Are The Anunnaki Responsible For DNA Damage?

July 30, 2013 — 3 Comments

Anu the Sumerian Lord, channeled drawing by Karla Segura Millán

Reposted with permission by Karla SM

The most fascinating aspect of the people of this ancient civilization is the legacy they left, mostly the tablets were they carved their own story as mentioned previously by the authors. Many have interpreted these records and have found that there is much symbolism behind them but also some aspects that have been interpreted literally. One of the most well-known interpretations is that those sumerians who held an important and powerful position had advanced knowledge about the human DNA and thus would manipulate it. According to some, the purpose was to improve the genetics of a species of humanoid beings while others claim that the genetic manipulation in humans at that time lead to a severe fall in consciousness and permanent damage to our DNA as a global species which was their goal in order to create a slave race. Both versions have a very dramatic legendary tone to it. It is very hard though to distinguish and prove at this time which parts were symbolic and which parts were literal, and how the latter must be interpreted to get an accurate picture of the events that took place at that time.

One thing that we must consider is that so far of all the objects and buildings discovered from those times there aren’t any that point to those beings having advanced technologies to manipulate DNA at levels beyond physical. It is possible they could have manipulated the DNA of certain individuals physically but there is no real evidence to prove such interpretations so far and least that this had a catastrophic effect in the consciousness and capacities of the human being leading to the enslavement of the whole race, considering at that time the populace was small compared to our current world population.

Additionally to such theories, we have also plenty of articles from researchers about the extraterrestrial origins of mankind who have used the writings left by the Sumerians in an attempt to corroborate that the Annunaki were an extraterrestrial group of beings who began the first civilization on Earth. Many authors though have written such theories in a fearful tone as they claim these beings had since the beginning a negative agenda to use humanity as a slave race for different purposes. Mining activity was common place as well as other activities that required labor force, such as construction and agriculture so it is likely a group of individuals did use workers for such purposes which was no different to other subsequent ancient civilizations. Considering what historical records and many authors narrate, it is more likely that these beings, more than being gods with super natural powers were actually a powerful group of human beings that could have chosen roles that resemble that of our current government authorities and leaders in general, independently if their role was one of service to self or service to others. READ FULL ARTICLE



3 responses to Are The Anunnaki Responsible For DNA Damage?

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