Higher Dimensions

April 10, 2012 — Leave a comment

Just because we evolve to higher dimensions does not mean we lose our individuality, that we had in lower dimensions, the same beings we are here in this lower dimension we will be in higher dimensions, to think that we do is counter to why we incarnate, why incarnate if everything that we have learned in the lower dimensions that has shaped our views and personality that has served our spiritual growth will be useless?

why incarnate to learn anything if when we reach higher dimensions the reset button is pressed every time and we go back to our old ways? we carry all our knowledge with us imprinted in to our soul. We are the same person we are in different dimensions, also, higher dimensions are much more different then on lower dimensions, in lower dimensions there is the law of free will, in higher dimensions it is more about cosmic order. It is on Earth where fortunately or unfortunately there is a free for all, the cosmic order and law is lacking here greatly. Therefor, what these beings do here in 3D is because its a free for all, so therefor, if they consciously choose to be beings of love and light here in the lower dimensions where they really don’t have to, (that says a whole lot about their character mind you!), then that is what they are going to be in higher dimensions because of cosmic law and order. In fact, it is BECAUSE of cosmic law and order in higher dimensions that some of these beings incarnate here on Earth or came here to Earth in the first place, because of their desire to experience free will, and be allowed to be much different then they are in the higher dimension in the lower dimensions, in the higher dimensions they are limited by the universal laws this is why the Earth is as it is today, why there has been so much corruption, because the lack of the 12 universal laws in this dimension. This is also why there hasn’t been an all out intervention by our star brothers and sisters and the ancients because despite dogmatic beliefs, they choose to respect still, the universal laws. But, this is also why recently they have been returning, and helping usher in the golden age, because a lot of us have been calling out for their assistance. Many are awakening from the indoctrinated slumber they have been forced with.  This is the time of revelation, sadly though some lack the ability to awaken and free from themselves, truly, from the grip of indoctrination….but in time all is revealed and all are illuminated.


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