Message From The Anunnaki

June 16, 2013 — 3 Comments

display_15907332I really hope that movie (hansel and gretel) can now change the consciousness and prejudice some people have towards us witches…but this is what I mean about the battle between light and dark currently being played out behind the scenes on this planet…just last night death and destruction became a peaceful heros choice in the movie Man Of Steel…obviously propaganda from the elite but furthermore a message to all who are “awake” that we better stay hidden, then there is the message that there is no good in the world and that evil is the poison of choice for this world so be hopeless because there is no hope for us…THEN tonight I saw hansel and gretel and it showed that the consciousness IS changing, there IS good in the world, don’t lose hope and that those of us who are “awake” to our true selves can feel free to be who we are as long as we respect the sanctity of life and the free will of others and that love and compassion and goodness is the way, not evil and darkness and imposing our free will on others which is what the bad/dark witches were doing by spelling others. Also, the movie detailed how those who are imposing their will on others are being watched, even dealt with which brings us to the sudden wonderful message below I received from the Anunnaki.

Sure the lines between darkness and light are blurred BUT, there IS negativity in the world and to think otherwise is a delusion, the movie showed that for once in a VERY long time, since organized religion we are at a time when we can BE ourselves …or maybe I am just looking too deeply into this but I have always for some reason been able to read between the lines of movies…it’s just something I have done for ages..I KNOW there is a battle being waged on our planet right now between the forces of peace and the forces of war…the forces of peace are winning but it’s a hard battle, the forces of war are so much more ruthless and conniving, they will literally do whatever it takes to win while the forces of peace fight fairly.

The Dream/Message From The Aununnaki

Regardless, this “war” is so much bigger than what many could ever imagine, it goes beyond the scope of human understanding because personally I think what is really happening is that these forces aren’t beings or people, I had a dream last night in which I was shown the battle and it was so much more than what many imagine a war to be, this so called battle is being fought on the highest levels of universal, maybe even multiversal consciousness, rather than a battle of wills it is a battle between energetic forces, no not aliens, more like energy. In the dream what I saw was that it was time for the awakened christos consciousness to rule again as the antichristic energy had already ruled for many, many eons. This was the time of liberation for all souls on Gaia/New Earth. As is common on all worlds there are times of peace and times of war…our world has existed for so long in the time of war and oppression by the forces of war but this served our enlightenment as well.

What I was shown is that the battle currently going on is mostly a battle within all of us, it is resistance of leaving the old ways, the ways of comfort that we have grown so fond of, (this mostly applies to the elite who control this world currently, the forces of war but also those who are comfortably content with these “ways”), we are afraid to let the light in and stand in our power and accept who we truly are and what we are truly supposed to be doing this is due to the incredible amounts of fear we have accumulated from more than centuries of oppression, hardships, battle and the lack of free will on this planet because contrary to what many may think the free WILL on this planet is severely lacking, we have it yes, to an extent. It’s been abused and over powered for a long time by oppressive forces.

This had to play out however as Gaia this planet is a place of eternal learning, upon her creation the source or God as many call this energy on Earth created her as a learning center, a place all souls could come and refine their skills, there are millions of planets in the cosmos for this very same purpose, schools scattered throughout the multiverse whose soul purpose is to refine us and make us better, more knowledgeable, created to aid us in our evolutionary journey, each of these planets delivers their share of negativity and positivity to the developing species cyclically just as any normal school would do. Then there are the retreat centers where you go to heal and process all the teachings of your world school before moving on to higher dimensions or reality in which there is more learning at a more complicated intrinsic level, at higher levels the learning is based further on application.

With that said, our world is currently entering the cycle of light and peace and many are adjusting to these tremulous changes and some are indeed resisting because it is taking them out of their comfort zones. They want to remain the so called teachers and principals of the time of war, with all multiversal school centers there are those who oppose the change not because they inherently want darkness and negativity but because they are afraid of going to a new school or in this case reaching higher levels of understanding in which new information and tests come in and they know nothing, they are afraid of letting go and letting BE and not knowing what to do or how to do it, the ego is a powerful thing and it is afraid of change, it is afraid of baring itself and seeing itself for what it truly is.

But then, there are those who are awakened already who came here to make the transition much smoother for the people of Earth, who already have gone through this very difficult and scary change, for they have paved the way for change, some of them could be reading this right now and resonating with it deeply, if you are reading this and resonate with it, I say this, know that you are NOT special, at least not more special than anybody else however you have a unique set of skills that is dormant still in most of your fellow humans on this planet and your job is to re-awaken these set of skills within those who cross your path by being an example of the forces of peace, love and light… the time is now, this is why you are here.

Know that you aren’t alone in this task, no, many of you understand that there are others like you on this planet but further, there are also secret forces fighting for you AND your fellow human brethren, you may not see these forces physically but they are there and they are everywhere..from Earth and beyond. When you hear of disasters being thwarted mysteriously, of major breakthroughs in new technologies, negative things that are supposed to be passed suddenly vanishing…these forces are here and they are real, but they need your help, the help of everyone willing to assist in bringing peace and equality to the world…you are all volunteers here and all are responsible to opening the gateway of the heart, above all things let yourself shine but also be reminded that there is darkness in the world. Do not allow yourself to be deceived, know thyself and know they heart, for there lies all answers so know yourself well.

Be discerning of everything and everyone…but love first above all…and if you pay attention, if you are aware and awake, you will notice the battle currently being waged and understand it’s higher purpose, there are many wills on Earth currently struggling to reintegrate just as there are many egos vying for control…imagine the battle of the forces of war and the forces of peace extending from the heavens down to human consciousness, this would translate in a variety of different emotions for many on Earth, from fear, anger and frustration to love, equality and harmony, this plays out in a number of different ways…some desire more war others desire to oppose this war in greater numbers with more dedication than ever before. The important thing is to stay grounded and know that you are loved and that healing yourself and others is of the utmost importance as well as forgiveness of self and others…


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