Children Of The Grail

Traits Of Those Of The ‘Sangraal‘ Lines

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Although ‘Children of the Grail’ are of all races and walks of life, there will always be that certain something about them – a presence or charisma that sets them off from everyone else. They may not be rich or formally college educated, but if they give you advice, or make a prediction or observation, they’ll be spot-on. There is a depth of wisdom and knowledge within them that eclipses many highly educated sorts.   They can be quiet and unassuming, but the successfully integrated, balanced and self-actualized Grail Child has an aura of an ancient warrior-sage about them, and even if they are very young, they will have wise old eyes that will see right into your soul.

It is difficult or even impossible to lie to them, because they can turn those ancient eyes on you, and strip the dishonesty right out of you. They have heard every lie, seen every scheme, done everything that there is to be done from the beginning of time. But they volunteered to return, with all those eons of wisdom and experience intact. This is an awesome responsibility, but those of the Grail bear it with grace and humor.

They do not suffer fools gladly, no matter who they are. Authority figures have to earn that authority, in the eyes of the Grail Children. There is an innate need to understand the motivation behind the collar, badge, robe, or other power symbol. Of course, this can lead to trouble with insecure authority figures, those who rely on their laurels or uniforms to exact obedience. To the Grail Children, this is living a lie, which is abhorrent to them.

In spite of the apparent cynicism, they also have an exceptional sense of humor, because they can see the absurd twists of cultural and social interaction. Its expression is rarely base or primitive- but often cynical or dry in expression. Grail children are more than capable of collapsing people in laughter with an offhand remark.

They also have a marked capacity for seeing the big picture or deeply viewing distant consequences, and this too can be a source of misunderstanding and difficulties for them.

The latent or not yet fully manifested Grail Children are often the result of harsh mistreatment or misunderstanding as youngsters, or being told over and over by parents and authorities that their visions had no meaning, or their sensitivities were fake, or worse, they are insane. The psychic pain of this malfunction of assimilation and actualization causes them to truly go mad, or turn to alcohol or drugs for comfort from the pain. With time and care, though, even these seemingly hopeless ones can find some measure of peace, get in touch with their gifts and potentials, and live to serve as they came here to serve.

And of course, Now for the Timeless Question – ‘Who does the Grail serve?’…CONTINUE READING