Out Of The Shadows And In To The Sun: Remembering Our True Selves

August 3, 2013 — 1 Comment

1280-sun-flare-eyeYou weren’t put on Earth to live under someone else’s shadows, you were put on Earth to shine with all your might, for you were fashioned in the image of the Gods by the Gods but the Gods aren’t meant to tower over you for all eternity, we were all left to grow and blossom, to acquire our own inner power not to remain blind as a child. You see, when you say without Jesus I am nothing, when you say without Allah or Yeshua or whatever name you are nothing, you become nothing, because you have established that you are powerless thereby manifesting it. Are you really powerless? can you not heal others? yes the bible is filled with countless references of the magickal works of Yeshua (Jesus) and so we would naturally think that these miracles can only be done by such great and powerful deities, we think to ourselves, we must call on these beings because to them was given such great power by God..the power to heal the sick and the blind and raise the dead back to life (a whole other topic) but was Yeshua doing these things to make us believe in him? or was he really doing it to show that we could recognize ourselves IN him?

Could the belittling of ourselves be fear? could we actually fear being the great powerful beings we know we are? do we fear the responsibility that comes with knowing who and what we are? it’s quite easy to accept that there are devils and angels and God and sons of Gods who are responsible for all the fortunes or misfortunes of the earth and in our lives but it’s quite a different story to accept that we really do have the power to transform not only reality itself but to also activate and use our own divine powers in a responsible way and to accept full responsibility for both our joys and our hardships. In ancient times man was quite in tune with his inner powers, with nature, and with their ancestral spirits from Earth and beyond the stars, illness was cured naturally through a brilliant union between magick and nature, man knew himself and the great radiant fire that lived within him. There was no doubt, at that time, that innocence was indeed common among the people of ancient days but they weren’t blind to the truth of who they were, they very well knew they carried a special spark and knew the power of the mind. Today, the complete opposite has occurred, innocence has died out and man is ignorant to the great fire that lives inside of them, to reactivate their sacred spark they have to first remember themselves, their past and the reason for their being.

They must know above all things, that love and compassion is the only path that can unlock the natural powers they possess but also that the spiritual teachings of our ancestors aren’t there for us to recognize what they, the Gods accomplished but to remember who and what we are, to remember that we ourselves are a mirror of the ancient deities, the sooner we remember this the sooner harmful medications that continue to make humans sick instead of better will become obsolete, the sooner we will remember that within us lies the power to control the forces around us, the sooner devastating natural disasters will become less frequent…it is as simple as remembering our connection with the natural forces all around us. The sooner we remember we are telepathic (because telepathy is not in the mind, it is in the energy field of our human body, which is why we humans even if we aren’t aware of it can sense things with ALL of our senses, This energy is all around us, within us, it is everywhere), the sooner our knowing and remembering of it can make us more compassionate towards our fellow man thereby lowering violence, crime and apathy in our world.

The greatest acknowledgement however is by far the fact that every single one of us, every man, woman and child can connect to the infinite living mind (God), you don’t have to be the son of God, a prophet/prophetess to commune with the great creator of all things, in us exists the actual ability to feel the infinite living mind’s (Gods) presence and energy, his/her presence whenever/wherever we wish, and it doesn’t matter which deity you believe to be the creator of all things, aren’t we all creators in our own way? take a moment to listen to some soft ambient music and sit there, you don’t need to do anything but simply sit there, feel this energy around you? the way it feels extremely loving and nurturing and comforting? and it is you in every sense of the word.


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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog and loving YOU. ^_^


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