Crossing Out The 3rd Eye

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Permission to repost the experience quoted below granted by my star sistar Sunshine…you can follow her own blog here (


There are quite a few books that also say the same thing though as I always say come to your own conclusion, use discernment and intuition but it’s no coincidence that when I was attending catholic church mass I was experiencing some very bad things, nightmares, horrific attacks by very dark entities although the entities I think were a manifestation of the beliefs imposed on me by the church itself such as the beliefs about demons and hell. The myth that was forced on me that there are demons at every corner out to get my soul manifested very real INNER demons and the fear took over and I was becoming very paranoid, mainly because I was/am very sensitive to energies, I wasn’t fully awakened back then but I was almost fully open, being open and awake to me personally are two different things, you can be open, you are open to energies and your senses are open as well such as your 3rd eye and crown chakra however you’re not always awakened to being consciously aware that your open. For example when I was little I always felt I wasn’t from around here, I always felt there was more to life than what was seen on the surface but I wasn’t aware of what but I could FEEL something.

This is not to say that all churches and church officials are out to close everyone’s 3rd eye or to give every child nightmares, in fact I am not even sure the priests themselves understand what they are doing however I do think that some rituals according to the intent behind them can and do cause damage, the vatican may have done just that, had the intent of using this ritual of placing the cross on the forehead to close peoples 3rd eye and then this intent gets passed down to the churches and priests through the rituals itself, so I would like to say it’s not the priests or the churches themselves that are intending to close people off in such a way, in fact most churches and priests do mean well, it’s the Catholic hierarchy which is the problem…the Vatican and popes who consider themselves the voice of God and that no one can reach God or the “Lord” if not thru them. Many religions have similar practices but as I said it’s the INTENT behind the ritual which causes the most harm.

Sunshine’s Experience:

I found this out late last year, but my guides asked me to wait to share this information, so I did. But they just told me that the time was right,so…..

I had attended a class at a Catholic church here, because I was curious about what they believe ect. and I wanted to go talk to Catholics instead of reading stuff online, which I’ve been doing for years…I wanted to get it straight from the horses mouth if you will. I went in with a promise to myself….as soon as I felt they were trying to suck me in, that’s when I’d leave. I did learn a lot that I wouldn’t have learned online or by reading books, but…it came to a point where it was…….like announcing your intention to join the church in front of the congregation, and by the time I realized what was going on I had to go through with the part. We had to go up to the…um…pulpit I guess and the priest would say stuff, you would say stuff and he would make the sign of the cross on your forehead. When I went home that evening, I had NO intention of going back to that church….I usually like to contact my guides at night when I’m in bed before I go to sleep (their presence is very calming to me) and it sounded like they were so far away!I could still hear them but barely. They told me it was because of the sign of the cross that was placed on my forehead… is placed right over the third eye….it has become a way to close the third eye and keep it closed for a long time. I started to cry…my communicating with my guides was so important to me!!I I had come such a long way and done so much removal of “stuff” so that I could communicate with them and it felt like it was slipping away!!. They told me not to be upset…they told me to perform the ritual that I do to commune with the Goddess and all will be well. I had to wait a few days but I performed it as I usually do and during the prayers it felt like my third eye “popped” open!! It hurt a little but not bad. I asked my guides if I could share this insight and they said “not now” so I did as they asked. I think if someone makes the sign of the cross on their own forehead that will probably be OK…but if the priest does it please be careful!!! That’s why they make it on your forehead, it’s right over the third eye!! My guides wanted me to share this with my fellow star spirits in the hopes that it will help someone…I believe there are religious leaders that are earnestly trying to help people…they have no idea about the true nature of the symbolism. In my case it wasn’t the priest….I got from him that he was a good man who was trying to help people. Christianity (or any other religion for that matter) is positive at its core but humans have twisted it and distorted it so much that the core is almost unrecognizable. The church hierarchy definitely does have an agenda….they’ve had one for hundreds of years.

Not to mention that the cross may have stood for something completely different in the past but now has been imbued with the energy of death and destruction and human sacrifice. Whether you believe that Yeshua died on the cross or not it is possible that this energy has created a thought form which has attached itself to the cross because so many people do believe in it (that Yeshua did die on the cross). So when you make the sign of the cross on your forehead or over your heart or where it as a cross over your heart it is possible that you are sealing yourself with this destructive energy. Be careful what you give your power to.

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