The Secret Of Lucifer

July 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

These are two great videos that illustrate the reality of Satan or Lucifer and how the bible and the church have created so much fear through disinformation, however I’d like to suggest cabanel_smallthat you also read an earlier post on the two versions of creation because in the second video it says that the Lord (God) is administering the ‘test‘ to mankind and that the Lord created both good and evil, and that may be so however I also have a theory that the ‘Lord’ in the bible was not God….Read: (The Bible: Questioning The Two Versions Of Creation) and make your own conclusion.

In my opinion God or the Source whatever name you call the creator of all things gave us the free will do that ourselves, to create our own duality, God gave love it’s own awareness and with that awareness came the knowledge of good and evil? maybe that is what free will is, the knowledge to choose between the two, the freedom to will into reality our own path. I have never known God to be anything other than a loving God and us to be incarnated mortal sparks or aspects of this loving God, complete with our free will and awareness. Evil is the physical manifestation of the lack of love, God IS love.

Most people do have love in their hearts to some extent, they love their children and are loved back or their partners or their gadgets or jobs etc…love still exists for most people in some form, it is those with a total lack of love in their lives that revert to evil which is the illusion that love (God) doesn’t exist in their lives. This creates all sorts of physical manifestations of evil such as murders and rapists and gangs and so on, it is my opinion that God him/herself does not create evil or good, that God just IS.

Just as the sun shines to provide life, warmth and nutrients to the planet so that life itself can exist in it’s own way so too does God provide the consciousness for life to exist, however life is given the free will to do as it pleases with this consciousness. There are of course higher manifestations of God (Angels, Ascended Masters and so on) that are here to help us on our way and get us back on track when we stray and sometimes these LESSONS aren’t a walk in the park by any means, they are meant to teach us and no one said they would always be sunshine and puppies!

In the end what matters most is and the purpose of this post is that you find your own truth! don’t allow yourself to be limited by a book be that a bible or a text book, think for yourself, ask questions, question everything. Most people believe what they grow up learning, whether they read it in the bible or a science book, they believe life is what they read in a book, anything outside of that is just not possible or is possible but is the work of a devil. But life is not black and white and certainly not scripted (limited to a text book!) can you imagine? I can’t imagine a book telling me what my life should be, is, and will become, Im not limited to a ‘book‘ be it a bible or a text book.

Ask and the knowledge will come, it comes from within, our hearts are our greatest teachers, Yeshua was a Son of God (Anunnaki/Angel), a messenger of God who came to Earth to remind us of this very simple basic principle. “Neither shall they say, Lo, here! or, There! for lo, the kingdom of God is within you…Luke 17:21” Yet so many Christians and other fundamental religious folk forget this or choose to ignore it. I was reading an interesting post which is how I came upon the videos that also shared some interesting points about is a quote and then you can visit the site yourself, followed by some links that I recommend.

Some conservative Christians believe that there are only two supernatural forces in the world: their God and Satan. Some believe that if a person does not worship their concept of God and hold their beliefs, then they must be worshiping Satan; they are, then, by their definition, Satanists. Thus, all Christian denominations whose beliefs differ significantly from their own, and all other religions, are forms of Satanism. Therefore, according to such heresy-hunting folks, Satanists make up perhaps 95% or more of the world’s population. Some people feel that all non-Christian religions are forms of Satanism. This would imply that all Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims – in fact at least 75% of the world’s population – are Satanists, according to views by certain heresy-hunters.

Do you not realize that the concept and teaching of this “Satan” has kept the Church in power and business all these years? Without some all-evil force to blame every “evil” act on that occurs throughout the world, Christianity as a religion would fall apart, no longer being a valid theology to follow or blindly believe in. Out of fear of this invented entity people by the millions tithe money to the Churches, priests and pastors.

Now, this “Satan” character is only mentioned a measly three times in the Old Testament and in the book of Job he was actually doing God’s will and NOT some all evil force fighting “against” God!

The concept of an all-powerful, omnipresent, evil devil fighting against God and humans originated from Zoroastrianism in the fifth century B.C. (Non-Hebrew.) The New Testament writers borrowed their “Satan” concept from these old scriptures from a Persian prophet and used the concept of a devil to blame all their persecutions on from evangelical work in spreading the gospel…CONTINUE READING

Graham Hancock On Good And Evil

Are Demons Real? Can We Be Possessed? 

Man And The Manifestation Of Demonic Forces

Why Hell Does Not Exist…God Is Love

Satan, Demons And Devils


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