Soul Groups – Starseeds And Life On Earth

June 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

Michael, the Archangel

I have noticed something…..There are those you simply are in love with and I don’t mean romantic love, I mean the kind of love that once you meet you are inseparable, and it does not have to be romantic, it can just be friends, These are people who are of your same soul group (soul mates, not to be confused with twin flames), people or should I say souls whom you have spent countless lives with and continue to find one another in each and every life simply because you are naturally pulled to one another because you all come from one soul matrix that split in to many souls in order for that prime soul to learn many lessons more rapidly, each soul will naturally gravitate towards one another in order to understand the the lesson from different perspectives and continue the growth process. ONE soul, many VIBRATIONS. This soul group is the aspect of a larger soul group attributed sometimes to a particular ray, for example my soul group is that of the blue ray which is the ray of archangel Michael and yet this ray is part of a larger group known as the seraphim, each ray/soul group is connected also to an ascended master or even many ascended masters, for example the blue ray is heavily guided by El Moyra, Yeshua, Mary and Serapis Bey, although no one ascended master is tied to any one group.  Furthermore, sometimes many of these soul groups incarnate on Earth in to a life, bloodline, family, or other that will ensure their meeting sometime in the future, this is done to ensure that they make contact again at some point in whatever life they are living.  For some it may not be simply incarnating in the same family, bloodline etc on Earth, it also happens in whatever particular world/dimension they are currently inhabiting.



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