Exude Love ♥ Create Peace

July 23, 2012 — 2 Comments

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I found something in my notes I don’t remember writing? how can that be? even channelings that I do I REMEMBER…but this, this I don’t remember writing at all?! Ive sat and pondered and pondered and nope..it won’t come to me…when did I write this?..and it was in my hand writing but yet, I DO NOT remember writing this…not even referring to it or anything…but today I randomly got the urge to check through my notes and I found the writing below…yet, as I said I don’t remember writing it…wow.

When we exude love, we create peace, when we are heart centered, we are in alignment with creation, with God(dess). When we take time to become knowledgeable to the ways of nature, we become wiser to the ways of our soul. When we seek to enlighten others, it will aid us in our journey. When we are gentle, kind, and compassionate to all creatures human or animal, bird or insect, we become God-like. When we contemplate life, we are questioning the illusion. When we are still, when we are meditative, we are returning back from whence we came.

It matters not what is real, God, Goddess, hell, heaven, angels, demons, what matters is that we as one people find common ground between all that exists or doesn’t exist, we fight our families, our neighbors, our people, nations, religions, we fight illusions, why do we fight to bring peace? when peace is simply waiting for us to cease fighting? why do we burn torches at witches doors and missiles at our neighbors all in the name of peace and God? all the world must do is to be still, to stop for a moment, for a while, to simply take a deep breath and realize this is all for nothing, these wars, are all for nothing. There is cause for every effect therefor, make the cause love and the effect will be peace, make it hatred, ego or anger and the effect shall be war, violence and chaos.

There is no such thing as coincidence, everything has a reason for being, but there is also free will, and we have the power to will love in our lives every day, we as sovereign human beings are responsible for all that we do, we have the chance to will ourselves to be of love, of kindness, of peace and of acceptance and humility. In fact, if we are creators and creations, we can create whatever we wish. If we desire to see proof of what is real, we need only ask, but we mustn’t ask through ego, we must ask through heart, when we ask with lower energies, we then attract these lower energies and we see what we have attracted, when we see through our heart, we will attract higher vibrational energies, and we will see the truth. We may ask for proof of Krishna, of Yeshua, of Ganesha, of Ra or of Zeus, and we will all have proof, of every single one, because whether our thoughts manifested them, or they existed at one time, or are the many aspects of the ONE source, belief makes it real, therefor, what can we rely on as a people?


This is real brothers and sisters, LOVE..love is all one needs, it is simple, Love is God(dess) and God(dess) is love, we can not see God(dess), we can not see the Gods, but we can see love, with our own eyes, this is real, this we can see.



2 responses to Exude Love ♥ Create Peace


    Wow. This is truly amazing. So very well put. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for channeling this out here for us all to read and share. Love!


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