Ancient Teachings And Guidance: We Are Closing Our Selves Off To Important Knowledge!

April 9, 2012 — 6 Comments

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I have to say something that I have been keeping to myself for fear of angering others or starting negativity but, its something I have to discuss because its something I have noticed more and more of. And has caused a lot of questions in my heart. I have grown to really, really, really, love the Sumerians and Anunnaki (Ancient astronauts). Mostly because, I have become much, much, more loving and wise since reading the ancient texts and engaging the ancient practices by these ancient beings and civilizations, I have been told not to focus on the past but, I have been also told always follow your heart, and this is where my heart wants to go, so its conflicting, either I follow my heart and follow the teachings and practices of these ancient beings or I ignore these ancient teachings and practices and my hearts calling? which one is it? Whatever they are called, nephilim, Gods, ancient astronauts, angels, Anunnaki, etc. I cant help to notice that my life has been incredibly enhanced by this knowledge, my abilities have activated and ones that were already active were enhanced, I have become more peaceful and loving and my connection to all that is has increased.





But there seems to be a general consensus that anything from these beings is deception and manipulation, and all you have to do is do a Google search and thousands upon thousands of videos and links come up with about 95% alluding to the manipulation and deception and control and that these beings are evil and inhibit ascension etc, the pages on Google search go on and on and on, I quickly noticed a pattern!  these ancient beings and their practices and teachings like Aliens and UFOs and witches and magickal practitioners etc are made to look evil, dark, deceptive, etc etc, And I have to think to myself, why is there a multitude of people against this? now I am an incarnated angel and I know for a fact not all angels, even the angels of light are always so nice, yet, when you Google angels there is nothing but love and sunshine, the way I see it, people seem to be uninformed, and seem to be, weather they like it or not, still under the influence of dogma and religious indoctrination even if they aren’t aware of it themselves.



The beings that came here in the past were as varied as the colors of the earth, and so to are us angels, if people really think that there are beings who are all exactly alike I honestly think they really need to stop watching TV, there are no Borg like civilizations out there, because its impossible, no one can be all light and love or all dark and evil. Think about what purpose that would serve? our creator creates all of us for a reason, and all of us have been created in a variety of ways within a variety of species, each species has a variety of different personalities, agendas, and so on, this is so source can experience a variety of different experiences through a variety of different races. And it is evident on Earth and in the heavens above that our beloved creator likes variety, just look around. As a civilization I wonder just how ready we are to move forward when most of us are still clinging to dogmatic views of the past. Can we really plant a new tree before removing the root of the old one? The land that housed the old tree is still healthy and fertile and when we plant our tree after the old root has been taken out it will grow beautifully and blossom, but the problems for those who don’t remove the middle man (The root/dogmatic views) the ancient fertile land (ancient teachings and practices) wont be able to help cultivate a new, beautiful wise tree.



Its no surprise that anything from the ancients is frowned upon, as it is, from my own experience, an incredible form of spiritual growth, it seems that anything that is beneficial to our spiritual growth has a slander campaign against it, and its easy to see who might be behind that. There is so much to learn about the past, not just about the Sumerians and Annunaki, but also the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Egyptians, the Greek, mountains of infinite knowledge that many are denying themselves because its classified as dark and evil by people who don’t know better and aren’t free of their dogmatic views. I believe some of the ancients are here today, waiting to share their divine knowledge but aren’t doing so because our world is simply not ready and so their secrets are kept with them until the world is free of religious indoctrination.



Our world is changing yes, arrests are being made, resignations are happening, but what about our consciousness? when will we learn that there was never and never will be an entirely evil race? an entirely evil group? an entirely even anything? there is always dark and light in everything. Think about it, we were enhanced as a species to reflect the ‘Gods‘, in their image we were created, therefor, with all the variety of different people on Earth, different attitudes, personalities, ideas etc, is it really that difficult to believe that these beings too are just as varied as us? we were after all created in their image! and mind you, these beings do not like to be called ‘Gods‘ as they weren’t ‘Gods‘ though there is a few of them that do consider themselves so but the majority were simply brothers and sisters, but man created their own Gods as well although Enlil didn’t help either but that’s another post.



Its the normal agenda of some individuals to chastise anything that is beneficial to the human growth, both spiritual, physical and mental, this is why clean and alternative technologies aren’t released, this is why the FDA wont approve anything that isn’t created in their labs, this is why the UFO reality has been covered up for so long, this why until recently anything to do with magick in movies and TV was usually seen as evil, this is why movies about aliens always involve invasions…are we seeing a pattern yet? sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but the Anunnaki weren’t lizard like beings hell bent on destruction! they weren’t completely negative either. There were two factions. If you read this post you can see where the two factions come from. History tells us, as posted (you can read part 1 and part 2 here), that in the early days, the Sumerian times, there were brothers from space upon the Earth, they were called The Anunnaki by the Sumerians. According to Sumerian text, Enlil was the one who wanted to control the humans and keep them dumbed down and subservient, while Enki was the rebel who wanted humanity intelligent and free, Enki wanted man to be as Gods, to be in their image and in their likeness. This did not sit well with Enlil who knew that if man was enlightened, they would no longer be subservient and could no longer be controlled.



Enlil in those days, gathered up a great army, to combat the forces of Enki.  Enlil was successful in his war against the enlightened cro-magnon man. With his forces defeated Enki retreated out of the ‘garden‘ along with his people. Enlil remained in power overpowering not only Sumeria but all surrounding nations and beyond. Enlil built his empire of fear, assuring the people that if they crossed him they would surely suffer in eternal fire, fearful of this humans served Enlil and swore their allegiance to him, from this stemmed the greatest empire and deception the world has ever known, religion has always been about fear, punishment and control, and if you read the bible enough you will start to READ the words of Enlil, the words of a being who is not only egoistic and destructive but also very jealous. Although the Enkis also hid their own teachings in the bible. God is energy, the one true God is not controlling, or fearful and God does not punish, God is love, unconditional love, but Enlil wanted to BE LIKE a God, and so he turned against his own family.



He brought with him other Anunnaki but Enki remained true to the cause of freeing humanity from their shackles. It wasn’t long before another was born to the Anunnaki stock, created in the creation chamber, Yeshua (Jesus), tried to pick up where Enki left off, this is evident when Yeshua says, If you have seen me then you have seen the father, Is the father God or Enki? It is obvious that God does not have the appearance of a man, God is omnipotent, God is pure and raw energy, pure and raw love, so who could Yeshua have been talking about when he says:



6-7 “I am the Road, also the Truth, also the Life. No one gets to the Father apart from me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him. You’ve even seen him!”

In the bible the battle between the factions of Enlil and Enki is quite obvious, as you read through its texts you can read about much political strife, you can also read that there is one force battling for the control and manipulation of mankind through fear and another trying to free them from this control through love and truth. With the God of Christianity (Yahweh) being Enlil. But this is not something readily taught by organized religious institutions who claim to be the direct connection to God.



Enlil created the flood in order to kill off the no longer subservient humans who had eaten from the forbidden fruit of enlightenment from the tree of knowledge, or in other words, the humans who had their pineal gland activated by the serpent who the Sumerians knew as Enki, but also, represented enlightenment, or kundalini.  The Faction that controls humanity today is the same that controlled them in the past, the Enlils  as I call em. You can most certainly notice their actions in not only the church but also in politics and destructive corporations.  But you can also see the work of the benevolent beings, the Enkis, behind the scenes, who are responsible for humanities freedom in the present day.



This is why our world hasn’t been completely turned in to a prison planet, this is why martial law has been avoided again and again despite the many attempts to implement it using false flags, this is why the swine flue epidemic did not reach the heights that it was originally intended to, these beings of light and love have done the best they can to keep our world from being completely controlled the way that these Enlils have planed for eons, this is why there are so many truths coming out and why there are so many UFOs disarming nuclear weapons and missiles. But then, its inevitable, anyone with enough wisdom and enlightenment will tell you, that mass awakening will happen regardless, the benevolent ancients and our star families however are here to help speed up the process. The teachings and practices of the ancients, and modern day, meditations, cleansings, activations etc are only here to accelerate the process, and provide a smoother transition, but no matter how long it takes, the awakening and enlightenment of humanity will go forward, only we ourselves can choose not to partake in it, this is our free will to do so. Some choose not to participate and others inhibit their own awakening by hanging on to old dogmatic, and stale energies and beliefs. Eventually however, our higher selves will integrate, regardless of how long we put it off.



Some of the Enkis left the planet and some remained, both have been working together along side many benevolent star commands to help free our world from the Enlils grip, completely once and for all. But they need our help too! we as a society should stop and consider our ideologies, are they serving the transition to a golden age? are we still clinging to old useless energies by clinging to our dogmatic beliefes? religion is slowly crumbling because it is an energy that no longer serves not only our planet but also us as individuals and therefor its ideologies that have been slowly ingrained in our belief system must also go too, belief in evil monsters that disobeyed a jealous god and mated with humans, its obvious this mating with humans was the perfection of our DNA by Enki who wanted humanity to awaken and know good and evil or in other words, wanted humanity to realize they too were Gods and did not have be subservient to these tyrants. Beliefs of a big bad boogy man that is waiting in hell to cast his seed upon the Earth, this is all part of dogma and indoctrination, and it is stale energy that has no place in the coming golden age of enlightenment and love, these dogmatic views are of fear and lower vibration, of control and manipulation, of an agenda that is soon coming to an end. There are jewels in ancient teachings and guidance, that’s why the ancients left them and that’s why many have returned today to share them, but will anyone listen?



Love and blessings ~♥~






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