Message From The Star Nations: The Call Of The Cetaceans And The Ascension Of All That Is

August 25, 2013 — 1 Comment

Before you read on I would like to share some funny *coincidences* that occurred during the writing of this article: firstly, I saw 11:11 and then a show came on all about Dolphins! immediately after a commercial aired about dolphins and whales!, I just had to laugh at the synchronicity and timing, the universe always confirms!

383267_508504245864647_540317057_nThis message was mostly transmitted to me today by the Star Nations while I was at home bored and sitting quietly ;)… We are born of light, we are born of love, at our core we choose and are love, then we begin the process of separation, many of us can remember this pure and unconditional love, we feel it in our hearts, it permeates our entire being, and often time we long to return to it, yet we never left it. How and why do we long to return to something we never left? while we did agree to the separation process we can not cease to be that which we have always been and were born of just like we can not cease to be the seeds of our mothers and fathers. The Earth herself has chosen to to be separated to an extent as she choose to be a 3rd dimensional teacher so that we may experience and learn from lower realities, and we have all learned so much, we have laughed, cried, feared, been courageous and determined and as a result we have become stronger, like diamonds that form under pressure our higher selves will soon emerge as beautiful crystalline frequency, as our precious Earth  also will, the higher the consciousness on Earth the greater the re-emergence as one shining beacon of light.

All are assisting us in this moment in becoming this beacon of light, all the star nations, the angelic hierarchy, the ascended masters, and especially our elemental friends right here on Earth, especially so with the dolphin/whale species who at this time have been given the green light (light of healing energy~! :D) by source and Gaia (Earth) herself to increase their help in raising the consciousness on Earth by increasing their song, which also modifies our DNA/cellular structure, also increasing the light within us and Gaia, especially now at this time, what many do not know is that sometimes their songs are completely telepathic and can not be heard by the usual means (ears), this is done so that ALL on Earth can be “touched” by the songs of the dolphin/whale people, not just those who live near great bodies of water. Much like masaru emoto’s teachings which postulate that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water and it does, however, it’s not simply human consciousness, the lords and ladies of the sea have an even greater effect on water and in this way our earth Gaia and us humans who consist of 65-90% water are activated and healed by the song of the dolphin/whale species.


This way even though we can not always hear their song it still is picked up by our subconscious and integrated into our DNA/cellular structure, it is because of this sadly that there is  a never before seen dolphin/whale hunt, the military power (Navy) have increased their use of sonar weapons like never before and dolphin/whale hunters especially in Japan where the telepathic healing/activating songs of the dolphin is most needed are being paid by covert forces to remove the dolphin “threat“, so on one side of the globe they are being killed by Navy sonar weapons and on the other by paid hunters.

From Wikipedia: 
The Japanese town of Taiji on the Kii peninsula is as of now the only town in Japan where drive hunting still takes place on a large scale. In the town of Futo the last known hunt took place in 2004.[11] In 2007 Taiji wanted to step up its dolphin hunting programs, approving an estimated ¥330 million for the construction of a massive cetacean slaughterhouse


We all however can heal our cetacean brothers and sisters by sending loving, healing energies to all the waters of the world, keep these beautiful beings in your thoughts and prayers, and even consider burying crystals at areas where there is water, anchor the energies of the moon into the oceans to help “power up” the cetacean species. Also do not give in to fear and worry, that will be of no help, remain positive and know that our dolphin/whale brothers and sisters are speeding up the awakening however the awakening will continue no matter what those working against it may do as the collective’s desire is finally for a better world, we are upgrading! and nothing can stop it!. One of the reasons why now many countries are releasing the cetacean people back into the sea and out of captivity and are now being protected and being given rights is because of their importance in this time now, many of the leaders of these countries have been “touched” by the telepathic song of the cetacean people and so have been given messages as a result of the DNA/cellular structure activation from their songs:


Japanese Island of Toshima makes Dolphins official Citizens

South Korea to release dolphin back into wild

“It is not only a matter of one dolphin going home but a matter of the relationship between animals and humans, between Mother Nature and humans,” Seoul mayor Park Won-Woon said.

India: Dolphins declared non-human persons

“The Central Animal Authority issued the following statement: “Cetaceans…should be seen as ‘non-human persons’ and as such should have their own specific rights.” The direct result is that dolphin parks which have opened recently in India will close and proposals for new ones will be shelved. The move makes it illegal to capture or confine cetacean species, which include whales and dolphins, the reasoning being that these animals are highly intelligent and sensitive“.

It may be slowed at times but it can by no means be prevented, as said before you can not cease to become what you already are and the same goes for our planet Gaia, we can be distracted for a time, we can wear sunglasses and block out the light of the sun but we can not deny it’s existence for it’s light shines on us all with relentless devotion, and in the same way the light within us can not be extinguished, we can block it for some time but eventually we will have to remove the sunglasses and face our divinity head on and accept the powerful and sacred changes happening within our body and souls. This awakening is not a human or Earthly awakening, it is an ongoing, ever evolving, solar system, multidimensional, multiversal ascension process. It is the re-birth of who we truly are, angels of light with amnesia! carriers of the christ consciousness, sparks of father/mother God(dess), we are the I AM! all life on Earth is one with the great I AM and connecting with all forms of life on Earth including the elementals empowers the “circle of life” in turn also strengthening unity/oneness, this “circle” strengthens and increases the web of light surrounding our world and all those operating outside of this frequency will slowly but surely become activated by the loving light energies that flow forth from it, to such a degree that no one will be left behind. Trust in your heart to know the path, believe in your power to be change, there are no things that you can not achieve, strive for a new and better world, it will manifest for you.


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