Are We Separate From God?

February 7, 2013 — Leave a comment

“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” –Psalms 82:6

First off, I say trust your inner being. I, nor anybody else can tell you what is real or not, that is not my or anybody else’s place. I know its hard to rely on yourself for confirmation but, if you trust in yourself confirmation will come, not the other way around. It takes lot’s of patience which comes from meditation and inner peace. Your “Stillness” is the key to the answers in your heart. What does your heart tell you? follow what resonates with you because in doing this you are following the stillness “Key” that unlocks the secrets of your heart, and as you know in doing so, you are walking your soul path. With that said I want to touch on a subject here about something that I have seen around lately and it’s something very disturbing at least in my mind. And that is the subject of our connection with the infinite source or as more commonly known, God. I’ve been seeing some videos and blogs/forum posts etc lately that say some pretty out there stuff, such as the fact that we are separated from God! Now I’m not saying this is bad to believe, people can believe what they want however for me, personally, I feel it is so far from the truth, being someone who has had a near death experience  I found the complete opposite to be true. In fact, I have always had this understanding that we are so connected to the infinite source that this source is within us, I learned this when I was a kid! simply by reading a verse in the bible:

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You…

I am sure many of you know like me that heaven is a state of mind, a consciousness and I believe it is the christ consciousness  and who is Christ to the Christians? God! God is within ALL of us, not apart from us, we can not be separated from ourselves. I am not saying we are God, I am saying we are sparks of the infinite source that is God. Some people may not know this but the infinite source lives through us, actually learns and experiences through our creation, can you imagine? God learning through US! it seems far fetched because of all the evil that plagues this world but that’s easily explainable, see we may be sparks of this infinite consciousness, God is very well within us all, however, not everyone is tuned to this frequency, many people on Earth have decided to shut down the light within themselves, to at this moment experience absence from the infinite source and that’s OK, Earth is a school and it’s not meant to be about graduation, it’s about the journey to that point. Unfortunately the free will that allows this allows for these people to impose their free will on others therefor making others suffer.

But that is not to say that we are separate from the infinite source, absolutely not, I’ve explained our connection to the infinite source before by using cable as an analogy, for example, imagine the infinite source (which is ultimately infinite energy) as the cable, now imagine this cable being split to various TVs (we being the TVs) and the TVs being in different rooms, these rooms being different dimensions/planets etc, now the further you get from the cable the more staticy the reception becomes but the cable is always there you just need to tune to a better frequency that’s all, we aren’t separate from God. Take for example a child, do you think the child does not have a bit of their parents within them simply because the child was born to it’s own flesh? and I am not talking physical traits, I mean, the child will have the spirit of both parents, the energy of both parents. This is why you can find someone who has never met their parents EVER yet they find they share so many similarities from perhaps liking the same color to even probably liking the same car or having similar professions or having the same morning routine.

Do you think we are any different in our relationship with the father (the infinite source)? absolutely not. This is what the Anunnaki tell me when we speak (usually through meditation) they remind again and again lol that we are all connected and that all of us are connected via the infinite source and that if we truly take time to go within, to meditate and truly be at peace, at one and in silence with our selves we can tun in to this frequency, this perfect energy and feel the love of God and it is SUCH a beautiful thing, I’m and I am sure many others at the point, have learned to recognize this frequency and I see/feel it everywhere, trees, animals, the ocean, the wind, other people, it’s everywhere. But this is nothing new, many ancient tribes knew this, it was common knowledge to them! for example in the theory of animism:

Animism (from Latin animus, -i “soullife“) is the religious worldview that natural physical entities—including animalsplants, and often even inanimate objects or phenomena—possess a spiritual essence. Specifically, animism is used in the anthropology of religion as a term for the religion of indigenous tribal peoples, especially prior to the development and/or infiltration of civilization and organized religion. Although each tribe is unique in its specific mythologies and rituals, the term animism is often used to describe the most common, foundational thread of indigenous tribespeoples’ spiritual or “supernatural” perspectives — in a word, their worldview, or their “reality.” Some members of the non-tribal world also consider themselves animists (such as author Daniel Quinn, sculptor Lawson Oyekan, and many Neopagans)

So how can people say we are separated/cut off from God? we are ALL one from the infinite source, all the way down to us and beyond. And I’d warn against anyone claiming we are separate from our source of life, be discerning. I’ve come to realize that those who aren’t tuned to their Christ consciousness, want us to believe that we are separate from God (consciously or subconsciously) because that way we can’t tune in to that frequency and so we aren’t then vibing at higher levels, we’re not awakened and we devolve rather then evolve spiritually and physically. So remember we ARE  so much more then children of the infinite source, we are various levels of this source.

Guru Nanak


As fragrance abides in the flower,
As the reflection is within the mirror,
So doth thy Lord abide within thee,
Why search Him without?



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