The Way Of Oneness (Truth About Repentance)

April 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

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Jesus himself again and again says, ’Repent. Repent ye.’ And the word has fallen into a wrong interpretation by the Religions. They have made it ’repentance for misdeeds’. It has nothing to do with misdeeds, this is the Religious clothing (half truth) which we have become so used to seeing. The word ’repent’ actually means: return, go in, go back. it means: turn back… restore your-originality. The word ’repent’ means metanoia, turning back – a one-hundred and- eighty-degree turn. If you go on flowing outwards you remain water (Earthly way). If you turn in you become fire (Spiritual way) “That which is born flesh is flesh and that which is born spirit is spirit” – Christ; two ways of using the germinal seed and egg. And when the two eyes, when these two flames, when these two hemispheres of your consciousness join together, are absolutely bridged and you become one flame, that one flame is what Plotinus calls ’the flight of the alone to the alone’. And if you can become that One, you have become the great One. This is the Taoist way of saying something about God without using the word ’God’. If you become one, you have become the Child of God. These are potential words What is the secret of making these two eyes one? How to make the male and the female one in you? How to let your woman and man dissolve into each other so that you are no more a duality, so that you are no more a house divided against itself, so that there is no longer any conflict and tension, so that all is one? In that oneness is bliss because all tension disappears, all conflict disappears, all anxiety disappears. How to become that One? Man represents action, woman represents non-action. You have to use action to attain non-action through union, merging. We need action to refine the Right which leads to a merging with the left and in-action, or action-less action. You have to make effort to become effortless. You have to go and put in all your energies, you have to become so active that nothing is left behind. All energy becomes involved into that creativity, and then, suddenly, when all energy is involved, there happens a transformation. Just as at a hundred degrees water evaporates, action, when it becomes total, evaporates, and non-action is left behind but it must be put in fire first, evaporation will not happen of itself. First you have to learn how to dance, and you have to put all your energies into dancing. And one day that strange experience happens when suddenly the dancer disappears in the dance, and the dance happens without any effort. Then it is inaction. first you have to learn action to go into inaction.

That’s what meditation is all about.
by: Raz Iyahu




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