Awakening: Meeting My Alien Self

March 27, 2014 — 2 Comments

1512518_10151797241202391_1537914140_nI have decided to write about my experiences with extraterrestrials and other beings as it relates to this blog as well, it was originally on another blog but I decided to add it here instead of having two blogs….It’s currently March 3rd 2014 and advances in science and research are continually proving “now” that we may not be alone in our universe. We are in a time in which finally…FINALLY!, people like me can share their stories of alien encounters and paranormal abilities out in the open without worrying about what others might think. It’s truly a wonderful time to be part of this world. Like thousands of other children born in the 80s I was part of a special project (I will elaborate on that later) which connected us all to the “grid,” I and other children were born with the incredible ability to see, hear, feel and communicate with other energies…energies that weren’t exactly human, at least not at the time. We are able to communicate also with animals and sometimes people telepathically, able to know things we aren’t supposed to know and chock full of compassion to the point of walking in rags while we give our last cent to someone else. We are designed…programmed it seems to put others before ourselves. It’s like a new type of humanity is being seeded on the planet…one with enough compassion to transform this world and the abilities to know how.

We aren’t any different or better than normal humans, in fact, EVERY single human is born the exact same way however not every human on Earth is wired to be consciously aware of this knowledge. They really are living the human experience! so much so that they are completely oblivious (for the most part) of the horrible things happening in our world not because they are ignorant or stupid but because that is their particular journey at this time but many are waking up and tuning in because the alarm clock has sounded for ALL people on Earth, and now everyone is hearing the call. It all started when I became old enough to start questioning my life, everything around me and things I was experiencing, I noticed at a young age I wasn’t like normal kids, it was almost like I was an adult trapped in a little kids body. I observed everyone around me with curiosity wondering why they were OK with the lives they lived but I certainly had no way to express this. I felt frustrated especially since I couldn’t express to my parents what I was seeing everywhere all around me, seeing things that seemed out of place, “people” that didn’t belong, realities that seemed to fade in and out of the current reality, it was really something for a kid to feel crazy but there I was feeling it.

I remember trying to escape but where I was going I had no idea of. I wasn’t trying to escape my family in fact they were always so good to me, they loved me and made sure I knew it, they spoiled me rotten, I never needed or wanted for anything, I had friends, good grades, a great place to live in a nice neighborhood, it wasn’t my life itself that was the problem but rather the “other” life…I always felt so deeply about everything (I learned later on this was called being an Empath) I was extremely sensitive to spiritual and human energies and the atrocities committed daily by human beings on Earth didn’t help, I wanted to heal the entire world, me, just a little child, but the world was so big and the bullies so many. It was like going to a school of bullies and the bullies weren’t’ always obvious thieves and murderers, sometimes the bullies blended in, wore suits and drove nice cars, they would catch you off guard, through your most precious basic needs and to me those were the worst bullies of all.

I lived in such a big world and lived an extraordinary life made even more so by the high strangeness of it. I figured out a young age that we aren’t alone in this universe and neither in this world and that these energies were as real and interactive as the person living next door. I’ve held these experiences deep inside, these thoughts and ponderings for so long, because I didn’t know how to word it. My first experience began when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I had an encounter with two multi dimensional aspects of myself in the dream world, one was my higher spiritual self and the other was my present self in astral form. The experience was the start of a change of life. Growing up I thought what I had seen was something angelic and demonic fighting over my soul but knowing what I know now, I know that what I experienced was my consciousness fighting my sleeping mind to awaken me. Part of me wanted to stay asleep and yet part of me wanted to wake up but since I was so young the only way I could interpret it was through symbolic dreams.

So obviously eventually my higher self did win and I did awaken but it was a rather slow process because the world I lived in did not cater to this type of consciousness, it was frowned upon, ridiculed and blasphemous. For me my world was evolving away from the world I was living in, splitting my reality into two and that’s when the hardships began. I was longing for a place that I knew nothing about, a place that made no sense for me to long for, for people that weren’t human, that weren’t even on Earth. I didn’t know who these people where or where this place I was long for was, all I knew is that Earth was a great place but I wasn’t native to it.

I was a sickly child, born 7 months premature, I was born with jaundice, asthma and a heart murmur and a backwards uterus. I was removed from the hospital when I was still a newborn in the ICU illegally and vanished from the care of the woman who birthed me and from that time to 8 months I was a missing child (even though no missing child report was ever made) until one day I showed up adopted by the family that raised me and loved me like their own, trust me, it was a good thing that I was taken from the family I was born into and I will write more about that later on in the blog. According to my adoptive family when I was adopted by them at 8 months I hated milk and normal baby stuff. It took them a while to get me used to it and even then I threw up a lot, had a lot of fevers and daily severe nose bleeds, the nosebleeds were so intense that eventually my mother took me to the ER because she was daily filling up towels of blood from my nose.The doctor told my mother what was wrong and neither of us could make sense of it….there was “something” in my nose that was pushing up against a vein in my nose causing the severe nose bleeds and it couldn’t be removed and they didn’t know what it was. Eventually the nosebleeds dissipated, I got them still every so often…soon after the experiences intensified.


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    Im not an expert or anything but im not sure how a baby can be born an 2 months. is that even possible. Or did you mean 7 weeks premature?


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