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Personally, there is nothing wrong with Christianity, the problem is that the teachings of Yeshua today aren’t what they were during the actual time of Yeshua,

almost none of what he said is taught by mainstream religion. The actual teachings of Yeshua reflect the very same message I and other light workers try to convey to society on a daily basis, one of universal love and brotherhood and unity with all there is. Those were the teachings of Yeshua or whatever name is best for you lol, I just call him Yeshua or Immanuel. IF these original ancient teachings were to be delivered to the world stage today on the same scale as mainstream religion, we would instantly have world peace and brotherhood. For example Jesus never actually said anyone is going to hell, instead he taught that hell was symbolic of no longer being of love, or in other words, consciously choosing to separate ones self from God. Its a state of being, a spiritual fall, rather then an actual place. This is what Yeshua taught when he healed the leapers and raised the dead, what he was doing was spiritually transforming those who were lost and fell in to earthly ways, meaning allowing ego to govern us rather then our heart. But its obvious this isn’t what the churches want, they don’t want brotherhood or unity or a fearless people, they want enemies, separation and fear, because that equates to power, control and wealth, the very same things Yeshua and many other masters of the time taught against.

In 1999, Pope John Paul II revised the literalist understanding by stating that, “rather than a place, hell indicates the state of those who freely and definitely separate themselves from God.” This is rare for the Vatican but a welcomed change.


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