Did Angels Exist Before Religion?

July 30, 2013 — 2 Comments

From: “The Handbook Of Yoruba Religious Concepts

angel_cassielEven though for the most part I have abandoned my Christian upbringing, there is one part of religion that has always stayed with me, one piece of truth that to me has always been real. Even before I started being introduced to religious concepts by my family, I always, even as a child knew there was something more, at the time, I knew this energy as Angels, yes even before they were introduced to me as angels of the bible. Heavenly messengers here to do Gods work..but why? why was this the one thing I never abandoned when it came to religion? why are angels something that I hold dear and near to me to this very day? to me the answer came to me while reading a book on the spirituality of my people, the Yoruba from west Africa…to the Yoruba peoples it is said, that the beings which we deem as “angels” in all religious context they (the orisha) were created and sent by Oludumare (God) to assist in the spiritual evolution of humankind. ‘In Judeo-Christian culture’ the word for angels signify their essence . They are called gods, the sons of gods, ministers, servants, watchers, the holy ones. They constitute the court of heaven.

Furthermore it states that even though the Judeo-Christian emphasis is clear, it must be realized that the concepts of angels existed thousands of years before Christianity,  for example, the Yoruba concept of ancestors and orisha as messengers of Oludumare were in effect thousands of years before Christianity. In fact, native people around the world speak of being shown how to perform rituals by these holy messengers, as well as to farm and domesticate animals. Ancient people of every culture depict angels as seen through their cultural eyes. They were helpers in the survival and the raising of their nations. It goes on to say that the belief in angels is about faith and conviction and beveling in Orisha (angels, divinities) in order to ascend to God-consciousness-in order to reach the divine state of human being. Yet, a disruption of this endeavor has been brought about by Christian and Islamic influences. Burnham states, “Islamic angels fell after the creation of humans, but Christian angels fell before the creation of the human race.” the importance here is that Yoruba angels, never fell in respect to divine grace.

Furthermore, I believe strongly that what we humans know as “Angels” are actually Extraterrestrials, or are Extraterrestrials Angels? I believe it doesn’t matter what label we apply to them their task remains the same, messengers of truth and light here to help us humans remember ourselves as part of Oludumare (God) because they are a mirror reflecting back to us our own divinity, reminding us that we too are carriers of truth and light and that at the core of every human being is the desire to love and be loved because we ourselves were born from a loving God.


2 responses to Did Angels Exist Before Religion?


    I am a consecrated Oluwo Ifa Omo Odu. Agree with your assessment. We communicate with the Orishas utilizing the Binary System and have done so for thousands of years. Our Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding does not stem from planet earth. We are the children of the Orishas who came down from Ara Orun to populate the earth.


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