Enlil-Marduk: The Oppression Of Man

March 12, 2012 — 4 Comments

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If people would just open themselves up to alternative views of ancient history not just what one person or other posts. Its all right there honestly in the epic of Gilgamesh from the ancient Sumerians. It identifies the negative entity and those who followed him and it identifies the benevolent factions and those who followed him as well. It is plainly obvious that Enlil and his people were of no good will. There was a battle for the freedom of humanity way back when. Enlil wanted to keep humanity dumb and subservient after having been perfected by Enki and Tiamat. Enki wanted to give humanity freedom, knowledge and wisdom.

It was Enlil who corrupted ancient practices and turned it in to religion. It was Enlil who created the first great flood in a rage that Enki had defied him and had given man the fruit of knowledge. Enlil was enraged that man was now “As Gods”. It’s all right there! when the “Kingdom was lowered from heaven” it wasn’t the original plan to control humanity, they weren’t originally satanic or demonic but, Enlil seeing all the power and control at his fingertips certainly took advantage of the situation. Enlil tried to destroy the seed (Ova) of mankind but thankfully it was salvaged by Enki in the “Ark” ship. Hence the salvation of Man and the new strain of modern man. He also stored animal seeds as well. (Sperm & Ova)

There were three major participants in agreement with the flood, namely Enlil, Anu, Ninurta, and Enuggi. The primary instigator was Enlil. Later Enlil then instigated invasions, he opened the gates of Sumer to invaders of all sides, the scribes recorded that it was he, the vengeful Enlil, who brought the ‘great storm’ which caused the annihilation of a people who had given their loyalty to his nephew Marduk:

The high gates, the roads, were piled high with dead.
In the wide streets, where feasting crowds would
gather, scattered they lay.
In all the streets and roadways bodies lay.
In open fields that used to fill with dancers, they lay in heaps.

That should give everyone an idea of just who the bad guy was. But that’s not all, Abraham and his family retained their allegiance to Enlil and followed their God Most high in to Canaan, where his cult was already established…(I am sure everyone can figure out for themselves what that is). In his capacity as El Elyon, Enlil promised Abraham (renamed at that time from Abram) and his descendents that he would exalt their race above all others, saying, ‘I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou, art a stranger, and all the land of Canaan for an ever lasting possession, and I will be their God‘.

But for all that, the newly defined race of Hebrews were not the governors of Canaan as they had been governors in their own land. To the native population they were immigrants, and for many generations they encountered famine, wandering and hardship, while El Elyon (although the covenant God of the Hebrews) was also the God of the ingenious Canaanites. Meanwhile, Marduk gained new support from the incoming Amorites in Babylonia, and he instigated a revised building programme of such magnitude that Babylon soon became the key power-centre of the following Era.

So you can deduce from this that this is what Jesus came down to destroy, the rule of both Marduk and Enlil. But as the story goes, he wasn’t too successful except for instilling amazing values amongst all mankind. In the end, his teachings were corrupted and mankind has been deceived ever since. This is why our star family is returning, to do what Enki-Jesus could not, to free humanity from the oppression of the Enlil-Marduk group, most notable the Vatican. Which was Enlils (and that of his followers) central operation later on in history. Since then the world has waited for the coming of the forces of light to help in removing their influence and power. And that time is soon at hand.

We mustn’t ignore the teachings of the ancients, such as the Mayans who said our star brothers would return, they never said it to be demons, they said our star BROTHERS. Why people don’t get that is beyond me. People claim to honor and respect the teachings of the Mayans but yet conveniently leave out that one little detail. And let us not forget that those in power are in power because of Enlil-Marduk, and they know very well that one day justice would be served and their oppression would be removed, Enlil knew this very well also which is why for eons the truth about Extraterrestrials has been a deeply guarded secret.

They know that if the secret gets out, so does the truth about their rule by force, and about who the real good guys are. They know their time is short, and so they are using whatever they can to stay in power. This is why movies have mostly consisted of painting the arrival of aliens in a negative light, this is why MILABS (Military abductions) have been done, this is why religion has called the ones to come demons, because they know that THEY are the ones who are the demons or rather the oppressors. They know they over powered not only Enki but Jesus as well and that our arrival (Starseeds) marked a time in history that would signify their coming defeat.
A comment by a friend: 
Not to mention the God of Christianity Yahweh is indeed one the same as Enlil, first referred to as El, then as Enlil, then as Yahweh…very few Christians today know or understand they are indeed worshiping a Sumerian God..and not a very pleasant one at that. 🙂 -Goldwing
References: Genesis Of The God Kings


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