I AM (The Ultimate Creation)

June 24, 2012 — 1 Comment

creation of man

We can only learn if we teach and we can only teach if we learn, To learn one must go to great lengths in seeking out the truth within by listening to the voice that guides them to the truth outside of them. This voice is you listening to your inner guidance, it guides you the synchronicities, to the truth, which then confirm the voices direction to begin with. Take this experience called life for example, a VOICE which stemmed from creation, a thought, an idea, a feeling of guidance that emerged from within the darkness of the depth of the mind of the source created all that we see, taste, hear and touch, all that is also unseen.

The God(dess) has learned through creation and creation has learned through us, and we have learned through our own creations, the evolution of our soul is the evolution of all things, how are we to evolve others? through ourselves, this is the evolution of all things, for all things ARE this one single thing, one soul is ALL souls, one can be the sight for many and many can be the sight for one. In the olden days you need only have the title of Priest-King or Priestess or the Gods at your side to be revered and thus listened to, but those days are long gone and as the world and consciousness evolves, so too must we.

We must evolve our ways, our practices and even our circles, which in the old days were known as those of the inner mystery schools, there has always been need to advance ourselves in secret simply because the knowledge itself is always ahead of its time regardless if we ourselves have to catch up, contained within all of us it is only able to be withstood by those who have the mental power to accept that within themselves, we are not better then them, no, for we are all descended from the great God(dess), however, the souls birth is a delicate one, the wrong information for some delicate souls could prove detrimental to both the teacher and the student, they must both be ready, but none is greater then the other.

In fact we are great aspects of a much greater force whom is also an aspect of a much greater force. This force spirals eternally creating and re-creating itself, in essence it is like a cosmic serpent, coiling around to meet its tale, but it is continually circling itself and this cosmic serpent which is simply energy is only a small fragment of something even greater, If we go far enough we can see that there is no alpha and there is no omega, and thus there is no eternity and or immortality, for all things always have been and will continue to be.

We are the light that burst forth in a daring, and adventurous pursuit of remembering, of why are we Gods? why are we God? better yet, a much more better and less dogmatic term would be, we are we the creations and how are we creation itself? we dared to peer in to the dark abyss and there was light. Creation became conscious, for the first time of itself, we were aware of our individual will and that we could also separate ourselves from our own will, for the first time we had the free will to will ourselves apart, with this knowledge came the power to will the journey, stars were born, planets were born, universes and galaxies, all containing that sacred spark of the serpents egg which itself was an egg, as a mother bears a child, that mother was also bore from another mother, and that mother from another, and on and on from the beginning of source itself, a soul travels from the spark that became itself conscious and here we are today mirroring our original concept, our original birth… More To Come In Our Private Forums Launching August 2012


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