Mermaids Or Demonic Creations?

May 30, 2012 — 1 Comment

I read an article in which a man claims Satan stole DNA from God in order to create mermaids, but that’s not all, he also claims a magazine poster img of a mermaid is proof that the white house had mermaids in there!. First off all I love how people attribute EVERYTHING to Satan, first of all, not only is their mythical SATAN a complete and utter myth in the way that they know him:

Satan, Demons And Devils

But, did the bible not say that God created ALL the creatures in the sky, land and sea? I am starting to think that these so called fanatic Christians who claim to revere Christ and God so much actually have a hard on for their mythical Satan, since they give Satan so much power and God basically nothing, everything that ever happens in our world that wasn’t included in the template of 2,000 yrs ago is labeled demonic and or a creation of Satan! as if creation itself stopped 2,000 years ago. These people are seriously still living with a flat world mentality. A flat world mentality is thinking that what you see is what you get and nothing else can exist in any way, shape or form unless specified by the bible because this great, omnipotent God is so incredibly lame that we are it, we are the whole of creation!

Humans are the only thing God (Who is beyond our understanding, who is unlimited in his/her power) has created and will ever create for eternity and beyond, everything else is Satanic! and whomever disagrees is also Satanic! Thus they also thought way back when, when they thought the world was flat and the sun revolved around the Earth and the Earth was the center of the universe, how many died when they disagreed with this ridiculous notion? and here is another superstition, anyone with moles is also a witch and should be burned and or drowned at the stake, even if they are children! This is the type of logic we are dealing with here. Its archaic and outdated.

The truth about Mermaids was just revealed to the world just days ago, though personally this is nothing new to us illuminated souls and already, fanatics are coming out of the wood works saying it’s the devils work, my question is how do they know? what proof do they have of that? what proof do they have that Satan stole Gods DNA and how exactly did Satan steal Gods DNA? was it Gods hair? his semen? saliva? did Satan kiss God? did Satan steal Gods chewing gum? I mean does this man even listen to his own claims? I think even God is thinking wtf? First of all according to Christian scripture, Satan was cast down to hell by Archangel Michael never to be let in to heaven again, so how exactly did Satan leave hell to enter heaven, get passed Archangel Michael and his army mind you and then proceed to steal DNA from the most powerful being in existence who kicked him out of heaven in the first place?

This is the type of stuff that gives TRUE Christians a bad rap with the rest of the world who don’t buy organized dogmatic doctrine. TRUE Christians follow the TRUE teachings of Christ NOT the manipulated teachings of Constantine who completely manipulated the true teachings of Yeshua (Christ) and added his own deceptive, manipulative and controlling doctrine. Yeshua came to teach us compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, unity and love. Yeshua did not once ever advocate aggression, hatred or intolerance. He came to teach us about love and about our divine essence which we can seek by going within, he came to teach us all these things and to teach man to teach this to his brethren, so that we could emulate the Christ consciousness, in fact Yeshua said we are all sons of the Gods, therefor he also came to teach us that we are not the end all be all of creation.

We live in a world in which new discoveries are made every day, new strides are taken every second to expand our awareness as a civilization, and sometimes these discoveries involve new species, just as in the past discoveries involved discovering new lands, figuring out the world is not flat and the sun does not revolve around the earth and that the earth is not the center of the universe, just like when we found the first dinosaur bone! it’s not Satanic, its called progress, if it were up to these fundamentalists we would be living in shacks, never have gone to the moon, never discovered dinosaurs or cures etc. But, evolving as a civilization means embarking on new and often difficult journeys, it means going where no man has gone before, it means sailing towards the horizon in search of new land regardless of the rumors of a flat world, it means changing our thought process, it’s forward thinking, it involves being fearless of having our beliefs and our faith tested, this is the only way we can move forward as a civilization, not by clinging to archaic beliefs systems that no longer serve us or the planet.

Yeshua didn’t say, sit here like a stump and do not progress any further, no, Yeshua wanted us to procreate, to multiply and to prosper, to move forward as a people, It is not surprising at all that mermaids exist, after all if man can live on land why then can man not live in the sea? it’s as normal as finding dinosaur bones on ocean floors. There is still SO much we don’t know about our planet, about US, about other species on and off Earth, that I am sure we will have many many more revelations as time goes by, are all of them going to be Satanic? as we enter a new era, more and more revelations will topple these archaic belief systems, this is the true meaning of the Apocalypse, since Apocalypse actually means the revelation of something hidden and there will be many people who won’t be happy about this, the best thing we can do is be compassionate, caring and understanding and guide them directly or indirectly towards self healing by sending them healing and light so that their path may be illuminated.

This is not the first time this has happened, and it wont be the last. We have in past lives (because yes we have all had them) gone through many, many, apocalypses, and in those times we too had to deal with those who refused to open their eyes and here we are again, pioneers of a new world, setting sail for a new age, the age of a galactic society in which we are reunited not only with our family from the stars but also with our family from other dimensions. We are in the time when the veil is being lifted and finally we will all SEE the real world, the world that has been hidden from our eyes, what has been scratched out of our reality, and its going to be a quite a ride.

To find out more and see the evidence if you did not catch the Animal Planet special: Mermaids – The Body Found (Reversion) :


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