My Totem Bird: The Raven x3

July 20, 2012 — 2 Comments


Ever since I was chosen by my Raven totem (click here to read about this) I’ve seen Ravens everywhere now..these 3 followed me the entire time.


As I have always said, truth comes to me in 3s for some reason, it has been that way since  I can remember, this sacred number 3 has guided me since childhood, I always knew to wait to go out with friends or something until I was invited 3 times, if I wasn’t I knew this was a WARNING that I would be in danger.  So I decided to explore just what 3 means to me:


Like always spirit leads me to truth and i didn’t have to look far to find something  of interest:


One symbolizes unity, agreement, simplicity. When something exists alone, nothing disturbs it. It remains completely at peace, without regard for anything else. Two symbolizes duality, tension and complexity.

The number three symbolizes a harmony that includes and synthesizes two opposites. The unity symbolized by the number three isn’t accomplished by getting rid of number two, the entity that caused the discord, and reverting to the unity symbolized by number one. Rather, three merges the two to create a new entity, one that harmoniously includes both opposites. On its own, Entity A leaves no room for Entity B, and Entity B does not allow for the existence of Entity A. Entity C demonstrates how A and B really are compatible and even complementary. Bringing together two opposites (A and B), requires the introduction of an entity or common goal (C) that is greater than both of them. –





2 responses to My Totem Bird: The Raven x3


    A Raven talk the words of the Earth, just listen and you will know as I did. He is now part of me. 🙂


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