Starseeds: Who Are We Really?

December 12, 2013 — 4 Comments

36ac4f8a66a07baf3a1d3a1935f93a27There has been a misunderstanding of starseeds for sometime about what we are and what our role on Earth is. The concept of starseeds is finally being accepted on a larger scale…science is finally catching up to the fact that we are much more than evolved primates…the world is starting to realize that we were seeded from our father the universe and gestated in the womb waters of mother Gaia (in this reality), that we are alien to our own planet. Starseeds like every species on this planet are from the stars but have awakened to the memories of their previous lives among other planets, universes and galaxies. We starseed are born usually very aware or we become aware at a later age, usually puberty or later. We grow up being aware that there is something about us that is very unusual but we aren’t aware of what that is exactly. As we get older the process of true awakening begins, a starseed awakening is an ongoing process of understanding why we are the way we are, why we can do the things we do and know the things we know and feel. just as it is for is not a one time event.

There are many variations of starseeds…some identify with the feline realms, others with the dragon realms, others with the angelic realm and others with being extraterrestrial in general or universal. On the outside we make look like everyone else but our minds are cosmically awakened, we are able to traverse dimensions, escape the restrictions of our physical bodies and communicate with the unseen energies that surround us all, but with the fun stuff comes also the difficulties, starseeds have a lower body temperature (though certainly not all) making life on Earth quite interesting, then there is also being empathic/extremely sensitive and being exposed to so many different energies/emotions on Earth.

There is also the feeling of isolation as our ideas tend to clash with the many outdated and fear based ideologies still so prevalent in society…many times we are misunderstood by our own families, we have a hard time understanding the ways of life on Earth or the more modern ways for those who are aware that they carry imprints of lifetimes in ancient lands. Many of us have connections either spiritually or physically to ancient civilizations that predate organized religion, Some starseeds are reincarnated from tribal nations and the memories of a reverence and respect for mother Earth are naturally awakened, we carry this knowledge programmed into our DNA so that we may carry with us the ancient ways and awaken societies own cosmic mind, so that they too can see the magick of their own souls and the power they too possess.

We humans aren’t sinners, we aren’t lowly creatures, we weren’t born “evil”, in fact the complete opposite is true, we were born pure and full of innocence and love, perfectly balanced angels but upon being born here on Earth, as we grow up and mature we gradually loose this innocence and begin to play out and accumulate karma and even still this is not evil. It is like the concept of Satan/Lucifer/the devil and the fight between good and evil. It’s a common thing in our world to defame and metaphorically murder the character of those who stand against wickedness and tyranny. It happened in the past and still happens today. You just have to tune in to the many negative reports about Assange and Snowden et al. to see a current example how the institutions of this world destroy great men who bring the issue of abuse of power to public knowledge. The same is true for many “opposers” of the past, those who fought against the oppression of humanity, characters such as Satan/Lucifer were also made evil (if you believe them to have physically lived on Earth) were/are made to look evil when in fact it’s quite the opposite. Satan (let’s say he was a literal character) might of been a teacher to man and an opposer of a newly forming tyrannical alliance. Satan taught man the difference between good and evil/darkness and light or alternatively helped man understand the difference between ignorance and wisdom.

Satan encouraged wisdom, he was after all the light bearer (light = good/wisdom) and encouraged us to understand and be aware of ourselves better rather then be kept in ignorance and as the woman brought forth the path of illumination she too became victim to the defamation and wiped out of the books and made to take a back burner. Whether Satan was a real character or not the fact still remains that we should always strive for illumination regardless of who or what says other wise, question everything and leave what doesn’t feel right and always, always, think for yourself…not everything is as it appears, see beyond the disinformation of this world, beyond the lies and deceptions, and above all do not give your power away to outside forces, you have all the force within YOU to save yourself…this is the basic premise of the Satan/Lucifer philosophy taught incorrectly by the church, of the true Christ and Buddha teachings and many others….the kingdom of heaven IS within you! and through the eternal pursuit of illumination and inner peace one can access the “Father (Universe)”…in this realm (the 3rd dimension/Earth) we become imperfect beings as we experience duality, the more duality we experience as we grow the more imperfect we appear to become, in truth however it’s not that we are imperfect it’s that either we were put here to learn about duality and the human experience or we volunteered to experience it (however you identify with this). This experience causes our soul to become stronger and mature enough to experience greater realities, we are the universe experiencing itself and pushing the limits of our understanding.

Our awakened state of consciousness allows our frequency to transmute the realities in which we are incarnate. Our vibration (the process of reaching higher levels) helps us to continue to awaken so that we can reach higher frequencies and transmute more powerfully. In this way the consciousness of the reality in which we reside is illuminated by our very energies. And our goal is to remind our fellow humans that they too can do this and more if they just believe, not in us or in other outside forces but in themselves. We starseeds aren’t here for us, we are here to be mirrors of the divinity humanity has always been. It is time for humanity to get off their knees and stand not above or below the divine but equally besides it. We are all part of a multiversal society that see us all as equals, that look upon us with love and concern and that wants us to realize our place in the cosmos and stand in our power.

But first and foremost we should remember that we are connected right here, right now to every sentient being on Earth and that we ourselves alone are responsible for the damage we inflict upon our world and to each other and we can not take our place among the stars until we learn to love and respect our very own species right here on Earth. This Earth can not continue to sustain us if we continue to deplete her resources, just like a mother can not properly feed and suckle her new born child if she herself is not healthy. With out proper care and nourishment we become ill and can not sustain society and likewise if we deplete our Earth mother of resources she will no longer be able to nurture and sustain us her children. Starseeds have a natural desire to care and protect the Earth due to our memories of previous lives and lives on more advanced worlds and so we make it our mission in life to lovingly guide those who have forgotten that we are all part of the circle of life.


4 responses to Starseeds: Who Are We Really?


    Amazingly put forward. Truly inspirational.


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