In Response To A Member Question…

May 23, 2012 — 2 Comments

In Response To This A Member Question…

First off, I say trust your inner being. I, nor anybody else can tell you what is real or not, that is not my or anybody elses place. I know its hard to rely on yourself for confirmation but, if you trust in yourself confirmation will come, not the other way around. It takes lot’s of patience which comes from meditation and inner peace :). Your “Stillness” is the key to the answers in your heart. What does your heart tell you? of course Michael should call you brother! not only are you Angelic but you are also a God(dess) spark, a child of Father/Mother God(dess) as is Michael himself, therefor, we are all brothers and sisters on a higher level. Even the dark ones, or those on different vibrations from us. Light doesn’t necessarily mean good and Darkness does not necessarily mean bad. It’s all in the choices we make at any given moment.

Azrael may very well be your higherself or one of your higherselves or a past life or a parallel life. The best I cant tell you in this situation is to follow what resonates with you because in doing this you are following the stillness “Key” that unlocks the secrets of your heart, and as you know in doing so, you are walking your soul path. I will tell you this, do not fear whatever it is you are experiencing, most of our fears come from indoctrination, I have been in contact with Azazel for very, very, very, long and he is NOT the monster the church makes him out to be, yes, a little dark, but certainly not evil, however, we are conditioned to fear everything under the Sun that does not agree with the status quo, so go with your gut instinct and follow the bread crumbs 🙂 Besides, Azrael is not evil, Azrael in pop culture and religious doctrine is seen as the Angel Of Death, however, I will leave a little bread crumb of my own here for you to follow, what do we really know about Death? Death equals, transformation, transition, transcendence, new life, and in many ways, it also signifies re-birth since after the death of anything, there must be re-birth because energy can not be destroyed, it must be??????????…………Transformed 😉


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