Were The Ancient Gods Real?

July 8, 2012 — 2 Comments

Anubis as a jackal perched atop a tomb, alert ...

Traditions the world over speak of ancient deities who were upon the Earth in those days, ancient religions from the ancient near east to the west, speak of both Gods and demi-Gods, but were the Gods real? or were the ancient peoples simply worshiping celestial bodies? typically the answer to this question is either, the Gods were real, or they weren’t and the ancient peoples were simply weaving tales based on their limited ability to explain the celestial bodies and workings of the universe. I’d like to offer a different perspective…

What if both perspectives were correct? what if the Gods that our ancient ancestors worshiped were more then physical deities that manifested upon the Earth or in Visions or came down from the heavens? perhaps these ancient deities were the celestial bodies manifested in to matter or more lower densities in order to raise the consciousness of fellow beings of light? for example, beloved Ra, he is the Sun God of Ancient Egypt, Christ in Christianity, Krishna in India and Mithra in Persia, but who was the real Ra? the real Ra is an energy, one single energy called upon into form by different cultures, it is known that the power of manifestation is real and not only real but scientifically proven in the art of meditation, a study was done long ago that proved that meditation and or collective prayer can and did lower crime in the Washington DC area…

Therefor, the powerful belief held by thousands that their Gods are real in fact does make them real and so it does also manifest the abilities attributed to them. Many ancient texts speak of ancient peoples calling on Gods for rain, healthy crop, cattle and many other things, and this continues today, many times when I need to affect the weather I still call on Zeus or Poseidon. Many of the ancient texts describe these deities themselves proclaiming that they are energy and that they come from the father, the father is God, source, God(dess), and whatever other name you wish to apply to it, but in the end the “Father” is simply energy therefor, these deities are an energy, perhaps individual energies from individual celestial bodies, sparks of a greater energy,..creation itself.

In John 10:30 Christ or Ra says: “I and My Father are One.” then in John 14:6 he says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the “Father” except through Me“. Whether one believes that this was actually the divine Son of God speaking or Ra, or simply a man or Energy itself or the actual Sun, it is the lesson behind this message itself that we must grasp and not the messenger, the Father, or God, God(dess), Source, Creation etc..is an energy, and we can not reach this creation unless we understand energy itself, unless we remember that WE are this energy and that this energy is in all we see, in all that is sentient.

In Revelations 21:3 it says, “And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God himself will be with them and be their God“.

Indeed, God dwells with man, in the form of different deities, from Zeus to Krishna, to Christ and beyond, and even within us all, It matters not if God is actually the Sun to whom the text referrers, Is the Sun not alive? is the Sun not a living organism with it’s own order? order implies intelligence, and regardless if Christ was a man or simply the Sun, the Sun itself IS indeed aware that we are aware and so he becomes that which are aware of. You may pray to the stars and the stars will answer your prayers, you may believe that a mountain is an ancient God whom sits upon the Earth revealing secrets of old, and soon you shall begin to hear these secrets for the mountain is now aware that you wish to know them. You may believe that our precious Gaia is our mother, an ancient God(dess) from which we were born, and indeed she will nurture you with her milk, shelter you with her body and feed you with her spirit, our beloved Mother IS aware that you are her child, and no matter if she is actually Mary or simply a sentient Planet, she is intelligent and aware of your plea to be suckled by her and so she will impart to you all that you desire.

When you pray/worship the Moon, the Sun, the Earth, you are recognizing the divinity in these deities, the intelligence in them, the awareness in them, when you are praying to Christ, to Zeus, to Poseidon, to Venus, to Astarte, you are also recognizing the divinity in them, the awareness in them, but more then that, it is creation itself which you are worshiping and or praying to, because these deities are but a fragment of a greater celestial deity, it is creation itself which flows through all things, from the greatest star to the smallest organism known to man, and even in things yet unknown to man, therefor I ask that all brothers/sisters calm themselves, and be of love, cherish one another because in doing so, you are truly serving the one true God(dess), creation itself. Love will not come to you, divinity will not present itself before you, it is already all around you, within you, it is the energy that powers the Sun and the Moon, it is the spirit which breathes life in to our ancient Gods and Goddesses, it is our very souls, and when we choose love over fear, peace over war, we are working in divine order with this energy and thus in alignment with creation itself. This is part of the lost and forgotten code of man.


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