Did The Anunnaki Abandon Humanity?

May 2, 2012 — 4 Comments

Anunnaki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Has the human race been abandoned?

Often I am asked, if there were Gods in the old days, where are they now? how come they aren’t trying to fix the world? and honestly there is no easy answer to that, but I would like to say that I am not going to sugar coat this. We are a civilization that likes to make a mess and have others clean it up for us, I am going to be real here and share my experience as a “God” (no we weren’t really “Gods”) on another planet who helped enlighten many on that planet and then left. I will share why I and others left, and what went through our minds as we decided to stay or go. You can choose to believe this or not, its up to you to discern and look within your heart and see what is true, Then I am going to share with you my perspective as an incarnated angel here on this planet.

To those that know, everything is cyclical, in the heavens and on the Earth, On earth, “Gods” who aren’t “Gods” but angels who take human form on Earth, or extraterrestrials if you like, are great cosmic teachers, they have been through what we are going through millions of years before us. Before coming to Earth, I too was part of a team of cosmic teachers who came and went to various worlds during each new civilization that appeared on said planet, now while I don’t remember everything, I do remember that our purpose in arriving at young planets, was to teach those like us better ways of living, and why not? we were advanced enough to understand the universal connection we all shared, we knew that the teacher was the student and the student is the teacher but more so we knew that advancing other civilizations would also advance the collective consciousness as a whole, by collective consciousness I do not mean, what it is understood to mean on earth, on earth the collective consciousness is everyone on Earth, however, what I mean by this is, it advanced all civilizations in the entirety of existence.

Yes, we really are that connected, from the most advanced life form to the most primitive. This was understood at more then a multiversal level. So our “interference” in the advancement of other civilizations was also a multiversal wide advancement. It may not make sense to most but, for example, if for example let us say Earth develops space travel tomorrow (don’t worry you guys already have this capability) and it is used purely for spiritual advancement, this advancement, would in turn, perhaps, enable humans to travel to another world where they can interact with a younger, less advanced civilization and teach them all the things that is beneficial to them, then, this civilization in turn does the same and so on and so on.

Now let’s look at it from a completely different view point, let’s say a civilization gets to a point where a whole world literally is united and lets say participate in global, united meditation, every day this world meditates, not only for their well being but, for the well being of creation as a whole, this would manifest infinitely, reverberating throughout creation, and believe it or not would affect other worlds, co-creating love, light, peace and harmony in other worlds, other worlds unaware of the source. But, sometimes, a planet or civilization, does not develop on its own, or is moving along slowly, then “Gods” come along and nudge them in the right direction then stand back and watch them flourish, it is like teaching a child to ride a bike or teaching someone a new trade, you can’t teach them and then continue to be in the way doing it for them, how would they learn then? as the saying goes, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life.

This is why I and others taught the civilizations what we could and then stepped aside and let them blossom, it would do them no good had we kept babying them and bottle feeding them, eventually we had to let them feed themselves, it took us much debating whether we wanted to leave, or stay, why? because to a race of beings millions of years in advancement, they weren’t just ‘people‘ to us, they weren’t unenlightened children, they were our family, as connected to us as our very own soul, and we all come from the same father/mother God(dess) and therefore to us, we were all sons and daughters of the one creator, we were offspring of the same creational energy. But we knew what we had to do and so, we stepped aside, did we really leave? in a way yes, we returned back to our own vibration, but, energy and vibration is eternally ‘there‘, we weren’t really gone, when you are as advanced as we were, we had no need to be ‘physically‘ there, for us to be ‘there‘. We often lend a hand if things got too out of hand, for example, if catastrophic projects were created they would ‘mysteriously‘ fail to operate, if we could help avoid wars, we would.

Just because the civilizations weren’t aware of our presence, did not mean our presence wasn’t felt, however, not many understood what they felt and so many myths arose. It wasn’t always easy to do what we did, some feared us because and rightly so, not all of us were of a benevolent nature. But those of us who were, tried our best to bring peace, knowledge and wisdom to wherever we went, others wanted power and control, and our benevolence was seen as a weakness, as a threat. Many of the teachers were killed or forced to silence, and so many had to teach in secret as ‘politics‘ took the place of spiritual growth. Today, it is very rare that anyone senses the presence of the Gods/Elves/Anunnaki/Angels/Aliens and whatever other name is attributed to them, with so much going on, its a miracle we are aware of our own presence, though sadly many aren’t. Today when missiles, rockets nuclear, and other threats go mysteriously awry with out explanation, very few consider the fact that there are forces in this world maintaining the balance, protecting human kind and making sure we have a fighting chance. Such is the case with the mysterious rocket that was supposed to launch from North Korea. Another unnecessary war was averted, mysteriously of course.

(CBS/AP) PYONGYANG, North Korea – North Korea’s much-anticipated rocket launch ended quickly in an embarrassing failure early Friday, splintering into pieces over the Yellow Sea soon after takeoff and setting off an international search effort for the debris to gain insight into what went wrong and what rocket technology the country has. http://www.beyond-contact.com/post/21191132161/i-got-word-from-my-et-contacts-that-north-koreas

Then there is this:

Anti NWO Anunnaki Disable Nuclear Weapons

And This:

And This:

ETs Helping Japan (Channeled Message + News Report)

Oil Spill Trauma – there is evidence given that Galactic Federation was involved in aiding the situation

I could go on but I am sure I made my point, we aren’t alone and never have been, but just because I just remembered this, I will share one more link:

Russian Scientist: UFO Crashed Into Meteorite to Save Earth 100 years ago http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,522217,00.html

We can see by this that we aren’t always aware of our invisible helpers, but then again, is that not THE workings of an angel/faerie/Anunnaki etc? we don’t always see our mysterious helpers but God has assured us they are there. And why shouldn’t they be? are we any different beyond our physical shell as we are within it? beyond our physical vessels we are just as concerned for our brethren as we would be were we to be still matter, and the same goes for our invisible helpers. Simply because they are no longer here does not mean they no longer care. We are still their equals believe it or not, and this is precisely why they wish us to stand up for our selves, so that we can recognize the greatness within ourselves.

We have spent too much time belittling ourselves and being belittled, it has been a long hard journey on Earth, and even though they may want to appear and fix everything for us and comfort us and tell us it will all be OK, that would defeat the whole purpose of them coming down here in the first place, but rest assured they have always done their best to maintain the balance, to protect us, to ensure our survival and a fair chance. We have come a long way!. But I will make one thing clear, the benevolent faction have stood idly by long enough, they have watched as the negative Anunnaki have raped and pillaged our planet, controlled and manipulated our people, harvested our resources and have been our false Gods, they are returning now to set things straight and to help us remember who we are, and the truth about father/mother God(dess) and to take away the control from Enlil once and for all. This is the reason behind all the UFO sightings across the world, the reason for all the countries releasing their UFO files and telling the truth, the few in power who are FOR humanity no longer fear for they know that help is on the way. They no longer have to fear the false Gods in control on Earth for our brothers and sisters from the stars are returning and have our backs.

This however is a slow and drawn out process, why? because we have been enslaved and conditioned for so long that, we fear our very own people, our very own brothers and sisters right here on Earth, and even more so we fear our invisible helpers, the angels of God. This was the plan all along, false Gods erected by Enlil and the negative faction of Anunnaki, we fear our own powers, we fear our own destiny, fear is mostly all we have known as a civilization, like cornered animals we are ready to snap and lash out at anything that comes near to try and help us. But that time is ending, many of us who are spiritually or physically descended from the Anunnaki and from the stars are awakening now, to help in the process of freeing our people, our brothers and sisters of Earth. The ones in power who have controlled humanity for so long and who have killed and destroyed the benevolent Anunnaki who have tried to step forward recently to lend a helping hand are now living in fear unnecessarily, they are not in fear of the benevolent Anunnaki, they are in fear of their own destiny.

What will they do? all they have ever known is power, control and fear, that is why the benevolent Anunnaki have asked us all to have compassion for the malevolent beings who have manipulated us on Earth, they too are our brothers and sisters, let us not forget that, they too are children of God who because of Ego, gave in to the temptations of free will, any one of us are truly susceptible to such things at any given moment, so we should not look upon them as the enemy but as brothers who lost their way. Only when we learn compassion for our greatest enemy can we learn to love our greatest friend. But that does not mean giving up your own sovereignty, we must love ourselves enough to know when to defend ourselves, but always remembering that we must take the road of love and peace as best we can, in this way we honor our creator, for God(dess) is love.

Certainly, how can we, beings of such limited understanding, in this present moment, pretend to know the desires and expectations of an unlimited being? One thing however is fact, God(dess) is love and love is all there is, anything else is a product of 3rd dimensional limited human consciousness, because love expanded itself to became aware again, and thus created all there is, then love itself is all there is, God(dess) is the purest love of all, free from human conditioning therefore how is it that God(dess) would desire anything else then for us to return to love? in the end it would simply be another aspect of herself/himself returning back to itself. God(dess) is pure raw energy and love. God(dess) has no judgments. In order for love to have its own awareness it had to give itself its own will so that it would act independently of itself. And so souls were created with their own free will. At their core was the spark of God(dess) and at the core of this spark was love just as love is at the core of God(dess). Therefor we are all, always, inherently, pure love.

But with free will came the ability to close ourselves off from love and in doing so, we closed ourselves off from God(dess) and so the male energy became the dominant force which unfortunately began to be used in-correctly, harnessing simply the mind and ego, (this being done by the negative factions of the Anunnaki, such as Enlil and others) for the God(dess) is heart and spirit. The world has used the male energy improperly because it is not balanced with the feminine energy, when Enlil and the negative factions of Anunnaki created the false religions of the world, they ingeniously undermined the divine feminine, in order for the male energy to be dominant and be used improperly, thus cutting off heart and spirit.

Many 3D false Gods were created that were ‘jealous, vengeful, and fearful‘ and attributed these things to the one true God(dess) but these are not attributes of the true God(dess), for the God(dess) is beyond human comprehension, God(dess) is beyond all these things because these things are of a limited consciousness and the products of a 3D false God (false religions) that reflect societies imbalanced consciousness due to the eons of oppression, and is a product of the negative faction of the Anunnaki. However, God(dess) sent or awakened those who still remained consciously connected to God(dess), thus the bloodline of Christ was born, and many angelics and star beings from the past incarnated on Earth, some of the bloodline of the Anunnaki and some pure star souls, here to assist in the reminding humanity of their divine nature. Be not fearful of the star beings both on Earth and in the heavens who have come to assist, look within your heart, remove all conditioning and you shall know truth.


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