Magick: Our Natural State

March 25, 2012 — 1 Comment

Have you ever wondered how to find the ultimate truth or the greatest power? its simple really. Follow that which is forbidden….hidden. This means more then what most people think. It means esoteric knowledge, it means forbidden texts, but more then that it means follow yourself back to God. And every path leads to the same destination. But the smoothest ride is by taking the path of self exploration. By not denying your desire to seek. A lot of people I have encountered fear listening to themselves and seeking out information that they may deem inappropriate because they fear what they don’t understand. For example, I had someone email me afraid because they were interested in reading material on Wicca and magick. But they said they felt so strongly that they wanted to read it because they were drawn to it, but, they said, they felt they were being drawn to it because of evil spirits.
I told them to be honest, what makes it any different reading a book about Wicca and contacting me? furthermore, why are you so afraid of a few books? if you think books can harm you then you don’t stand a chance in the real world. I said, the reason why they feel that calling is because their soul is trying to awaken them to their path. Sometimes our paths take us places we don’t want to go in order to get us closer to our destination. Like every fairy tale movie ever made, the main character often has to go through scary woods and battle fierce monsters to get where they are going and fulfill their destiny, well, the same goes for us, sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones and dive head first to the calling of our souls. We may not want to but if we face our fears we can eventually discover amazing things later on.

There is a quote I truly love that I remember when I am feeling weary about something, it goes: “There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them,” it is by Andre Gide. Furthermore, Yeshua himself was an adept in Magick. Magcik was never looked upon as something evil and negative until the church corrupted it. The use of Magick is prevalent all over the bible, especially in the Old Testament. For example, Yeshua said that anyone who believes in him shall be like him, and even do greater things then he, but what “Greater Things” did he mean? For one, Yeshua was a great healer like the great healers who were like Yeshua, part of the Order of Melchizedek. Yeshua taught that whatever we wish we can manifest. He was also well trained in the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt.

After Peter and John healed the paralytic, the Sanhedrin asked them: “By what power or what name did you do this?” (Acts 4:7). Implicit in this is a charge of using magic.

Magick is a natural part of our every day existence, it is as natural as breathing, it was born with us and yet we are made to think it is outside of us by fearing it. Magick can harm you yes, but, man has been led to believe that magick is not real and if it is, it is the work of the devil. Anything can harm you, someones teeth can harm you, does that mean we should avoid having teeth? our hands can murder, does that mean we should cut off our hands? we can spread disease sexually from one person to another, does that mean we should not have genitalia? hell, even child birth can kill some women, does that mean humans should cease to procreate?. Man has forgotten the natural ways, the old ways, and this honestly, is why there are so many aggravations in the world today.

Man is going against his nature and we all know what happens when we go against nature!. All ancient civilizations did magick, and so did the shamans, the ancient priests, the native Americans, and any other ancient you can think of. Just listen to Native American music, if you have the EARS to HEAR you can hear the magick in their song. Or, just stand outside with nature, close your eyes and you can hear the magick in nature, it is all around us. It is within us. It IS us. In the Realm Of The Ring Lords it says that the Fae or fairy folk were originally the Angels from heaven (Anunnaki) and the fairy folk are known for their magickal ways. We as a society of fear have unfortunately associated our natural state with evil and darkness, thus cutting ourselves off from an important part of ourselves that would help us grow ever more. And for those who ponder the mysteries of creation, is creation itself not magick? The entire universe? our entire existence? the Earth and our perfect, precise position from the Sun? how did this all come about if not by magick? As shocking as it may seem, God is a magician.


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