In Service To (The Sacred Union Of God(dess))

April 17, 2012 — 3 Comments

To all my dear readers,

My spiritual work has begun, I am going to be working with some ascended masters in creating a beautiful project that is massive, personally, yet sacred and beautiful. I have included below a glimpse for those who are interested in seeing what I am doing. This is just a rough draft and only barely a part of what I will be doing with this project, though honestly, I don’t know what I will be doing as I am being guided. I was originally going to name it something else but the name wasn’t fitting, so I asked beloved Mary to please show me a name that was more in alignment and so you have the: The Sacred Union Of God(dess).  I received help in compiling by beloved Magdalene who seems to be coming to so many souls as we progress further in to the re-awakening of our divine spirit:

Purpose and Philosophy

  • To harmonize life on Earth
  • To re-integrate the divine feminine principles to unite the feminine and masculine energies thus balancing the twin aspect of humanity and bringing forth, once again, the wholeness of father/mother God(dess)in to the consciousness of the people of Earth.

To connect humanity once again to the Goddess aspect of our beloved creator, and in so doing, implementing the nurturing, compassionate, and motherly energy back in to society, which will result in less wars, violence, fear, hatred and so on and more unity, love and acceptance.

Imagine a world of bliss, harmony, higher consciousness, and abundance, imagine a more nurturing heart centered world where love and truth are the deciding factors! we don’t have to simply imagine, we can live it right now by changing the way we think! The purpose is to make all this possible by illuminating the minds…and hearts of every brother and sister to the benefits of re-integrating both polarities:

  • Man and woman, mind and heart, matter and spirit, heaven and Earth. For this is how the kingdom of heaven is brought to Earth, this is love in its truest, purest form, the acceptance of all that is, two parts becoming one.

Through the re-integration of the divine feminine principles man (humanity) is taught to nurture not only each other but the self as well. Man is taught to become more intuitive and listen to the voice within. Going within results in a more intuitive and enlightened humanity filled with love, joy, abundance and prosperity where love and truth reign and the heart becomes the ‘Mother’ of human consciousness and reality.

we must nurture our bodies, mind and souls so that we in turn can nurture that of others, in this way, everyone is unto each other a healer and together, a unified force of positive, loving energy for the divine mother, our beautiful Earth. This is the purpose and philosophy, to heal the wounds between the sacred masculine and feminine, reigniting the sacred flame within both, awakening both polarities in each, reminding each of their equal beauty, strength and divinity. The time has come that the great goddess has awakened and calls out to her companion God, the mother seeks the father.

Only when these two unite can the wails of our hearts be silenced, only then can the full capacity our brains be unlocked, this is the secret of the ages, this is the reason behind the reason of the oppression of the sacred feminine. Our brains are linked to our male, female polarities, since man has turned off one or the other, many has also turned off part of their brain, the right being the feminine aspect and the left being the masculine aspect, with out polarity integration man is disconnected from using their full brain power and this is why many do not realize they wield incredible power, from psychic abilities, to remote viewing, telepathy, healing, manifestation and so much more.

In uniting the God and Goddess aspect within, we unite mind and heart, freeing ourselves from the invisible walls we have built up around us due to not aligning with our cosmic mother. This becomes easier however as we move closer and closer to the Galactic center. The veil is being lifted and our spirit is remembering itself, hearing the call to return to the sacred place from whence it came.


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