Soul Groups – Soul And Time Preview (Pt 2)

June 21, 2012 — 1 Comment

Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

I believe when folk say “Old” or “New” soul they are speaking to the part of their consciousness that has lived many life times in 3D reality, in this realm…for example, when someone says, “you are an old soul”, “you have lived many life times“, this to me personally says: “You have been on Earth before, you have been on Earth a long, long, long time“.  Some souls, have just arrived to Earth, some have been here since before man, since before even animals, and so, they are indeed quite old. Same goes for those who may have had lives in say, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter etc, Anything that is seen with the physical eyes and that is part of this human-consciousness lets call it. It the awareness that they have come upon this realm and learned many lessons of 3rd dimensionality. The soul itself, the energy, has no age, no TIME, but the experience it undergoes when it goes from energy to spirit to matter does have age as it then currently exists or is conscious of participating in a realm that IS governed by time, when this energy transcends this TIME, it goes to a time in which it becomes Time-LESS because it will then be conscious of having traveled back to its original form. We all come with a variety of lessons from every TIME, however, we are ALL at different levels of understanding when we do arrive here on Earth and thus, some are old souls (have had more experience time on Earth thus are more learned) and others are completely new to the 3rd dimensional polarity-TIME game 🙂 …More will be shared in our upcoming Private Forums.


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