Blessing Water

August 3, 2013 — 2 Comments

mosaics176There are a bunch of methods and everyone has their own. Personally, What I do is add crystals to the water and bless it under the moon light or sunlight depending on the deity you wish it to be blessed by. But really I do a few things, here is the way I do my own blessed water.

Quartz Crystal or Celestite Crystal or whatever crystal you like

  • One moonstone or Agni Gold Danburite depending on whether or not I am invoking the blessing of a solar or lunar deity.
  • You can look up a chant/prayer/blessing of this particular deity, for example: prayer to Ra the sun God or to Selene the Lunar Goddess or create your own.
  • If you want you can also add some herbs to the water (optional) I use Frankincense because it cleanses and protects the soul and well it was and still is used by my ancestors and many other peoples.
  • So I add all the ingredients to a large bowl or vase and sit them out under the sun or under the moon, while I am doing so I call on the deity of my choice (you can call on several if you like) and ask for their permission to bless this water, this natural element of life so that I may be protected and cleansed as well as my home and children etc, then I do my chant/prayer/blessing etc.

If letting the water sit out to be blessed by a solar deity then allow the water to sit out when the sun first rises over the horizon make sure the sun will actually be in view of the water and bring it in just as the sun goes down.

If letting the water sit out to be blessed by a lunar deity, then sit the water out just as the moon rises and just like the sun, be sure to have the water out where the moon light will touch it, and bring it in just as the moon sets.

I don’t feel comfortable with holy water from the Catholic church, nothing against the Catholic faith I personally prefer to bless my own water you know? seems to me it would be much more powerful to protect you if it is powered by your own energy!

As for how long to chant/pray the way I do it is I look for my own intuition to tell me when to stop, usually when I feel I have done enough I get a confirmation via a warmth going up from my feet and down my head from above (the universe etc) and down to my arms and hands and out, also I feel my heart chakra activate…in short, you just know, the timing is different for everyone so there is no way to really say how long to do it. Also the more I need it the longer I do it, for example if I know I am experiencing an especially difficult time in my life I like to supercharge it.

Also…as suggested by a fellow starseed Namaia, you can alter the frequency of water with high frequency words….you can tape them on the container OR like I like to do you can say them…which is why I chant/pray. Your words are full of intent/energy and you can manifest positive thought forms into the water. For example if I chant repeatedly:

May Horus be ever vigilant, protect me from those who wish me harm with his energy this water be blessed” You will then have a manifestation of Horus’s energy into the water, a thought of his form becomes a physical energy imbued in the water. I hope that makes sense lol….

Tip: If you feel so inclined you can have statutes or anything that is a reminder of the chosen deity who blessed the water sit out with the water which will help to infuse the water with the deities energies.

Extras: Also one more thing, you can add flowers to the water as an offering to the deities…if you so choose, as a thank you and or a way of giving something in return, out of respect I like to do this also.



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