Earth School

February 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

Galaxies are so large that stars can be consid... I was just talking to someone who mentioned that Earth is a target for negative forces and has been for eons a target of ALL the negative forces…hmm, OK not far fetched, but, here is where I bring in some logic meshed with spirituality…there are 300 billion stars in our galaxy and 100 billion galaxies in our universe…so out of 100 billion galaxies with 300 billion stars in our galaxy alone, we are so damn special that every single evil race in the entire 300 billion galaxies in our universe (just this universe cause there are many universes), is focused on little old Earth? you mean to tell me there aren’t any other little planets of interest out there? that is the same as when the early Christians said that the sun revolved around the Earth, it’s NOT all about us guys! while I do not deny the involvement of negative forces in Earths early history I do think that it wasn’t something personal, I think that there were some random rogue butt heads who happened upon Earth and thought it would be fun to come to and act up on Earth and pick on the locals. I don’t for a minute think there is a “hit” on our precious Gaia.

Many have come and many have gone on this beautiful planet, let us consider that for a moment, how many civilizations have come and gone? the Mayans, the ancient Egyptians, the Sumerians etc…come and gone. Every civilization has endured much hardship, we haven’t been excluded. Is it part of our apprenticeship here on Earth? could Earth be a school? why is the notion of a school so normal on Earth, even mystery schools are accepted here on Earth but yet the thought of Earth herself being a school is outrageous! I don’t think so, I think we very much are in the school of life, what if this whole dimension is a school? many people consider this a prison but ask yourself when has school been fun? are we here to have fun and play or are we here to learn? think about that.

on Earth school starts with Pre-K and there are several levels of schooling after that within that school and likewise there are several levels of school within the school of life. But are we really learning? that is the whole point of Earth/Life school, we are constantly learning from everything around us, everything is a school, every plant, every star, the sky, the ground, every brother and sister human, every brother and sister animal, every cloud, every dream etc….however whether we recognize the experience it as a lesson is a different story, especially the lessons we aren’t so fond of, for example just like in regular high school we may not appreciate the complicated and difficult tests we are given, especially if we did not study for the test! but well it’s part of our education and we have to stick it out.

If we apply what we have learned and practice/study we can then pass the tests with flying colors, even if we don’t pass every test, that is OK too. We can be left behind, is that soo bad? sometimes we think that this is bad and that we must strive to be the perfect student but sometimes in our pursuit to be the perfect student we miss out on the actual lessons that are showing us exactly what it is we are supposed to know in order to understand the class, or in other words when we try too hard to be the perfect human or the perfect teacher we loose ourselves in the process because we forget that t is about enjoying the journey rather then making it to the destination, it’s about enjoying life, life is filled with such amazing wonders!

Are we not here to discover these wonders? are we not here to enjoy all the exploration that the Earth has to offer? Are we here temporarily BECAUSE this world is a temporary school?, what if the great God is learning through us? it would make sense then that Earth herself is a school, but, it is only one of many, many universal schools, there are 300 billion stars in our galaxy and 100 billion galaxies in our universe alone, can you then imagine how many schools just like Earth exist in just our cosmic neighborhood? to truly be able to study however we must practice, and to practice we must study, to study we must go within, take time to listen to ourselves, to the creative spark within ourselves…


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