BA: Before Adam

January 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

Egypt: Gizeh

This is the understanding as told by the indigenous elders of Egypt about their beginning. There were many beings, and humans on the planet perhaps millions of years before the recording of Adam.  Why does such information seem so foreign to you? The deception plan perpetrated by the “Evil Ones” is to confuse and cause  fear, keeping you from investigating for yourself other possibilities of creation. This is a very old evil energy that came from those spoken of as “fallen from enlightenment.” The reason they are spoken of as “Evil” is they have as their intent to deceive and to erase your memory of the Divine Wisdom, the truth of the beginning and the sacred balance of feminine and masculine. In doing this evil they can control and manipulate humans into slaves for their goals of power and wealth…(Link to full article at bottom of post)

I found this article rather interesting and I recommend everyone to read it, the charade has gone on long enough, granted everyone has it in their right to worship whomever or whatever they want, however, there is no doubt that the powers that WERE of this world have been controlling and manipulating this world long enough and hiding certain truths from us ‘lowly” human beings. But how long do they really think they can keep up this charade? how long do they think they can continue keeping the truth hidden? not long, I tell you this because I know, and I know because it can’t rain all the time <–quote from The Crow: City Of Angels, and it is true, the truth reveals ITSELF….

There is no sense in fighting them, simply being the light will cast out the darkness of ignorance. Evidence is mounting up and soon they will have to answer for their lies and yes it will be difficult as our world literally faces a rewrite of history but we have been through worse and we can handle it. Just look at some of the headlines this year:

Keep holding that vibration fellow illuminated human beings because soon we are going to be called upon for answers to many peoples questions. Soon, a lot more things are going to be revealed and you know a lot of people are going to be asking questions, are going to be frustrated and lost and angry, we have to be there in our light not to stand above them, but to stand besides them, we have to get through these changes that are coming to our world together or not at all. Always remember to put love first and foremost.


Full Article About Egypt:


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