The Golden Age “A Quote”

April 18, 2012 — Leave a comment

DK: Whether the ascension, as a lot of people refer to it, or change in dimension, or whatever this great change that’s supposed to be so great and beneficial does, I don’t know. I have not been given that information. But the Golden Age is there. It’s mentioned in the Sumerian tablets and that’s, like, 11,000 years ago. If they knew about it back then and the Maya picked it up and did a calendar that actually supersedes time, uh, these guys are ‘unwashed savages’, and they knew about this?
Okay, that tells me that somebody was a really, really good scientist. And out comes the knowledge — and away we go. –This was from the recent interview between Drake and David Wilcock

This confirms my feeling about Ancient Sumeria and my call to work with the Anunnaki and the Sumerian ancient texts, teachings and practices, information from the past can truly show you where you are going in the future. Our ancestors did not leave it there for their health.




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