Some Things To Ponder: The Union Of Mary + Jesus

June 19, 2012 — 3 Comments

Hey all I just felt like throwing up a few mental cookies for everyone. You may or may not know it, I believe it all to be true. It’s a bunch of random bits here ya go:

Jewish law at the time of Jesus stated that in order to be called “rabbi” which meant “teacher” one had to go through EVERY phase of life. Including marriage and having a child.

Remember when Mary washes Jesus’s feet with that oil and her hair and everyone told her to stop and Jesus told them to shut up? That was an Egyptian wedding proposal, as was the culture at that time.

Also, the time when Mary runs out of the house and they all yell at her and tell her to get back into the house until Jesus calls for her…. That was the law married women had to follow, when her husband had male guests over.

And the story about changing water to wine. the normal drink for everyone at weddings was water, only the groom and maybe the wife had wine. by changing the water to wine Jesus let everyone have wine at his wedding, ONLY the groom at the wedding was able to make a decision like that. It was an expensive one after all!

Hope you enjoy my brain cookies, do some reading and check it out for yourself!

Namaste all 🙂
Kevin Prag

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3 responses to Some Things To Ponder: The Union Of Mary + Jesus


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    Many, including myself, have pondered whether Jesus was married to Mary. This brings up some interesting points. Thank you, Lady Yshtar, for posting this.


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