Scarlet Moon Goddess Ritual (Minor)

June 14, 2012 — 3 Comments

Goddess Maat

To all the beautiful and sacred sisters….next time that “Time” of the month comes…see it as a blessing and use this time to meditate as much as you can on the life essence flowing from within your divine vessel. Tap in to this precious life force. Give thanks to the Goddess for connecting with you this month and connect you yourself with the Lunar Goddess and Gaia. And here is a tip if you live in a remote area or have your own private yard, give “Back” this essence of pure life to mother Gaia, for she is the Goddess that needs it the most, during this simple ritual you can meditate while you sit bare on the soil bellow and or chant! Believe me the exchange of energies and life force between you and blessed Gaia will open you up to things you never imagined. You give your life force and she her energies that will flow up through your root chakra as yours flows down through hers.

Throughout the ancient world in historical and mythological stories, the root chakra has been associated with dragons and snakes. Dragons is a symbol for the kundalini fire energy. —Source

To enhance the energy you receive back from blessed mother Goddess, you can bring some crystals to sit “in” with you and Gaia, (I would suggest Lumerian, quartz or moonstone) and you may also ask the Moon to share her divine essence as well, this creates a “trinity” of the Goddesses, or the triple Goddess to manifest within you and within Gaia herself, healing her at the same time as giving her some life essence in return.

If you would like to chant and aren’t sure what to chant here is a chant I do all the time regardless of what I am doing, I do it while cleaning, while in the shower, wherever:
Gaia is a Goddess, I am her daughter,
The Moon is a Goddess, I am her sister
we are the divine feminine, bless us,
oh beloved Mary Magdalene, guide our
path oh beloved Venus, may this life
energy be blessed by the blessed Mother
of all that is, our beloved God(dess),
may this energy manifest as peace,
love and joy in our precious world….
may it be made manifest…in this now.

Feel the energies moving from you and through you to the Earth and from the Earth to you and beyond you to the energetic forces above, envision yourself as this energy, and view YOURSELF as moving throughout the Earth and the universe, tap in to the unlimited energy of your being….and expand it forth and fill the Earth with your divine triple Goddess energy! feel the magick in the air, become one with it, be it! if you want you can store some of this energy in your crystals for later use, remember crystals are good at storing information.  Finally, ground the energies and anchor them, thank the Goddesses and yourself for BEING, center yourself by bringing yourself  slowly back from the meditation, and or chant, take a deep breath and simply rise from your Goddess throne, and remember that you are the manifestation of the Goddess, we all are, the Goddess lives in us all…Namaste.


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