Gold From Outer Space…So Why Use Human Slaves To Mine Gold On Earth?

February 16, 2013 — 3 Comments

Here is a photograph of a large Asteroid containing quantities of gold which struck the Earth 4 billion years ago (Source)


This to me says Gold does not exist solely on Earth so why would the Anunnaki come to Earth in search of much needed Gold when apparently it existed already in space? as I posted in this article: Was Man Created As A Slave Race…The anunnaki were the caretakers of both the early humans and of the Earth. They’re involvement in our world wasn’t at all to do with Gold in the form that we understand it. The gold that the Anunnaki came to cultivate was not the gold of materialism but the gold of the spirit and they came to ‘illuminate’ the gold of man. Furthermore keep in mind that these beings were extremely advanced, far beyond the comprehension of ancient or modern man…beings of such advancement would not need to come to such a primitive planet to mine for gold and would not need to mind for gold at all, they would of course have already established a way to protect their planet and or already have the technology to create machines to mine for gold or create endless amounts of Gold. These were not primitive extraterrestrials, they were advanced in a way that we still can not comprehend.

And so the Cainite kings of Mesopotamia (the first Dragon Lords of the Messianic bloodline) while already being of high Anunnaki substance, were fed with Anunnaki Star Fire to increase their perception, awareness, and intuition. Consequently, they became masters of knowingness – almost like gods themselves. At the same time, their stamina levels and immune systems were dramatically strengthened so that the anti-ageing properties of the regularly ingested hormonal secretions facilitated extraordinary life-spans. In addition to the Star Fire ritual, the Bloodline kings were also said to have been nourished with the milk of the Goddess, and it would appear that this contained an enzyme that was itself conducive to active longevity. Today’s genetic researchers call this enzyme Telomerase. As recently reported in the Science Journal (Vol 279 – 16 January 1998), corporate studies and those of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, have determined that telomerase has unique anti-ageing properties. –


3 responses to Gold From Outer Space…So Why Use Human Slaves To Mine Gold On Earth?


    Monatomic gold is not found all throughout space and it only forms naturally in organic ecosystems like Earth. As understood Enki and Enlil formed different ideas about their creation; Enki found sympathy while Enlil contempt. Thoth and his father Enki took great investment in the enlightenment of humans; although they still had no ability to travel to 5D+ planes. The Anunnaki and other beings like Dracos and the Greys are 4D beings who can materialize in the 3rd. 4D being the astral planes and 5D and 6D are beyond the ideas of the first four dimensions. Be cautious about ingesting monatomic gold; it is said that when one’s energy is aligned our completed DNA helix unlocks it’s own star fire and consciousness can surpass that of the Anunnaki and all “god’s” consciousness for there is one all creator who is the embodiment of all and all is: GOD. The hounds that guard the end of all the universe as Thoth experienced and told of in the emerald tablets will consume all who have reached 4D consciousness through ingesting material star fire or monatomic gold. Beware of haste to reach the 4D consciousness through such means as it may well block all higher forms until a mass group consciousness shift and ascension on that plane occurs.


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