Unconditional Love

April 10, 2012 — 1 Comment

The beauty of being human!

we learn as we grow. honestly, any being has the ability to make good or bad choices at any given moment, no one is inherently evil, sure there are really messed up people in the world but these people are usually ill in some way, for example our government LOL. They really need some help, but you have to think that these people (not all certainly) have been put through some serious mind control and training, they have been raised in a way that they aren’t shown love, and are taught only through fear and hatred. This is done by regular people as well, any time you take love out of the equation its a recipe for disaster, and when I say take love out of the equation, I mean TRUE, and UNCONDITIONAL love, not the kind of love that is limited to the beings who look and believe like you. Then you are creating the energy of fear, hatred, separation, lower vibration, and slowing down the progress of our planet from moving forward completely. Because try as we might to reason with ourselves and make excuses as to why we are limiting our beliefs by remaining indoctrinated, and believing that one race was evil or not, there is no excuse for remaining in that vibration, that vibration is of separation and negativity and hatred and low in general, regardless of what one believes the beings did or did not do, regardless of what we think about their teachings, there is no excuse to be anything other then love, and when we talk about another race of beings negatively, or anyone for that matter, we are being the opposite of love.




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