Death: The World Between Worlds

June 12, 2012 — 5 Comments

Rising Worlds

This is  a re post from a Facebook conversation I was having about my Near Death Experience or NDE.

I have quite a few other effects from it as well such as being able to see at night (which I haven’t read in any account of NDEs either) and being able to hear and speak with God, before I wasn’t but now I am, and my reflexes! oh my that’s my favorite, whenever people see my fast reflexes they are astonished, unfortunately not all side affects are good such as the memory loss, and permanent sense of loss due to being in such a place of such strong love and perfection and then coming back here, there is a slight sense of emptiness that comes with experiencing the other side and then being ripped back from it in to this dimension, but I am not complaining, the angelic guide I met there told me I had still things to do and I accept that, plus I have greater clarity in things and what happens AFTERWARDS and because of that I had all sense of fear ripped out of me.

Dying truly allowed me to see that all the fears we have on Earth are irrational and irrelevant because in the end there isn’t one damn thing that can, well damn your soul, there is nothing that can imprison, manipulate, destroy your soul etc. When we leave this body we become pure energy and this energy takes on whatever “reality” one focused on in life. For example, most people think they are going to ever lasting hell because they were indoctrinated and did something naughty and so their idea of death equates to hell; hell literally becomes them, because energy can take on any form, any reality, energy is so unlimited, that you can literally, truly, become a STAR when you die if this is what you believe you will experience after death.

For me, I truly had no idea what was going to happen to me/my soul and so it was pretty much a generic experience, the typical seeing my body, seeing my guide and being told I had work to do etc. But now I KNOW what awaits me when I pass and that is whatever I want it to be, I can return to the source of all creation/God(dess) if I like, or, reincarnate right back to a human body. It’s all really up to me and that’s the beauty of free will. Are there negative entities on the other side? of course! however when I died, I came back with the knowledge that, when you die, you are in sort of a void, not a bad or negative void but a world between worlds, a sort of heaven if you will where your reality is manifested according to your focus. You can stay as pure energy or take the shape of a light being or live out all the dark and scary things you’ve been fantasizing about while focusing on fear porn.

Everything is void in this world between wolds, even Karma, in this world between worlds you are as you were at the time of your soul birth, pure energetic love and innocence. It isn’t until your reality is manifested that you leave the world between worlds, when you leave this world between worlds you step out of this void in to what I called OUTER WORLDS. This is stepping back in to the consciousness from the sub-consciousness, more like stepping from heaven to Earth but instead of Heaven and Earth it is stepping in to whatever has been manifested for you by you. You can even stay in this world between worlds if you like. The point is that whatever you decide is what you experience. When you step back in to the OUTER WORLDS you step back in to consciousness from the sub-consciousness which is essentially being totally at one with creation itself because in this world between worlds, it is the creational center of everything, which is why everything is manifested here and why it is the place we go when we die, because this creational center is where we go to manifest what we desire to be our next path.

Everything is created in this creation center, new souls are born (be they stars, planets, or entire universes etc), and old souls are recycled, meaning when we die we leave one body and go in to the next, this is the place where all is decided according to our own judgement, for example: are we worthy of a better life experience? do we carry so much fear that we can only manifest a realm of fear for ourselves? are we tired and wish to simply BE for a while and return back to God? or are we going to go to a new body or stay as energy or become light? the possibilities are truly endless. What we carry with us in our death is what becomes our reality in our next life, for example, those who take it upon themselves to murder, in this world between worlds will not be murders, they will be what they have always been, pure energy, the product of creation, children of God, HOWEVER, creation/God itself can not and will not pass judgement, because it can not pass judgement on itself.

It is up to us to judge ourselves and that is the TRUE hell, having to face ourselves in the end, having to confront the reality that WE ourselves have harmed OURSELVES by emanating fear and destruction in others, therefor when the person dies and enters this world between worlds they become this vibration because this is what they died with, and so, the reality they manifest will not be at all pleasant, we can not escape the law of attraction which is essentially Karma with a new name, what you do unto others will surely be done unto you because this is the energy that you give out and the energy always returns to it source just as we always return to our source…the divine.


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