaven’s way of alerting you to the fact that you must do your part in the co-creation process. This means listening to and following your Divine guidance to take certain actions. —Doreen Virtue

It is in perfect alignment with the star formation in the belt of Orion known as the ‘The Three Kings’, those of the Orient – more correctly ‘orientation’ – who followed the star of Bethlehem that led them to Christ’s birth place, the three stars representing the three Magi who traced him to his manger. Given this, it looks suspicious when we come across well known the phrase ‘A dog in a manger’, the accepted explanation for the expression meaning someone who has something of value that they cannot or will not use themselves but which they won’t let anybody else have either…the secret of a connection with Sirius, of which the five pointed blazing star, that blazing ‘torch,’ can be seen in every Masonic Lodge, and surely the same star associated with the Dog Lord Dominic?

Is the Collective Unconscious telling us that Sirius in some way is responsible for the birth and evolution of the human race? The origin of the word ‘doll’ which we found earlier, is another classic unknown which I  have found to belong to the word ‘model’, the original pattern and design of the human race. If Sirius is in some way an Erik Von Daniken style substitute for our understanding of God’s creation of mankind, it would make sense of the name of the tribe, the Dogon of Southern Mali, when reversed – ‘No god’ – for it was this primitive African tribe who first learned precise astronomical understanding of Sirius from their ancestors, centuries before modern day astronomers finally made their own discoveries that embarrassingly confirmed those of the Dogon. Radio astronomy has proven to us that the iron content of the star Sirius is the same as the iron in our blood and the iron of the earth and of our solar system.

The blood and the Grail? —Further