Boy where to start, I’ve discovered I am part Jewish, Middle Eastern, Irish/English, Amerindian/Colombian and African (Moroccan/Yoruban) through DNA testing, I am an incarnated angel who has had lives as a mermaid as well, I have incarnated in Atlantis and had several incarnations in India, Sumeria and ancient Egypt as well, I am a 5th Dimensional Soul who incarnated in a very Ancient phase of Egypt, much before what historians and Archaeologists know. I was also an initiate of the mystery schools (Scroll down to see astrological analysis by a well known astrologer). In one of my past lives in ancient Egypt I was a teacher who taught a form of Yoga. I was martyred for my beliefs in a past lifetime in medieval Europe. I am often told I can write a book with the life I have lived and they are right I think.

I was adopted at eight months though no one knows what happened to me after birth, I was born premature at seven months, the doctor had to use forceps to get me out though, after that I vanished from the hospital according to my birth mother and no one knew where I went, she was tricked into signing me over to the state (as she claims)…however I AM thankful because I met my biological mother in 2012 and I have to say I would have been VERY neglected…or dead.

No one has ANY info on my biological father, it’s as if he doesn’t exist. I asked both my biological egg donor and my adoptive mom for info on him and I WAS given the info but there is zero info on him even though he signed the birth certificate, like I said it’s as if he does not exist. I showed up eight months later and was adopted by the most wonderful, amazing family in the world, I was/AM spoiled and loved to pieces.
The family I was placed with lived for some time in Puerto Rico, near the Arecibo telescope, the largest in the world. My adoptive mother told me stories that grandpa would get taken regularly by a ship and that my grandma would see strange lights in the skies disappear in or behind a mountain nearby, and my adoptive mom would tell me stories how she too would see these lights as a little girl and that there was a UFO base nearby. I loved living in PR, we lived on a farm and I would always mess with the cows and bulls, yep I said bulls, and the animals loved me, It was nice. Shortly after my adoptive father who I loved soooooo much, more than life itself, succumbed to a brain tumor and died. It broke my heart because he was gone, and I wanted to die too, he was my best friend, and I was only 7, I felt like my world fell apart, like half of me was gone. I spent ALL my time with my dad, at home I would watch baseball games with him and just lay my head on his belly and fall asleep, and he would take me to baseball games, he really was my best friend, if my parents were going to split say at a mall, and my mom was going one way and my dad another part of the mall I would cry and cry until I was told to go with my dad lol! My dad would spend so much time with me, he was the one who taught me to ride a bike.

Shortly after his passing, strange things began to occur in the house..whispers, things moving, cold spots, mists, shadow etc. One day I had a dream and saw my father standing in the house dressed in a beautiful glowing white suit, he looked like an angel, his hair had grown back and he looked like had suddenly received an infinite amount of wisdom, he told me, I must go now but I wanted you to know I was alright…I love you my little chica (he called me chica when he was alive) I am going to become a guardian angel now, he smiled and I woke up, after that all the strange things going on in the house stopped. This of course got me interested in studying the paranormal which I started to do, I read anything I could about ghosts, hauntings, death, paranormal investigation etc and I still am intrigued by anything relating to ghosts and hauntings. In my late teens I became a paranormal investigator with a well known group and I learned a lot from this field…In one investigation with another team I ended up labeled the “spirit barometer” by a local newspaper ( because they happened to see my psychic abilities in action, of course I did not even know I was in the presence of a newspaper reporter -_-.

My first contact experience was with an angel and what some would call a demon, I was about eight years old when I had experienced contact with these beings in the astral world, of course I thought it was a dream but I know now the difference between dreams and astral experiences. In this experience I was given a choice, accept my angelic aspect or continue the path of ignorance and darkness. At such a young age this was such a confusing decision for me but in my heart instinctively I knew what to choose, I chose to accept my angelic soul path and to become aware later of my mission in life. All this was experienced in that astral experience which when I woke up I thought was a dream.

Later years when I was 11 or 12 I had an experience that I will never forget…me and my family were sitting out front of our apartment building, my mom was with her friend and I was with my moms friends son who was my best friend at that time…when all of a sudden I looked up because something has blocked the sun however there weren’t any clouds that day, to my amazement I saw a huge ship in the sky, it was large enough to cover the sun, everyone was looking, I was frozen till I got the courage to run inside, I hid because I had watched so many movies about evil ETs coming in spaceships, my mom swore it was a regular blimp, I knew otherwise, HOW I knew though I do not know. No one ever spoke of that experience after that except for me and my friend who said he had felt strange during the encounter he said he had felt a strange tingling sensation through his body almost like being underneath a huge church bell as it rings.

I asked my mom if it was gone and she said it had gone so I ran outside to ask everyone who was outside what they thought it was but the most bizarre thing yet happened…NO ONE even remembered being outside!. Later that year I was taken aboard that same space craft, it was Zeta Greys but I was not afraid and they did not harm me. I remember they moved extremely fast, unimaginably fast and spoke telepathically. They told me to insert a chip in the back of my right eye and in my nose, I could not I was too chicken to do that to myself so they did it for me, they explained it was to help communication with star beings and to enhance my gift of “prophecy” to be honest I think it has, I don’t need to “channel” I can speak with them (various star races) directly, telepathically and I have had several prophetic dreams and visions. I know this was more than an astral experience because I suffered so many nosebleeds that my mother took me to the ER, they x rayed my nose and said there is a foreign object in there but if they take it out I would bleed to death…eventually I guess my nose adapted to it and the nosebleeds stopped. No one believes the greys have benevolent intentions and classify them all as evil mindless drones but I know better. The more contact I had with them the more I realized that my initial fear of the craft I saw outside was conditioning by religion and Hollywood and such.

It did take me awhile to be fully comfortable around them because of Hollywood, then one day they had come to me in the astral realm and I astrally walked outside and looked up at that sky at that same ship and they asked me if I was afraid of them still, but I never knew I was but I guess they sensed it, but I said no and they smiled, they said are you ready for your mission? I said yes and they left and I never saw them again. Sometime after that I started having strange experiences with psy ops, in dreams or astral experiences I kept having dreams of agents from the NSA, NASA and the Pentagon harassing me and trying to force me to give them info on these Zeta Greys I have been having contact with. I would have these dreams/astral experiences with these psyops who would torture me to try to get Intel but I would never speak.

One day I had a TRULY revealing experience (lucid dream)…I was walking around in New Mexico and I came across this beautiful white buildings like the typical ones of New Mexico style and I saw a star being on the upper floor window and the ET said to me, you must leave, go now! they tried to frame us and say we committed these atrocities, we never did any of these. I looked to the floor below and there were a bunch of bodies, when I turned around there were psyops standing there with the most sinister grin. I knew then that all these accusations of animal mutilation and abductions is really our government creating this fear so that we as a people will fear contact with ETs.

Eventually I started having contact with the Angels again, but this time they brought to me a horrific prophecy…again this contact was astral, I was on a plane, it was the year 2000. I was sitting on an aisle seat and the seat next to me was empty, I was on a plane headed towards NYC and this angel suddenly appeared next to me, he was glowing so brightly I could barely look at him, he told me: “This plane is going to crash and kill a lot of people, but do not worry you will be fine” With that the angel vanished and then suddenly there seemed to be like turbulence, and the plane went down, as I emerged from the burnt rubble on the ground I saw nothing but smoke, police, fire trucks and people running and screaming everywhere, ….nothing else was visible then there was a clearing and I saw millions of more beings like the one on the plain (angels) who held their arms out to me and asked me if I wanted to continue my duty on earth knowing how hard it is now…I do not know why they asked me but I agreed AGAIN to remain on earth and continue my mission, then I saw so many souls going towards them as if being taken to heaven…I was in Manhattan. A year later two planes flew in to the twin towers.

After that things seemed pretty normal, no experiences for a while until I had to accompany my adoptive mother to a physical, we were walking when we noticed a very tall and peculiar stranger, He was around seven ft tall, a giant in our eyes as both me and my mom are very short lol. Now I have seen MANY very tall people but I have never seen a man like this…he felt electric, and seemed to know that I knew what he was. I remember looking up suddenly and seeing him and I had the look of surprise…I was like, what are YOU doing here? or what are YOU doing out in the open! his eyes were so blue they seemed unearthly. He smiled at me and my mom and I could feel this powerful and I mean *POWERFUL* energy of love and also humor lol! I think he found it humorous that I knew what he was and was so surprised to see him just walking out in the open, we both laughed and went our own ways. Since then I know what to look for when trying to see if ETs walk our planet, it’s not about anything physical, it’s purely energetic.

After some time I turned to religion and pretty much lost myself, I became closed off to anything spiritual, I was still having contact with beings but I became dark and broody, I began to feel better then EVERYONE else because I was Catholic and had given my life over to Christ, I began to think I was in a war against evil and everyone on the planet except Christians were evil, I became really dark and sinister, the opposite of what they say you will become, sure I see many Christians who are NOT like this who ARE love and light filled but it’s in the minority. This video explains it perfectly (watch the WHOLE video to understand where I am coming from):

Furthermore I was almost raped by a priest but he suddenly had remorse for what he was trying to do, perhaps a moment of clarity or maybe the angels intervened. After this incident I left the church and became an atheist. I despised God and questioned everything. I was struggling to find my way. I went for a long time as an atheist and believing only in science. I believed that the after life was bullshit and that angelic and ET encounters where just a coping mechanism of the brain for what I had been through. That was until the most amazing series of events suddenly unfolded (and continue to) in my life. It all started when I started having strange dreams then I ever had before or lucid dreams. They were recurring dreams, always the same dream over and over, night after night, even whenever I closed my eyes for a short nap, the dream returned. I began to dream of a title wave, I would always be sitting in the same place and a tidal wave would come and I would be unable to run.

I thought because of the frequency of this dream and because it looked so apocalyptic that it was a revelation of my future but instead it was a revelation of my past. But, the dreams only went away when I realized this and I had not realized this until my spirit guide introduced himself to me (will share that momentarily) he told me that I should meditate which I really did not know how but to try and also ask my higher self to help me understand this dream…well I did and that was one of many AHA! moments to come…cause right as soon as I did ATLANTIS popped into my head..I went and told a good friend of mine and that is when my story of my past life in Atlantis (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) emerged from the dark recess of my subconscious, somehow I had unlocked this memory and INSTANTLY the lucid dreams (or should I say nightmares lol) of this title wave ceased.

As said above is when I met my spirit guide and after that time he began to help me those days recover more and more of my memories and to teach me about going within to seek the answers and to rekindle my relationship with the one TRUE God not the God of the bible who was created by man but the God of love, creator of all things seen and unseen, an energy that is love which exists within us all. After this revelation I DID rekindle my relationship with God, in fact I fell in love with God, a love so deep, deeper than religion could ever conceive of. I felt God everywhere, within me, within the trees and air I breathed, within the stars and the cold soil beneath my feet, and within each person that crossed my path. I had never in my life felt anything like that, at every second of the day it was like I was being embraced by the all, I had not felt alone exactly before maybe just a bit but now, I felt like I was SURROUNDED by angels and the energy and breath of creation itself.

But this was nothing compared to when I actually was declared clinically dead, I actually died and left my body (and according to the ER doctors I came back just as they were calling the time of death and my heart stopped twice before that!) what I saw on the other side is indescribable so I just cannot put in to words, I did try to explain it in two articles here: ( and here ( but it does it no justice, I feared death but I also had no clue what was going to happen but I was open to whatever God had planned for me. When I came back to life I lost all memory of my past such as my childhood etc. I have slowly gained them back though. BUT I did gain NEW memories as well that ever so slowly revealed themselves to me. They were memories of past lives both on Earth and in the stars though I was still not told about my origins. I had to figure this one out on my own.

After this NDE I began to affect electronics and things, light bulbs would blow out around me, alarms would go off , fuses would blow it was like the craziest thing and I had no idea what was going on, I also came back with such a powerful psychic ability and the ability to call down UFOs, so much it was insane. But more than that, I had become extremely, extremely empathic. I suddenly felt all the world’s pain and suffering but I also felt the joy and love and wonder but not only of humanity but also of Earth herself and other sentient life forms on our planet. I had this almost obsessive desire to help anyone and everyone. Everyone noticed how different I was after my NDE. I no longer wanted to go to clubs or hang out and party and do things of this nature. I just wanted to discover myself, who was this person I claimed to be? But I had no clue how to so I went back to the source, I stood outside at night and called out to God to please show me the way because I was having very strange feelings and had no idea what to make of them.

I knew there was something strange about me, why did I have the experiences I had? why did I know things I wasn’t supposed to know? That is when I had contact with a group of beings who called themselves the Ashtar Command/Galactic Federation Of Light, astrally. They simply told me that I was a starseed, a being from an advanced reality here to help bring positive change to the world. After that I did some research and was awestruck, everything fit, everything. Finally everything made sense! yet created more questions, so I did some research and after some time I had the urge to create a community for it 😉 which you can read the interview here ( After that I became friends with a good starseed friend who told me I was from Sirius and I really did think this I found out later however that I originate from Epsilon Bootes near Arcturus (I wrote a little bit about Epsilon here in this experience ( but had lives on Sirius, Pleiades and Venus. I had about two incarnations on Sirius, one of them was as a Mermaid which is also interesting because I have Cetacea (meaning water mammal) in my 12th house which is the house of past lives, I also have ‘Gilgamesh’ in my 12th house showing a past life incarnation in Sumeria or some sort of involvement with Sumeria and or the Anunnaki in a past life:

My astrological chart interpretation also shows my connection to not only ancient Egypt but also Sumeria. But also, it shows a connection with Neptune/Poseidon which is connected to Atlantis:

“You have Draconian moon conjunction Sirius, Neptune conj Regulus, mars conj Algol ! maybe you had witnessed the war in Pleiades? you maybe had past lives in Mesopotamia and Egypt? your pallas are in conjunct Sumeria maybe you had a life past as a priest in Sumeria? your chart is very interesting… the Sabian symbol of your Sumeria asteroid is “A Man Revealing To His Students The Foundation Of An Inner Knowledge Upon Which A “New World” Could Be Built” maybe it makes any sense to you…You also have Neptune conj galactic center perhaps your soul has come from another galaxy a long time ago like me… And sorry for my bad English!”

I figured out I was originally from Epsilon Bootes thanks to Google Sky lol..I was messing around with the app looking for Sirius when the app mistakenly took me somehow to Epsilon and when I saw that name and star something inside felt like it was struck with a blunt object, I had butterflies so bad, I got so emotional THIS was my home star, I knew it, I could feel it in every fiber of my being, I could barely breath, I was so happy and so emotional, I did not at all react this way when someone told me I was from Sirius, hence the importance of seeking your OWN truth. It may take years but the reward and satisfaction of seeking the truth for yourself is well worth the wait. The universe provides and delivers but patience is required. But to be honest, In the end I believe that we’re all just pure energy that permeates all there is, no one place is our home because technically we ARE all that is, however we do choose to express our individualism through a set of chosen realities and circumstances and such the *I* is born (i.e. Ego) and we then identify with various expressions of the divine.

I remember my last stop before Earth was Venus…I don’t know how I know this, it’s just something I feel so strongly, I really do love Venus as well as Jupiter and Neptune, lovely planets. I still felt though something was missing…why such ongoing close contact with the Angels? why did I have a dream in my childhood where I was told by an angel I was like them? why did I have dreams of flying with wings? and why did I always dream of battling other angels? this made no sense especially the part about warring with other angels since when I died all was pure love and light in this middle realm I spoke about in the links above when I explained about the place I went when I died, however I do know outside of this realm there are manifested worlds/realities and the beings that inhabit them which aren’t of the highest good…energy is a powerful thing and what you focus on you create. In this dreams of these wars I proceed 3D worlds from these beings, I remember myself as a male angel. One night as I always do when I can’t figure out the questions I went outside and prayed to God to help me find the answers within myself.

That’s when this happened: “I had a dream that happened after going outside to talk with God to ask God to help me figure myself out which resulted in both dream and physical proof (see God does listen), someone might say it’s just coincidence or wishful thinking but, not this much! so it started in April (last night I was feeling SO many emotions…just a whole array of emotions. So I went outside and asked the universe…what do you want to tell me? what do you want? because frankly your distance and silence is hurting me, then I heard, go inside, go to sleep we have a message for you…this time is over. I had a dream, then I was standing on a mountain and the clouds cleared it was nighttime and there were very dark clouds in the sky then from the clear sky descended God, like literally God, so beautiful, I just, omg…he was so bright I had a hard time looking…he touched my cheek with his pointer finger and then all these flashes…I was knocked to the ground from all this…then suddenly this mountain was changed, like not only could I see where I was, I could see everywhere, the whole earth…then, these angels came to me and they said, we are the powers and the principalities…I said aren’t you guys evil? they said, yes, because the bible makes us so…do you think a mother is evil for teaching her children? they said to me, the answer to your father? us, the answer to the question you did not ask? us…look farther…we are you. Don’t fear yourself or the church will consume you and everyone else who knows your truth…watch for the falling star, this will be your confirmation and then I woke up”.

About almost exactly a week later a large meteor was seen roaring across the skies of Japan. which is funny because below the links you will see another unrelated link to a prediction I had about dreaming of a meteor strike also in Japan…what is it with me and meteors in Japan? lol….my mother herself said she dreamed of me as an angel, she said the world was in turmoil, everyone was just crazy and committing crimes and doing all kinds of sins (yes she is still mostly Christian) and there was fear everywhere and people were just running around like chickens with no head, and I was standing there seemingly unaffected when suddenly huge white wings erupted out of my back and I started touching people and calming them down, apparently she freaked out from that dream so then I had to calm her down lol

Also in case you have read negative and dark versions of who the powers and principalities are…here is a less scary version:

“Third Sphere

Angels who function as heavenly messengers and soldiers. [edit]Principalities or Rulers The “Principalities” (lat. principatus, pl. principatūs) also translated as “Princedoms” and “Rulers”, from the Greek arche (see Greek root in Eph 3:10), appear to collaborate, in power and authority with the Powers (Authorities). The Principalities are shown wearing a crown and carrying a sceptre. Their duty also is said to be to carry out the orders given to them by the Dominions and bequeath blessings to the material world. Their task is to oversee groups of people. They are the educators and guardians of the realm of earth. Like beings related to the world of the germinal ideas, they are said to inspire living things to many things such as art or science. Paul used the term rule and authority in Ephesians 1:21, and rulers and authorities in Ephesians 3:10.”

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And what is funny is a few days before the falling star made its presence known in Japan I saw 808/818…which I always see when something significant is about to occur, I felt something coming…below is the link to the image showing me post about on FB, this is the type of stuff that keeps me faithful:*D8K1BMc68*ZyW0OkSBAzo/601912_243679675773635_901466886_n.jpg


So from this whole life changing angelic experience I gathered I was an incarnated angel or human angel hybrid of some sort oh but that wasn’t all! lol God/The Universe had more in store for me because in fact a couple of weeks later on May 27th I had yet ANOTHER revealing dream..this time to do with Mermaids which you can read here ( so then I realized…I am an angelic mermaid lol! which makes perfect sense because anyone who knows me, knows that the water is MY domain! I live and breath the water, I feel more safe in the ocean then I do on land. I went to swimming lessons and was diving off the diving board in less than 5 minutes. I grew up near the ocean, I basically was raised on the beach because since my family lived within walking distance to the ocean I spent most of my life on the beach. Earth wise…I Incarnated on Earth during the early days of Atlantis, I was the daughter of a high priest and council member, after the flood I spent time in Sumeria and ancient Egypt. My Atlantean father taught me the ways of the priesthood when I was very young, I grew up to become a priestess in ancient Egypt.

After this incarnation I was a male temple guard in China, what many call a Ninja, mostly guarding and protecting a ruthless tyrant and ruler, I wasn’t proud of my job description but it was all I knew in that life and this man was very powerful. Later I incarnated as the daughter of a king who fell in love with the wrong man, lies were told and one thing led to another and most of my family died including me and the man I fell in love with (a beggar). I incarnated again during the witch trials and was burned at the stake, most burned were innocents, I really was a witch, I had remembered and decided to return to my ancient Egyptian priestess roots. I incarnated again as a little boy who lived a simple poor life but died young of pneumonia, strangely enough I suffered from pneumonia that almost killed me in this life, I believe I had a past life involvement in Rome and the Civil war but this can’t confirmed.

I’ve learned and experienced a lot with my time here on Earth and I believe this is partially why I volunteered to assist this global shift, I think part of it was the experience of life on Earth. It was such a tempting offer! I had already (I believe) wanted to be on Earth anyway and serving this planet while at the same learning and experiencing something new, I couldn’t pass that up. So here I am today, hoping to help and give back to this beautiful planet, I am so happy to serve and having been given the opportunity to have the experiences I had and the lessons I’ve learned and glad to be here in this moment as part of the grand awakening. I hope to aid in bringing back the old ways, the priesthood of Atlantis and ancient Egypt and to reunite humanity with their galactic origins and neighbors.

Complete Occult Asteroid Reading

You have the patient, practical and pretty Taurus Rising with Chart Ruler Venus in the classy Capricorn Sign. Since Chart Ruler Venus is in 9th House, it proves you are a Blessed Soul who has done a lot of good “karmic deeds” in past lifetimes. The 9th House position for Venus assures blessings of ancestors. It will also make you attractive to foreign men, and you will get attracted to foreign culture, philosophies etc.

Your Sun is on the cusp of the 8th House in Sagittarius. This remarkably increases the need to be frank and honest, direct and serious especially in matters of Religion, philosophy and academics.

Overall, your 7th House is packed, making Relationships one of the main areas of life lessons. Uranus modifies your Sun, making even bizarre philosophies comprehensible. Uranus in 7th can make love a bit difficult as stereotypical partners are not understanding enough. Mercury and Moon are also in 7th but in Scorpio. This gives piercing insight into the Psychology of other people. You cannot be easily fooled or manipulated. You will almost never show weakness.

After the 7th, it is the 6th House that is packed. Jupiter and Pluto are almost conjunct and in Libra. This combination gives amazing empathy and compassion, a longing for Global Peace and a missionary type zeal for social service. But Saturn is also here. There will be challenges in your quest, designed to make you stronger. Saturn is definitely painful as it squares Venus. This can really hurt love and relationships [unless you trust the freedom of Uranus conjunct Sun].In matters of Health, you have to take very good care of your Kidneys.

Mars in 5th gives you the capacity to feel joy, and the ability to be a fun person. But the Sign is Virgo. This can sometimes manifest as a “workaholic” nature.

Neptune in 8th shows some past life mistakes regarding spirituality and Occult [we will see details of this in the Asteroid Reading] and the angle with North Node is 150 degrees, indicating adjustment. You have to adjust the past life unmanifested desires [In Cancer it is of a happy home and family] with Karmic requirement of excellent Spiritual Development [Neptune in Sagittarius].


Part 1 Of 3 (Extremely Ancient Egyptian Chart)

Due to the extra Ancient Egyptian Asteroid aspects in your chart, this entire part will focus on the Ancient Egyptian Theme.


SEKHMET conjunct Descendant: Sekhmet is the Warrior Goddess of Ancient Egypt, and is said to be the daughter of Ra. Her name means “Power”, and in some ways her power is akin to that of Kaali in Vedic Myth. As an Energy Archetype, she can be considered a Divine Feminine Manifestation of Wrathful Justice and powerful Protection.

When this asteroid conjuncts the Descendant exact, then it shows that you have had a Soulmate Relationship in Ancient Egypt with someone who appreciated your own powerful, non subjugated, feminine nature. And perhaps this is what you would like in the present incarnation too, a relationship where your power is happily acknowledge and appreciated than resented.

ISIS in 7th House: Asteroid ISIS has several layers of meaning, depending on the karmic experiences of the person. Those who are Souls with repeated incarnations since the Ancient Egypt or even prior to that, for them ISIS is a proof of their past life karmic debts in Ancient Egypt that deal with Royalty, Mystery Schools and Hermetic Wisdom, for Isis is said to be the Goddess responsible for Initiation into Mysteries. Your Sekhmet position confirms that this is true for you.

Asteroid Isis can also be considered as the representation of the best of our “Right Brain” Traits: Compassion, Intuition, Knowing by Knowing and ultimately Gnosis/Self Realization.

The most popular Myth of Isis is her poignant and dedicated search for the missing pieces of her Twin Flame: Osiris. 13 pieces are found, and the 14th piece is made of Gold, after which Master Thoth reawakens Osiris, and they reunite. A powerful child is born to them, Horus, who destroys Set [the jealous brother of Osiris who conspired to dismember Osiris].

This Myth is all about Reintegration of our Highest Self by settling the debts of parallel incarnations, and awakening using “Gold” into our Divine Immortal Form. Gold = God  + L or God + Love, the Love being the unconditional love from our Twin Flame without which Immortality is impossible. Isis in our charts can thus tell us how we receive unconditional love from our Twin Flame, wherever she or he may be, so that we become whole again and release past life debts to ensure we escape the cycles of birth/death.  Very interestingly, you have Asteroid OSIRIS also in the 7th House Scorpio!

Thus, the combination has to be considered: Isis + Osiris in 7th House Scorpio.Past Life Sexual Initiation with your Twin Flame in Ancient Egypt did occur.And there is a very very good chance that you will find your Twin Flame in the present incarnation too, or be able to have an Astral Level/4th Dimensional sexual experience with him.

Sabian of ISIS: “A Calm Lake Bathed In Moonlight”Encouragement to meditate and attain a calm state of mind to increase the Divine Feminine Nature within you.

Sabian of OSIRIS: “Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders”Your Twin Flame or your ideal Man is one who is totally conscientious. It is possible that in your Ancient Egyptian lifetime where you were with your Twin Flame, he was an ethical soldier in the Pharaoh’s army.

Asteroid PTAH conjunct PALLAS exact in 6th House Libra, and conjunct the SuperGalactic Center (SGC): This is extremely powerful. Ptah is a Primordial Egyptian Diety, akin to Lord Shiva in Vedic Myths. Pallas rules our Pineal Gland Activation [6th Chakra].And when such a powerful combination is conjunct the SGC, it could mean you are a 5th Dimensional Soul who took the first Human birth in a very Ancient phase of Egypt, much before what historians and Archaeologists know.

Sabian of PTAH: “Around A Campfire A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion”.Perhaps you were a teacher who taught a form of Yoga in this civilization to raise the 6th Chakra Consciousness of students.Since the house position of Ptah is 6th, there could be Clairvoyant Powers for you in the present due to this past life activity [typical good karma rewards].

SPHINX in 29 Taurus:Sabian: “A Peacock Parading On The Terrace Of An Old Castle”Sphinx rules the way we solve mysteries in the present. In Taurus, it indicates that you will take a very patient and practical approach to problem solving, especially occult mysteries.The Sabian indicates you did some kind of puzzle solving for Ancient Egyptian Royalty [Or Royalty in another civilization that revered Ancient Egypt].

Horus in 10th House Aquarius trine Saturn: Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. Thus, this is a fruit of your 7th House Divine Feminine and Masculine Realization, and in the 10th House of Fame, Career reputation etc. Aquarius represents freedom from old restrictions. You are thus fated to be well known for view or actions that show your freedom from restrictions by the Establishment which smack of injustice [Horus fought for justice against Set in Myth]. As a past life trait, it could be a philosophical rebellion against a Pharoah’s dictates.The trine to Saturn implies lots of good karma, success in the past life as well in this “opposition” to injustice.

Giza conjunct North Node in 3rd House, trine Mercury and square Pluto: Remarkable. You must have had 2 or more lifetimes in Ancient Egypt to have this aspect in addition to all the above.Giza represents the Pyramids, and the Pyramids are a symbol of stored Wisdom, and of magnifying Energy. The trine to Mercury shows that you will amplify your intellectual knowledge and even communicate it very well. The Pluto square is tough. It shows that there were challenges in the final Transformation in your Ancient Egyptian lifetimes. Perhaps those unfinished lessons will be dealt with in this incarnation. Pluto  squares are almost always about the Ego getting in the way of proper release, of proper assimilation of spiritual wisdom.The North Node conjunction in Cancer shows an intense desire to be part of an evolved family. A husband and children who are all equally or more evolved. This longing never manifested in your Ancient Egyptian lifetime, perhaps only you were able to accumulate Wisdom. Maybe one of the lessons is to NOT desire a knowledgeable family just for Ego’s sake, but to accept all levels of people unconditionally, especially when they are family.


Next, we will look at more Occult, Camelot, Sumerian and Vedic Themes. We will wrap up with other past life locations and a look at certain miscellaneous Asteroids. -Tameem

Part 2 Of 3

Asteroid SIVA is extremely strong in your chart. SIVA conjuncts SEKHMET exact.
This ties in an Ancient Indian Lifetime with your Ancient Egyptian lifetime.Most likely, it indicates a form of “Kundalini Yoga” taught in one of your Ancient Egyptian  lifetimes, and this could have inspired a reincarnation in a Vedic Age where there was study of texts related to a more traditional form of Yoga where Siva is worshipped as a means of renunciation.
Asteroid HIND sextiles Ascendant exact, confirming at least one Ancient Indian past lifetime.

Other than Ancient India, there appears to be one lifetime in the Chaldean Region of Sumeria. Asteroid CHALDEA is in 8th House and makes an exact sextile with Asteroid SUMERIA. Chaldea is also conjunct the Sun. Thus, this lifetime has a strong connection to your present. You will gain by learning Chaldean occult sciences of Numerology and Astrology. Maybe  you did the same in that lifetime, or were drawn to it.

However, Asteroid BABYLON is afflicted with a square from ATLANTIS. This is more of a warning to never indulge in any kind of occult ritual activity for purely selfish gain. Atlantis ruin was mostly due to selfishness.

An error may have been done in this regard because Chiron is opposed by the “bad luck” degree or accursed degree of Serpentis in 19 Scorpio.

The positive side is that when you use any occult technique that does not involve external entities, you will gain a lot of good karma from it. Such techniques use Mind Power, Visualizations of “Sending Light” to others, imagining happiness for Self and Others etc. It is more scientific. The proof that you have the positive energy for this is: Chiron exact trine Mars in Virgo and exact trine Venus in Capricorn. These are Earth Signs, and thus you can manifest positive events through your Mind power, and even your sexual energy. It is a well known Occult Practice called “Sexual Magic” where positive thoughts during sacred sex [sex without Lust, purely for increasing the chances of manifestation of certain events] climax have a stronger chance of occurring.  People with Mars trine Venus have a lot more success in this due to strong sexual energy and even stronger Kundalini Energy FLow [This helps in Manifestation too].

KAALI in 12th House opposed Saturn: This is not an easy aspect as it mainly indicates a past life abuse by the Establishment or Clergy. You may have been martyred for your beliefs in a past lifetime. This could be Biblical times, Medieval or even Renaissance times. Asteroid IRELAND is in 12th, almost conjunct KAALI, so it could be Medieval Europe [where superstitions led to regular persecution]


HEKATE conjunct Mercury: This aspect can help in Astral Travel but the Astral Plane is quite dangerous. It is recommended that you practice Psychic Shielding if you find yourself inadvertently being “Out of Body” during dreams, or if you have recurring nightmares.


ARABIA in 12th trine Neptune and opposed by Pluto exact: Possibility exists of Sufi Influence in the present incarnation. Many Sufi Masters have a “Melchizedek” Tradition from Ancient Egypt. A Pluto opposition is always geared to personal Transformation. Maybe reading a bit of Rumi will shed more Light  on why you have this exact aspect.


AFRICA in 4th House square Chiron exact: Indicates a tragic past lifetime in Africa. In the present, this could be a warning to avoid travel to Africa and to be wary of business dealings/investments with African Nations, especially involving real estate. But Saturn sextiles AFRICA, so any humanitarian aid given to African causes will lead to good karma in your favour.

Part 3 Of 3

In Part 3, I check miscellaneous Asteroids that are not confined to just anyone Ancient Theme. I estimated that judging by your overall chart, there will be one or more stupendous Asteroid aspects [from the Miscellaneous Asteroids not checked so far] that are found in less than one in every 360 charts. The estimate was precise.
HERMES conjunct ANGEL in 0 and 1 degree Aquarius
You are destined to re-learn Hermetic Wisdom [example: Kybalion, Emerald Tablets of Thoth], and thus become akin to your Higher Self “Angel” in this incarnation itself. Hermetic Wisdom is a kind of intellectual Freedom and this correlates well with the Sign of Aquarius.

GAEA in 18 Scorpio conjunct Serpentis, sextile Venus
This is a gift from “Mother Earth” to defeat any hex from the ‘accursed degree’. Positive connection to the Soul of Earth [Gaia] will help your own Self Healing and add to the collective gain for Earth.

STONEHENGE conjunct Moon
Indicates proficiency in Astronomy in your Celtic Past Lifetime.

MERLIN in 23 Leo trine Neptune exact and square Mercury exact.
Encouragement to study “magic” from a Spiritual Perspective. Discouragement for casting spells etc. Learn what it is, and let it go.

REIKI conjunct North Node exact
Encouragement to study healing protocols, but it does not mean blindly following conventional Reiki [which some Psychics have discovered can be dangerous]. Just like the Merlin aspect, learn it, and reinvent in a way that is spiritually safe.

NIKE conjunct Uranus and Sun
Victory is certain for you when you refuse to compromise your intellectual independence and integrity.

CYBELE sextile YESHUHUA exact
Very powerful, a merger of Christ Frequency and Mother Earth frequency. This is a higher level balance of “Yin” and “Yang”, again proving that you are quite an evolved Soul.

ABUNDANTIA conjunct SIVA exact
The more you pray to God the Father, knowing his Eternal and Infinite Nature, the more you will find blessings manifest in your life.

HYPNOS in 29 Capricorn
Tricky one, it could mean certain dreams that come to you are like “Programming” Triggers to make you think in a certain way. You have to objectively examine the dream content and assess what would be from Divine and what would be mischief of negative astral or of psychological programming [this is possible by sending Low Frequency Waves that manipulate the subconscious Mind].

MESSENGER conjunct ANTARES, APOSTEL square Nodes and trine Neptune.
You are most likely destined to bring a powerful, positive message from the Stars. This is NOT part of your desires from the immediate past lifetime but it still is part of your Spiritual Nature. It will help your own evolution and will probably help others who are struggling in the Path of Righteousness.

best regards,