Symbolism Of The Goddess And The Serpent

April 13, 2013 — 3 Comments

Mary At Head Of Enlightenment

Virgin Mary Stepping On The Serpent And Destroying It? That’s is the church’s version. A different perspective or version interpretation could be, that the divine feminine (the Goddess) is at the head of wisdom and knowledge, think about why the Goddess was wiped out of history the way she was especially by the church. It can’t be coincidence that there are people who want complete power and control and whom both erased the divine feminine from the world stage but also made women out to be whores and demons, these people know the power of the divine feminine, they understand the benefits of uniting the divine feminine and the divine masculine in the world. They know that true spiritual understanding can only come through balance and integration…such is why they have maintained such disharmony among our species, the world is mostly a patriarchy, just think when was there a female in congress or a female papal? or a female president?

This is not to say that the God(s), the divine masculine does not provide the same but truth is that the Goddess energy/consciousness provides the nurturing, compassionate and sensitive side of the spectrum while the divine masculine provides the protective, strong and logical side. Taking this further, as we know the serpent is representative of wisdom, it is the kundalini experience, the awakening to our true selves, the Virgin Mary represents all that is pure and divine, the primordial Goddess according to ancient texts. She is the original grail queen before Mary Magdalene, the mother of Yeshua, an ancient Anunnaki queen. But furthermore she could be seen as the spirit of Earth, as she represents/exudes a strong maternal love….the protector of the sons and daughters of God or the Gods.

Therefore she could be seen as the protector of the infinite wisdom of the serpent/the kundalini awakening/enlightenment, the reconnection with the divine mother Goddess. We are all naturally mothers and nurturing guardians of the path, the illumination of the people but we are so far from accepting this within ourselves, many women these days oppress themselves, try to emulate what magazines and hollywood tell them they should be but that is not what we truly are, what we truly are is at peace with ourselves and others, within us lies such a power! the power of life…And it is funny that we are told that if we eat from the tree of knowledge we will surely die, eve was told by the serpent that we will not die! and the serpent wraps around our spine ever so gracefully moving up through or chakra energy centers, to bring us illumination, and this is the same serpent which the Virgin Mary (mother Earth) appears to be at the head of, the spirit of Earth manifesting in order to communicate with her children and truly what is death but rebirth? the death spoken about in the biblical text was supposed to be purely symbolic, not taken literally, yes you will die when you eat of the tree of knowledge, but, this death is the death of ignorance!

It can be confusing when in the bible we read that in one moment we are told, if you eat from the tree of knowledge you will surely die, yet the serpent tells us if we eat from the tree of knowledge we will not surely die! boy what a conundrum! the reason why there are these two different perspectives regarding the tree of knowledge besides tampering is because the truth is we will NOT surely die! what we experience during a kundalini awakening or when the serpent awakens within us and travels up our spine and explodes out of our crown chakra IS a death of sorts, a death of the old ways, and we begin to experience the birth of a new reality. In the bible it says that Eve was cursed by God to eternal pain for eating from the tree of knowledge but did God really curse Eve and all future females to eternal pain? of course not! In the bible it says that Eve was sentenced to a life of painful birth and so on because she sinned and went against the command of God and ate from the tree of knowledge, and her eyes were opened, she knew good and evil, she saw she was naked!

Eve did not sin, and was not sentenced to an eternal life of pain, what hurts us (most women) is that we have forgotten our Goddess consciousness, since we are made to believe that we did wrong, that we are the fault for the downfall of our planet we in turn have been at odds with our own bodies! many women in the world are told from a very young age that this moment (the moment in which we get our “moon time” and also later when we  give birth) should be feared, that it is evil and disgusting, and we should be disgusted by it but this is far from the truth, the truth is that we are in this moment physically aligning with our true and authentic selves, we are reuniting with our Goddess consciousness…if for just a moment. Woman was made to submit, and to forget her powerful role among the people, she was removed from the world stage as was the Goddess energy, and nurturing, love and compassion along with it. And then this is where the true pain began, the separation of the divine feminine from the divine masculine, many of us can relate to this, we all know the pain of losing/not being near our twin flames, the same excruciating pain is experienced by all sentient life on Earth as she, the mother Goddess, has lost her twin flame the divine masculine, and so we exist in this life feeling like something is constantly missing, which brings us to one of the reasons why so much suffering is occurring on Earth, there is an imbalance upon the Earth, although metaphorically Earth IS with her twin flame Sol in the higher realms, in the physical realm humanity is greatly imbalanced, the world is run primarily by the divine masculine….

But as stated earlier the divine mother is at the head of all wisdom and illumination, and as we ascend further and become more and more illuminated, the more the Goddess -re-awakens within us all, man and woman alike. The Virgin Mary standing on the Serpent shows (from the church’s perspective) that she escaped original Sin, but in reality what is being shown here is the truth hidden in plain site. The church either does not know this or is lying to everyone on Earth as is mostly the case.


The symbolism of the Goddess is not a parallel structure to the symbolism of God the Father. The Goddess does not rule the world. She is the world. Manifest in each of us, She can be known internally by every individual, in all her magnificent diversity. ~ Starhawk


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